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  1. Dave where are you in Hants....might have to come and have a look at yours. I'm past Soton and on the border of Dorset. I seem to be in the minority, or maybe it is more colour dependent, but I really like my Cadiz!
  2. Charles M


    Absolutely, and did mention that. FWIW, I never notice any difference between Shell and Tesco, nor when on the very odd times I've had to use 97RON
  3. Charles M


    I filled up for the first time with Esso's new 99RON, and I seem to be getting a really good boost mid range in 2nd and 3rd gear (7 speed DSG). However, I imagine this is totally my imagination, but was wondering whether anyone felt that there was any difference between the 99RONs on sale - which AFAIK are Shell, Tesco and now Esso? And for that matter is there really any difference between 99RON and 97RON? Imagination is a wonderful thing. But having said that, I have in the past found that my cars work best on Shell. but that might well be placebo. Or of course, it might be to do with lower temperatures that we are now getting.
  4. The DSG, looking back on it, was pretty poor without a PedalBox. Now there are 21 setting (and off. to make 22) it is much more adjustable. If turned up to max, it even means ECO is usable. I presume GTi is drive by wire as well. Anyway, in a few years time it will all be rather superfluous given that we'll likely be in electric cars.
  5. @Darlo interesting that you don't like the DSG (and I'm not being judgemental as we are all different) I definitely have a preference for autos now. Maybe if I was on a race track, or younger, I'd think differently, but losing a pedal is bliss. I tend to use the paddles more often than not. So an auto, whether dual clutch or torque converter is a must. The Mrs has a CVT which I wouldn't want.
  6. Managed to work it out in Google Assistant. No idea how to get notification to make a noise, but not really a big issue.
  7. Charles M

    Waze help

    Not sure if it is Waze or my mobile (Samsung A71))but something has changed. Text and WhatsApp both came in while driving, so I clicked to have them spoken out. Actually Waze never offered that for SMS, so presume its an update on their part that's causing the issue. Anyway the issue...it won't read out messages. Instead I get the assistant saying "For help with that, first you'll need to allow personal results in this car. When it's safe you can go ahead and make changes in assistant settings." I'm getting old, and have no idea what I need to do. Anyone know what to do??
  8. Found another annoying thing that's not working. High beam works, but I can't flash anyone. It would be really nice to know which fuse to look for. Guess I'll have to pull them one by one, and see......
  9. I think for me, the way I buy cars will have to change. At present I buy outright and keep a long time (if I can). But given that initial price, tech changes, battery pack life etc, then I suspect leasing/HP is the way forward.
  10. I'm really toying with a remap.......but I want to keep it fairly safe and go low torque. Think APR might be better for that than Revo.
  11. Question I have now, and I guess I could go and look, does the R have a fuse map??
  12. Lots of thoughts on this..... I'd love an electric car that could do 300-500 miles and can "fill up" within 10 minutes (ie just like petrol/diesel). Or if electric can't do it, then I'd be happy with a fuel cell/hydrogen powered one. Don't care if it's silent or not, and frankly if traffic noise was eliminated, then I'd really really love that. Of course, this is all tech development and infrastructure. I'm fortunate enough to have 3 phase power and in the sticks so have no issues of parking - I'm not so sure someone on 1 phase, 15 stories up is going to be quite so happy. And in town, when there is no off street parking and no guarantee of on street parking outside your house, what then?? Admittedly this is thinking within the parameters of today's tech. Who knows, maybe you can pull up to a "petrol station" and whip out your battery pack, and replace with a fully charged one and of you go in seconds. Battery tech is an area where huge advances in size and speed are happening, and I suspect what we have now, will be hugely different to what we will have in 10 years time. Other thoughts are along the lines of the biggest 15 container ships in the world pump out more nitrous and sulphur oxides than all the cars on the planet combined. And if look at cruise ships - Carnival Corporation is the biggest in the world. They emitted nearly 10 times more sulphur oxide in 2017 while sailing around Europe than all the cars in Europe did. Then Royal Caribbean Cruises, the worlds second biggest, emitted 4 times more than all the cars in Europe. And, and, and........ I guess it's a case that if you don't bring in legislation, then it won't come through as quickly as possible.
  13. There are a couple. One under the bonnet, but I think the one I need is the other one. Under the steering wheel. Two red handles/pulls. Give them a tug and it drops down. @Trekkkie that's disappointing to know. I haven't had to look at the R's fuses (so no idea if there is a map or not), but by sound of it, this is VAG policy. As I said, on my old 2008 5er, both the fuse box in the glove box and the one in the boot had very clear maps of what was what. Utterly ridiculous that a car comes without one. The handbook says to look at the fuse to see if it has burnt out, but for me, I can only do that if the fuse is out and in my hand.
  14. @BobbyT I thought so too. For an off road vehicle, I would have thought knowing which fuse does what might be somewhat useful in certain far flung situations. But then I guess the Amarok is viewed differently than say a Hilux. Anyway, changed the rear brake bulb which seems to have got the rear fog light working as well. Very Germanic construction to get access. Guess I can live without the alarm sounding and fuel flap not closing (if anyone was going to pinch my diesel it would be targeted and not sure a flimsy lock would stop them, so hardly any point locking it ), though would be nice to have the alarm. Guess I'd best start pulling out all those 10A fuses to see if one is being naughty. There are only 8 of them, that is if the alarm is indeed on a 10A fuse.
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