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  1. Problem might be, if they get in, find they can't start it, then there are 2 choices..... 1) walk away. 2) wake you up so that you can start it for them. I've started reusing my Disclok but frankly, I can't be arsed to lock/unlock every time I use it and it might get to the stage where I just drive my truck instead if I have to go through the faff of locking/unlocking all the time.
  2. Charles M


    One of my "complaints" about the R is how noisy the cabin is. I found my PS4 at 71dB quite a lot noisier than the CrossClimate's 69dB. Is this placebo or does 2dB actually make a difference? If it's not my mind playing tricks, I think I'll go for Eagles next time round, as they have a lower rating than PS4
  3. I guess you might be right, cos when I put the PS4 on in the spring, it felt so much better than the CC+
  4. Took of the Mich PS4. Put on the Mich CrossClimate+ The CC+ are a little quieter, seem to soak up the bumps a little better and definitely less skittish. They may not go around corners in summer better, but I think that I prefer them, although I know that is prob placebo. I know we are all supposed to like the PS4/PS4S better than anything else, but I think I prefer the CC+
  5. You see people wasting money on cars, phones, and all sorts of shiny things, because we have become overly materialistic as a society. If the car is cheap (and that is put into context by your disposable income) then fine. But otherwise it more a case of a fool and their money soon being parted. If people want to spend their money on fripperies now, then so be it. Call it miserable if you want, but I would call it prudence. You say we spend more than £5k because we are car nuts. Maybe, but I spend what I can afford. I also can't see the point on dropping £60k on a car, even though I could afford to do so. I buy cars outright as well rather than take finance on them as I like to live well within my means. This country is pretty fu**ed with the level of personal debt people have. https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:xhCDLhQ7_hQJ:https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2019/10/05/car-financing-loans-could-erupt-next-ppiscandal/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk Is it really worth it because "you're a car nut"?
  6. Can someone explain to me why you would want to be able to use a mobile to unlock your car? I guess in an emergency where you've lost you keys it could be useful, but isn't it easier/safer just having a key? I guess as I am not a fan of keyless, this might not be something for me.
  7. The thing I don't like, and not sure how much has moved to the infotainment screen, are the lack of buttons for heating. I noted the heated seats are done via the touch screen, but not sure about the rest of the heating. I like the button for the heated seat in the 7. I actually think the heating controls of the 7 are just about spot on. Dials and buttons without having to go via a menu are so much easier/quicker/safer.
  8. Went to a rival tyre dealer to see what the cost of changing summers to winters was.......£20.....a tyre!!! Strewth I thought the normal one was bad at £10 a corner. Seems that a lot of the tyre dealers around me have been taken over by ProTyre and got a lot more expensive.
  9. Why can't you believe it? In 2015-2017 they made an average of about 920,000 Golfs worldwide. Say cheap set costs $10 less than a decent set (which are adequate for a short time), then that's a saving of $9m - just on wiper blades. Throw in a cheap rear one, and that's another $4.5m. Take the spare wheel - costs what for rim and rubber?? Say $150 then over 920,000 Golfs, by not including one that "saves" VW $138 million a year. Expand that across the whole VW range and the numbers add up.
  10. I use convenience opening quite a lot and it would be an inconvenience to disable it.
  11. Not for the first time, I woke up this morning to see all the windows open. Obviously key in pocket had been pressed, and opened them all up. Fortunately for the first time in weeks, there was no rain, but quite a lot of condensation had formed inside. Anyway, question - is there a way I can tweak things with OBD11 that will close the windows when the car automatically relocks itself after being unlocked and no door being opened?
  12. Stick to Cadiz 😉 You know it makes sense.
  13. In the flesh it might look different. Also, a few new cars look dog sh** to start with, but grow on you and it does look dog sh** IMO. But having owned a Chris Bangle 5 Series, I know that cars can look better after a year or two and age very well. I also think VW probably know what they are doing, even if photos look dog sh**.
  14. Michelin PS4 & Michelin CrossClimate+
  15. Not an accountant or lawyer, but..... Are you on PAYE? If so then there is statutory entitlement of 5.6 weeks if working a 5 day week, or 28 days. If nothing is written down, then this is at least what you are entitled to and you may well have a battle for what seems the extra 2 days if you say you've had 16 with 14 left). I am pretty sure that it isn't automatically carried over and is left up to you/your employer. I have told my employee that they can't, but that I am more than happy to pay for any un-taken holiday (not that I think I have a choice in any event). This might be of use: https://worksmart.org.uk/work-rights/losing-your-job/leaving-your-job/im-leaving-job-havent-taken-all-my-holiday-allowance
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