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  1. I've got so much music I haven't heard for years, I just put it on random/shuffle and it sorts it out for me.
  2. I like the Indium and almost got one instead of Atlantic Blue. I think that the black plastic bits on the front air intakes are really well contrasted against the Indium. Think that black wheels suit it (IMO one of the few colours it does work with), although I do prefer Cadiz (as that's what I've got and am too mean to pay for others - actually I do think that they are THE "R" alloy).
  3. I can't see myself changing my 7.5 with another R, as I'm fairly sure that they aren't making an estate. So I guess if it is to be VW, the Arteon Shootingbrake (although they are horrendously expensive) or maybe a C-Class Estate. But I do quite want a Jag XF-RS
  4. Not sure if mentioned before, or whether you hatch boys have the problem.....but the vibrating roof when the window is open. OK, most all cars have this problem when the rear window is open, but the R is the first car I've ever had that does it when the front window is open.
  5. Well the thing it should do (of course IMO) if it is going to default back to Normal, is for the mode selector to show it being in Normal, rather than what ever mode it was in when turning off.
  6. Ta everyone. I knew that it happened in Individual as I had that set to Eco and I found it quite annoying having to cycle through to get Eco back up and running. I guess it shouldn't really be a surprise that it applies to Race as well. I knew it always went back to D, but presumed that when I slipped into S, it went to Race rather than just S in Normal. I'm sure that there is a good reason for this, but it must be Germanic and therefore lost on me!
  7. Well, I've had the car for 18 months now, and only found that out now!!!!!!!!! Is there a way of coding it so it doesn't default to Normal?
  8. Slightly off topic-ish......but a question. I leave the car in Race mode the whole time (having OBD11'ed the soundaktor down). Now the other day, I was driving along and moved it out of Race into Individual so that I could hear the exhaust note without any soundaktor at all (with this thread in mind). I can't remember if it was then, or when I put it back into Race, that the exhaust started going mad and crackling and popping like a bowl of Rice Krispies. So today, set off in Race, slipped it into something else and back into Race, and again snap, crackle and pop. So the question - is this normal, that when starting in Race it is all quiet and only opens up making pops when it gets put back into Race? I'm not sure the answer is my imagination, nor as I have an estate is it valves.
  9. I've got PS4 and CrossClimate for my 18" Cadiz.] Might want to have a gander here....https://www.michelin.co.uk/auto/browse-tyres/by-vehicle/volkswagen/golf/golf-vii-estate-r/2018/2.0 TSI 300/225---40 R18 92 Y
  10. I take mine to a BMW/Mini specialist. Did my BMW when I had it, and all my other cars. He's rated as the top person in the Good Garage Scheme locally, and one of the best nationally. I trust him, as much as I would trust any garage, and not worried about taking my 1 year old car to him even if he does specialise in BMWs. He doesn't do DSG service - a) that's good that he's more than happy saying he won't do it b) VW can update things like Sat Nav hanging when they do it. He also is more than aware (now) of things such as the Haldex filter problem. Only problem is that because he is good, he has a reputation and has a 4-6 week booking time!
  11. My Mrs is quite the opposite and things at idle, that the exhaust sounds stupid and far noisier than it need be. Now I know it is all personal opinion.......but she is right, This obsession with a noisy exhaust is a bit strange. Why do people want to show off how noisy their car is to others? I know that there is a denial about it being for others, but if it was for the driver, then the soundaktor would make up (partially) for what people want from a 4cyl, even if it is fake. When I see someone drive past me with a noisy exhaust I think "what a fool, I just don't want to hear you and your car". The fewer cylinders you have, the bigger the fool you are.
  12. I came from a 535d M-Sport estate (e61). The ride in that was firmer, but the Golf Estate can be a bit crashy. The noise is awful compared to the 5er, even on Mich PS4 18"s. I turned down the soundaktor to 25% and that suits me - 100% is awful - and justifies the price of OBD11 by itself. In all honesty I like the R, but I miss the 5er. I think that I might chop it in sooner rather than later and go for something like a C43 Estate.
  13. not that it is any help, but my 14 Highline doesn't have remote/central locking tail gate.
  14. If you were test driving the car, wouldn't you jump on to the M1 and go up a junction and back?
  15. Passed my test 30 years ago to the day!!! 27th June 1989 Also in a Nissan Micra. Mr Aziz. Used to drink Sprite and produce rather fruity curry burps. Can't remember whether he was Indian or Pakistani, but he was quite "opinionated" when he saw a Pakistani or Indian (whichever one he wasn't) walking down the street. And he used to take you to the pub if you were his last pupil (so maybe he was Indian). Good teacher. Passed 1st time.
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