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  1. Well I have quite a collection of baseball caps.....!!!
  2. I think it would go ok with my smoking jacket. A bit foppish maybe, rather than feminine. I'm not really a fop which might be the biggest problem. With a 38mm face, I think it is prob too big for a lady's watch - I do like the design, just maybe not something I would wear that often.
  3. We're strange creatures....I feel naked without my watch. Anyway, was given this and not sure how I feel about it. Good dress watch but while it is unisex, it is a bit feminine for me.
  4. I look at this and wonder, how much power do you really want. OK, the boy in me (like many) will say that you can never have enough, but I'm pushing 50 now, and 600bhp doesn't really get me overly excited in a hot hatch. I also find all these hypercars with over 1000bhp to be utterly ridiculous. Personally (and maybe showing my age) find that 310PS in my estate is enough, although I probably will Stage 1 in a couple of months, unless I chop it in for a C43 Estate. But how much faster than a stock 45s do you really want to go on the public highway?? It's not a race track, although too many think it is, and if you want to use it on a track, then there are many better cars. I sometimes come across Officially Gassed on YT, with all these cars being pimped up to ridiculous amounts of BHP, and then them ragging it at stupid speeds on public roads. Of course you can use this argument and ask why does anyone need more than a 3cyl 1.2.
  5. This was mine at 14k - Having an oil service next month, with c 10k more, so doing the Haldex at the same time (as I'll do it yearly (or before) when I do the oil. Will be interesting to see how gunky it has got in 10k miles.
  6. Need a dog upgrade!! But serious question. Do you have a house alarm, and if so, can you part set it for the ground floor? It reassures me when I do, and the day or two a year when I don't, I hardly sleep. it has an outside box that is very visible and has a two LEDs in it that alternate flashing. That's supposed to show would be intruders that there is an active alarm. Certainly when a prowler did a tour of the house and garden, they didn't break in (only visited an unlocked outbuilding housing my logs, chickens and a broken hedge trimmer that was about to be sent to the tip but got pinched instaed).
  7. I've got a couple of yappy terriers and a monitored alarm that I set EVERY night without fail. Hoping that that might be enough.
  8. Took the plunge after the extensions that I had (the ones that fit over the OEM one) didn't work out. Took them out of the holder and stuck to the back of the OEM ones. Worked well for a few months and then began to move. Looked around and got these.... https://www.banggood.com/Metal-Car-Steering-Wheel-Paddle-Extend-Car-Shifter-Replacement-For-VW-GOLF-GTI-R-GTD-GTE-MK7-p-1470870.html?utm_design=131&utm_email=1579946647_2324_08&utm_source=emarsys&utm_medium=Shipoutinform190813&utm_campaign=trigger-emarsys&utm_content=Gakki&sc_src=email_2671705&sc_eh=88ac1257a261ed051&sc_llid=19346805&sc_lid=104858042&sc_uid=smYDD4PUpY&cur_warehouse=UK £17.14 and they fit very well. TBH they work better than the OEM ones (at least in the short time I have had them on). The OEM ones seemed to sometimes not change gear when pulled, so needed a 2nd pull. Only difference, which I was aware of, was the that + and - isn't etched, but cut out.
  9. Charles M

    Result !

    LOL Was upped to Virgin's Upper Class on the way back from Tokyo. In those days they had a masseuse on board. Also many many years ago, got upgraded from cattle to 1st on the Nairobi > Heathrow flight.
  10. So I got the Mrs to sit in the back, got her comfy enough with the bonus she was also comfy enough in the front. So that's the passenger side sorted. It's now just me at 6'3" to sort it with my lad. We've got a 600 mile journey coming up in a few weeks, and I played with ACC for the first time over the w/end and reckon I can do about 500 miles of my journey using that and therefore moving the seat forward enough to give him room behind. That and a few extra stops to stretch the legs and I think we'll be sorted.
  11. Mulling things over in my head. Having downsized from a 5 series, I got the Mrs the big family car, so still want a small estate. The 7.5R estate is fine most of the time, but the family are all around 6ft+ I am thinking maybe of looking at a C43AMG Estate or 340i Touring (want a decent engine and 4WD) but wouldn't bother changing if the rear leg room wasn't any better than what's in the R. Does anyone know anything about leg room in C43/340 before I trot off to a garage?
  12. Personally, as my Haldex was clogged up at 13k, I'll do it on an annual basis.
  13. Mine doesn't open, but if I slip my little key ring Tesco club card in the gap, it opens up. Guess mine needs a clean.
  14. Maybe I'm on the wrong forum, but to me, those 2 cars were exactly the same in the real world. A tenth or hundredth of a second here or there is irrelevant.
  15. I agree. But the bit I want to ask about, is these higher outputs. Is it just a remap, or are there improved mechanical bits and pieces. And yes, I suspect an exhaust would be inc in the extra, although EU law might put the cybosh on that.
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