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  1. Quiet DSG farts is a good thing. Even better if there weren't any at all. (Just IMO of course)
  2. Has to be doesn't it? Otherwise surely the circuit is broken and wouldn't/shouldn't work.
  3. I was clean for a while (as they'd all expired) but then in Feb 2019 it started going wrong. Got done 3 times in 2 months. Once in France - doing 100kmh in a 90kmh roadwork zone at 7am on a Sunday when there was no one about. IIRC it was a €45 fine. 36 in a 30. I was going purposefully slowly but obv touched the accelerator going around the corner. Speed awareness course. 38 in a 30. Dual carriageway that I genuinely thought was a 40. Speed awareness course again, but turned it down and took the points.
  4. Have a mate who runs a JLR dealership - was at BMW and VW before. He said customers tend to always know more about the car than the dealer, as they've researched it pretty well before dropping ££,£££ on the vehicle. The sales folk aren't so financially involved.
  5. Took my petrol jerry can and found some DERV 50 miles away for the Amarok. Then later this evening the Mrs passed the local station and said they were open and no queue so filled up for the first time in 3 weeks.
  6. I take a jerry with me wherever I go (Hants), as truck well into the red and with no guarantee of finding any.......!! Managed to find some DERV 50 miles from home this morning in Alton. Given profiteering by some, 138.9 wasn't too bad. Still can't get any heating oil though, not until w/b 25th Oct. So no heating till then as I ran things down too low.
  7. Managed to fill up on Friday, but was in the 340. Asked if there was any 98 and told no....but it runs perfectly happily on 95. Shame I wasn't in the Amarok, as that's now well into the red. 20l jerry for that, rather than going out to hunt for a) a station that is open and b) one that has DERV.
  8. Out of interest., does the ACEA rating make a big difference?
  9. Ah the old Hoffmeister kink. Don't most cars have one to some degree or other?? I googled the first everyday one that came to mind - a Kia RIo Estate (no idea why that one!!) - and that has a kink. As for looking like a kind of 3 series, not sure I'd quite go that far (couldn't find a side on shot of a R). I suppose all estates have similar looks. The pictures in the previous link is better looking than I thought it was going to be. Still not wholly sold on it, but give it time. As a package compared to a 3 series it is quite compelling if you need the space. I think
  10. I'm afraid he's gone all a bit Max Power where a few tenths over a ¼ mile seem to be important to some. There's always a faster car somewhere out there, but as you elude to, ££££££ come to mind. And I've got to the age where a few seconds a mile doesn't really make a huge difference to my life. All cars make compromises, and I think most (even us now non R owners!) can agree that the R makes fewer than many others. I guess the biggest issue that many will find that it has is price, but then that's subjective as bang for your buck it's fine by me. The issue that I found were differ
  11. The only one of those that I had with my 7.5R was DSG. I managed to live with it for just over 3 years without any problems, though I had Discovery rather than Discovery Pro.
  12. Ah tail out. My first car was a Volvo 340 1.4 (5 speed). Think it had a mighty 72 bhp, but as it was RWD and had a crap chassis, you could get the tail end out fairly easily.
  13. Used to call mine Ken as the number plate was KN67. Only called it a name to annoy the Mrs, otherwise it was just known as the Golf or the farting machine.
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