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  1. I believe they do. I found something that flashed a green arrow on the dash, and made a most unattractive fake noise so haven't used it since.
  2. Auto or manual........ Each to their own, but to me, most driving is fairly sedate and quite often in traffic jams. Therefore, I'm never going back to a manual, save for the Polo 1.0 that I got for my kids to use. If you live in an area that experiences few traffic jams, then go for manual.
  3. It's horrendous. Some seem to have it permanently on in their BMs, but mine is turned off and doesn't start up on each start-up.
  4. Mine was listed at £24,995 and sold last week. I see that it is now insured, so presume new owner has it on the road. Hoping that the owner turns up here.... Most interesting thing was the MOT. The last one I had back in Oct 2020 mention rear brake pads wearing thin. The MOT that the dealer did on 1st July didn't mention that at all, but did say that 3 of the wheels were "slightly distorted"
  5. Well well well. Isn't Youtube a wonderful thing..... All mended now.
  6. Am I right in thinking that the K1152ts is about £1k?
  7. I got my Karcher K4 out yesterday, and it just wouldn't start. Changed the fuse etc etc and it was dead. Several years old, and unfortunately it's a case of prob not worth getting repaired as cheaper to get a new one. So any reccos on a replacement? If it does a job, wouldn't mind going smaller but then I do use the K4's patio cleaner quite a lot (so not adverse to getting another). I sort of go for Karcher because I don't know anything about other brands...!!
  8. @Martin2 95 is stated on the cap along with a min of 91 (from Shell), but as I've only filled up a couple of times..... I'll be alternating it 95 and 98/99 or one in every 3. TBH I'm more "concerned" about the ethanol content. I know they say that up to E25 can be used, but......With the move to E10. I think Super will be E0 or E5 (but might be wrong on that).
  9. I'm not tech minded, but AH going on about the 8 keeping up with a tuned 7.5...... given that they both have the EA888 engine, isn't the 4th Gen or whatever it is, basically a tuned 3rd Gen?
  10. Shame that the 540 comes with a detuned engine, or rather the M340 has a more tuned one. I would say that the 3 does lack a bit of storage, so if that is important....... But the B58, like the EA888, is rightfully held in high regard. Moving from a 6 cyl to the Golf R, I thought that I wouldn't miss 6 cylinders, but moving back, I do like a 3l/i6 and do think that maybe the Arteon, esp for the price, should have had a 5 or 6cyl engine. Fuel economy can be quite good with the B58. I wasn't trying to hyper mile, but got 36mpg on a mix of A/B and M'way over 160 miles. Speed wise I cou
  11. @camelsac2002 one of the 1st questions I asked when picking up my G21 M340i. Dealer said that if jkey doesn't move for 5 minutes (might be 2) then it goes to sleep so no need for faraday pouch.
  12. https://00389.usedcars.volkswagen.co.uk/en/used-cars/volkswagen/golf/mk7-facelift-20-tsi-r-4m-310ps-dsg-est-nxcnfd6 Mine seems to have appeared for sale now. Never remapped, and serviced properly (with x2 Haldex cleans). No known faults. Imagine that they've tidied the scuffs on the alloys, and a small rubbing on the paint (present that you get in car parks!!) and poss changed the rear brake pads. Good car. Wonder what tyres are on it, as I left my "winter" ones on (as in South of England, CrossClimate more than OK) PS - I think one of the 2 ow
  13. @JonSW I'm quite interested in the price you got. Not sure what options yours had, though guess none as you say lease spec, Mine too was bog standard, 67 in Atlantic Blue with 31k on the clock and 310PS pre-OPF, You were offered 10% more - is that just down to Lapiz vs Atlantic?? I only ever did 1 launch, and that was about 2 months ago! On my last drive to the dealer, I had PedalBox off and thought the drive was OK if you pootled about. If you wanted to be enthusiastic, I'd still say it's a must. Not so much on motorways where you lived. I think your bigg
  14. I was like that when I sold. Didn't want to drive it in case I pranged it!! Out of interest, what mileage did yours have? For that valuation, I'm guess low 20k???
  15. @DSarge what you moved on to? I bought used and worked out that depreciation was about £183 a month, so was happy with that. Motorway sent an email today, never deleted the car from my profile, and it came out as £23899 The other strange one is the used prices of pick ups. I bought one 3 years ago - a 2014 plate - for £17250 (+VAT) and the value Motorway gave today, 3 years down the road, is £18262 (I don't put huge mileage on it)
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