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  1. That'll probably be my next car. Either that or back to a 5 Series, but over 25 years with BM, they don't float my boat quite as much as they used to.
  2. Guess it's horses for courses. Personally, no hatch floats my boat. The 7.5R estate looks good from certain angles, and a bit awkward from others. Of course colour also makes a big difference. I find what I've seen of the 8R Estate, it's not a design that (initially) appeals. I think both the Skoda Octavia VRS and Cupra Leon ST are both far better looking. And as @NRW says, if the price is up there, nearly new cars from the segment above maybe offer a more appealing proposition.
  3. Terribly sorry for posting my personal thoughts on the matter. Maybe next time I'll send you a message for prior approval. Not that you want to read it, but I'll post anyway - I think many people are mad paying hundreds and hundreds a month to get a shiny car on their driveway when their disposable income could be far better used (eg planning for the future by setting up a pension). Of course some are in a position to do both with money left over, but many aren't. But as you say, each to their own.
  4. Really breaks my £2500 per year target (depreciation) that I look for in car ownership (which as I like to keep for several years, is achievable). Here, I would need a 10k miles a year deal so 2 years = £9843.76 (or £4922 a year) 3 years = £15228.46 (or £5076 a year) With nothing to show at the end. Not my cuppa I'm afraid
  5. I'm not a hatch sort of guy, so the R hatch hold no interest to me. But I have to say, subjectively, rear looks good, front looks horrendous.
  6. What would have been good, and I don't know why it wasn't ever deemed something that people would find useful to have, is that you could adjust it through the infotainment rather than plugging in OBD11 or VDCS. FWIW - I'm currently at 25%, but no doubt I will change (less) and think it better. I am tempted to go 100% for a while, just to remind myself what it was like.
  7. The one issue I found I had, admittedly not an every day one, is that I had set it at 35% and did a 630 mile drive. My head felt like it had been used as a punch bag. For future, I won't have in sport, but put it into individual or Eco (with PedalBox turned all the way up). As has been said, its personal taste. I found 100% far too intrusive and noisy for me, and too unnatural. I find 15-25% more my cuppa tea, and it compliments the natural engine noise rather than drown it out. I am also in the camp of not wanting to have a really noisy car, and I'd probably be embarrassed to drive around in a straight piped GT3. Again, each to their own. While I realise many seemingly like to share the noise their car makes with all and sundry, tbh I prefer the noise a Tesla makes and find my self shaking me head in disapproval at overly noisy cars and bikes - and yes, I am a little hypocritical when the R pops and bangs as many think that is too noisy. If you are happy with fake noise (which I am, just to a lesser level), then everyone is happy. As an aside, I hope your GT3 won't fall foul of the new cameras coming that measure sound. https://www.sytner.co.uk/news/acoustic-cameras-coming-soon/
  8. To be totally honest, I don't mind 4 cyl for efficiency, I like a quietish car and 310PS is more than enough + another 50PS or so from a tune is there if and when.
  9. @keano I'd maybe be interested if they did a RS3 estate.
  10. Car ownership is a monumental waste of money. Of course some are prepared to waste more money than others, and some probably don't see it as a waste of money. Me, I have a simple rule that I try to stick to. I buy a car out right and keep it a long time. I then hope that the value I paid, less what I can get for it when I sell, divided by the number of years I've had it is around £2500. It used to be about £2000 but I've moved with the times. It's not ideal, but it's simple and I can convince myself I'm not being profligate. So under my way, I'm basically aiming for £200 a month, so any lease for £553 is going to get me sweating.
  11. Just blasted down the road. 35% is gash. Waiting outside a shop for a repair, so set to 22.5%. Suspect by the time I get home, it will be back to where we started!! So no one is 100%, or no one is admitting it.
  12. I think CV19 and the lack of driving the R has got me playing with the Soundaktor. No idea why, other than why not?? So I played around and set it to 40%, from 15%. Sounded "good" - of course that is subjective and subject to whims of the day. So then set to 50% which was crap. Back to 40% which I then thought was a little too loud so down to 35%. Just wondering where people are at with theirs? While I can appreciate those setting to 0% - I do myself sometimes - does anyone have at 100%?? I once tried to set it to 255% (as that is what OBD11 shows) but it was refused. Just wanted to see what it sounded like. So anyway, I've moved from 15% to 35%...for the time being. PS - I think I might be a little bored!!
  13. @dopper99 that's very true. I came from a e61 535d (286PS, 580NM) to the R Estate (310PS, 400NM). But the kerb weight for the BM is 1853kg vs 1593 for the R Estate. While of course one is diesel and RWD and the other a petrol AWD, the biggest difference that I found (after finding the engines sweet spot being higher up the rev range - 30 years of diesel driving took a while to get out of the system), was the weight. The BM was a car you could cross continents in, and while no slouch on a B road, was a different kettle of fish. I sometimes regret selling it as it was a great car, but the R is more fun even if much less comfortable. What I am surprised by is that the M340i Touring is heavier than the e61 535d - guess that's "progress" for you!! The C43 Estate has a kerb weight of 1760kg
  14. Interesting this talk about changing cars. I guess, while I am not looking to change, I always like to be prepared. The Golf 8R Estate does nothing for me. I won't be getting one. So that leaves me in 340i/d Touring and C43 territory. I had 5 series for 20 odd years (and 6 years with a 3 before that), and the 3s have no real appeal. In fact I have no real desire to go back to BMW and I think on the face of it, and without having tried one, the C43 Estate would be the one that I would gravitate towards. But to be totally honest, I'm slightly off spending money on cars at the moment and if I was to, then I would chop my Amarok 1.9 BiTDi for a V6. That's really saying that for what I want, the 7.5R Estate, and how it fits in the cars I have, it does it all that's required and there's no real need to change. .
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