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  1. My name's Bob, and I wanted to go incognito so chose something else.
  2. I find the articles closing sentence of "Revealing more of the EA888’s full potential than ever before, the power pack equipped Cupra R ST might just be the most exciting MQB-based model we’ve experienced" to be fairly banal. It's a tuned car - I'm sure that they must have come across a tuned Golf R/Audi S3 before. VW even offered an ABT tuned official option for the Swiss market that pumped out 360bhp, but I do note that ABT's tuning package now gives 400bhp for the R. https://www.abt-sportsline.com/vw-tuning/vw-golf/
  3. I had it running in tandem with this app on my mobile: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.navigation.offlinemaps.gps&hl=en_GB as I too didn't wholly trust the nav. But they were both pretty much the same. And of course detecting cameras in France is highly illegal and I think that the app used to flash up a warning about 500m after the camera. I do like Offline Maps as it doesn't eat your data! I think, but stand to be corrected, that they are based on TomTom. I also note that it says internet connection needed for speed cameras, so you might need that, but if doing that, might as well use Waze.
  4. One thing I should add, is that I found the VW SatNav to work faultlessly. I know people are very anti it, but maybe it is not so good in UK. It took me a route around Paris that I have never used before and TBH it was far better than what I have used before.
  5. TBH I haven't really looked at it or used it. I never really have used cruise that often, other than in things such as roadworks on motorways. Maybe as you say, I should look into it a bit more.
  6. Discovered that there is a Speed Limiter button. (Not sure when/why I would use it).
  7. Well, today I got back from my little jaunt across France to the mountains. Its a journey I've done a few times before but the first time in the R. Last few times were in the 535d which is a bit of a GT (well at least in my eyes it was). My biggest concern was how I would feel when I got to the other end, especially with a lack of under-thigh support. I needn't have worried. The R was a lot more comfortable than I thought. So anyway, after getting off the ferry, tried to get to where I was going ASAP. I will confess to being a wee bit over the speed limit on occasions (although I will deny that if questioned by the authorities!) and I opened it up once when I thought the Mrs was asleep but she wasn't!! She told me off for doing 195, but went a bit potty when I said I got up to 232. It was last Sunday and that's a good day to travel as the roads are pretty clear, and we had a good run, save for some really bad patches of weather. Given the way I drove, I thought 30.1 mpg was very acceptable. In the 535d, doing a similar time/speed, I actually only managed 28 and a bit mpg. This includes the interminable delays at the ports loading and passport control when arriving. Fortunately when we got to where we were going, the roads were all nice and clear of snow, although that didn't seem to last for too long. Parked the old girl up, and I must have had too little anti-freeze in the washer system, as the overnight -14c pushed out the headlight washers. They all went back when the temps rose a bit. Drove back to the ferry yesterday, taking a longer route to avoid Paris at rush-hour, something I have had the pleasure of doing more than once! Popped into Le Mans to do a bit of shopping, and their rush hour wasn't much fun. Popped into Caen for a spot of dinner which didn't do wonders for the efficiency, and boy, its a sh** hole to boot. A really nice spring day with temps of over 20ºc. The Mrs was a great co-pilot. Drove precisely 0 miles. But she was good at sleeping most of the way, save for sorting out the peages. So below is from home to the hills and back again. I think that the return journey giving 33 mpg is pretty good! Overall, I loved the way the car picked up speed from about 130kmh to say, 180kmh. What I didn't like was the noise. 1) I had it in race, with Soundaktor turned to 30%, But after 1000km, it felt like my head had been bashed about a bit. 2) Compared to the 535d, the road and wind noise in the R is a lot lot higher. Maybe that isn't a bad thing, as it keeps you a bit more awake, although that could have been the RedBull. 3) The CrossClimates made some really nasty noises on certain road surfaces, almost like metal against metal. On corners it also was very noisy. One thing I didn't really like was the ACC. I used it a few times in roadworks, and that was useful. As it was on a very clear road. But in slightly busier times, I found the way it braked without warning a little intrusive. I wish that it had a light, where it would be, say, green when running normally, amber when approaching a car and red when it was breaking. But that's just me. While playing with the ACC, at about 1994km in the journey, I discovered the Speed Limiter. WTF is that for???
  8. Ah yes, Maybe they looked up to see what the figures are and got the post-WLTP ones and used those.
  9. I currently have CrossClimate+ on my 18s, with PS4 in the garage. Will change them over in April.
  10. Think you'll find the figures are correct. Old 7.5 had 310PS, new one has 300PS. That is 306BHP and 296BHP respectively.
  11. "as VW struggle to get the Golf’s new technology working." That's the problem. Too much technology. A fully digital cockpit for the sake of trying to tempt buyers from premium models!! To me the tech levels in the 7.5 are just about right, and I feel the need for non-digital buttons/dials for certain functions is far far better than fully digital. Heating for example. I want easy to push buttons and the dial for heating.
  12. Good intentions don't last that long even if PedalBox Sport+ @ +3 suits Eco quite well actually.
  13. I'll tell you after I've done it what Eco and Sports+ & +3 on the PedalBox are like.
  14. Out of interest, on a long journey, do you not find the aural "attack" a bit too much? I'm driving across France on the w/end and would happily do the 600 miles in near silence (well save for the twisty mountain roads).
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