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  1. Anyone in my household who says that they don't believe, do not get a visit from the Tooth Fairy nor Santa Claus.
  2. It's a no from me. I will get another fast estate, but I find the R Estate just a little too small. Maybe an AMG C might do the job. Or a 340i. That's also presuming that the R will come in estate guise, which I'm not sure if it is planned.
  3. @StuR I'm with @Gavras in saying that the standard audio is absolutely fine. I do wonder though whether some standard build ones are better than others. Usually with OEM basic, there is a paucity of bass, but my bass seems to make all the internal bits vibrate. Sure there is a distortion, but it kicks in at levels that are too loud for me. Maybe I don't listen to music at full blast. As for other options... I chose my estate based on colour. It was a bog standard one, and I am not wanting for anything on it. A reverse camera might have been nice, but they are an easy retro fit and I've been driving for over 30 years quite happily without having one.
  4. Agree with you. If you like an estate, you like an estate. I certainly do!! It was just that some buy an estate thinking they can't live without, when they probably can.
  5. Late to the party....... I've got a 7.5 Estate. I'm never particularly been interested in having to have all the options, and the bog standard one has everything I need. As it was, nearly new ones in the colour I wanted were few and far between, so not really much choice in the matter. A reverse camera might have been nice, but I've been driving for over 30 years and found that I have got by perfectly easily without one (and its an easy retro fit). For me it came down to DSG and then infotainment I think the question is "Do you need an estate if you have the Ateca?" If you need the space, how often and would a roof box do it for those occasions that more space is needed? I needed the estate for my son's wheelchair (and I downsized and gave the Mrs the big car) and actually hatches don't float my boat at all.
  6. Might be of interest to some.......
  7. I have 2 indies within 3 miles of me that I would trust more than the dealer, even when the car is in warranty.
  8. WTF indeed. But which part?? The sticker, or trying to mend it with heat? (The bubbly bits beneath the arrow aren't paint bubbles). Disappointing that a main dealer churns this out - all for the princely sum of £100. I called them, emailed them, and await a response.
  9. Gave the local dealer a call to chase up the fuel door that fell off pre-Covid19 lock down. It was in and ready. So off I trundle, about ½ there. En route, meet a couple of cyclists. Idiot one who flipped the bird (which annoyed me) but anyway, that's another story). Went to the dealer, picked up the piece looked at it to make sure if fitted and came home. I should have looked on both sides...... Not impressed at all. Seems that it was broken and they applied hear to try and stick it back down. And as to why they couldn't be arsed to remove the sticker before painting the bloody thing is anyone's guess.
  10. Wondering when I'll ever get a chance to take off the Michi CrossClimates!! I was due to be in the Alps at the end of March, hence why I left them on. If we get to June without being able to do anything, might be half tempted to leave them on rather than putting on the PS4.
  11. Actually when I went to clean it up, there was a 3rd big splat on the front grill. As @gregozedobe says, flying cows.....
  12. Took it for a quick spin so that it wasn't sitting in the same place for weeks on end. Also wanted to see if my brake pad warning light came back on again, after having turned itself off - it didn't. Bit strange that. But....driving along the road when this suddenly appears from the heavens.......
  13. Came on just before lock down and booked in to have pads changed. Driven it about 15 miles since the lights came on, and I was on a straight stretch this evening, which didn't need much breaking at all, but the warning light has gone off. No warnings on the dashboard etc etc. Is this normal, that the warning light has been on for weeks (or rather a score of miles), to then turn itself off?
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