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  1. I'm a bit "boring", as I really like the Cadiz that the R comes with. I know colour and shape play a part on how it looks (and obv think that an Atlantic Blue estate suits the Cadiz) but....... today I had a bit of a change of mind, because I parked close to this..... No, no, thrice no.
  2. Joining late to the I've got it (or not) thread. MY18 - 67 plate Estate. Non-power seats. Got a draw under both front seats.
  3. VW does that with the soundaktor already. I don't mind the Mercedes V8 rumble.
  4. Always find it amusing that people go on about the sound so much. To me, and yes we're all different, it is the least important aspect of the car. Its a 4cyl and sounds like one, and always will sound like one. It's a bit like if your todger is a bit under endowed, and you shave it, thinking that it will look bigger and be on par with the big boys.
  5. My recent NIP was in a white envelope.
  6. I guess so. Which leads to the question I have asked, as to who is the noise really for? Is it for the driver or for the "benefit" of others. I know some love the soundaktor, some hate it, and some are in the middle. I have dialled it down to 25-30% and that suits me. However, on a long drive (600 miles) I got out the other end, and while the body was fine, my head was pounding a bit. Must remind myself - on long journeys, set engine noise to comfort. To me, the R Estate (not sure if much different to hatch) is about as loud as I want it. The Mrs thinks it stupid and far too noisy as it is. But as for drawing unwanted attention - absolutely. I was in France not so long ago, and coming up to a peage, there was a large group of gendarmes. I saw them eyeing up the car and debating whether to pull me, as I feathered the throttle to try and be as quiet as possible. As for the tool in his stupid car last night, was talking with a bloke who lives a mile away and he had got the hump a bit, as the car passed his house at speed making the godawful noise and had woken him up.
  7. Hmmm. I have Discovery Media (not pro) and just plug the SD card in my PC.
  8. Remember to do a back up before updating. Whenever I have updated, there is a file that doesn't copy across (not map data) and the whole thing stops working. I just move the particular missing file across from the back-up and all then works.
  9. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/british/noise-cameras-will-know-if-your-cars-too-loud Looks like there is going to be a crack down on cars and bikes, with noisy exhausts. While this article says to be type approved a car has to be under 74dB and that an Aventador is 71.2dB, I presume that this has to be at idle. However, I have seen other articles stating a figure of 90dB before being ticketed, which obviously wouldn't be at idle. TBH, I approve of this, as I hate noisy cars and motorbikes. I had someone last night at 10.30pm in what sounded like an old V8 revving the hell out of it, and producing more crackles and pops than a bowl of Rice Krispies. Heard it clear as a bell from about 2 miles away, through double glazing. What I also noted from the TG article is: "It’s also illegal to modify a car’s exhaust to make it louder than it was when it was type approved."
  10. Around me in Bournemouth/Southampton it is 5p. I have had to fill up in Shaftesbury once or twice, and there it is 8p different.
  11. Quite. Not having a go at @Richard2 but I don't really get this "rather dull" business people go on about. It's a road car, primarily designed for the public road. What do you want, the tail to step out the whole time? I guess maybe you do if you hark back to your first TVR. Just hope I'm not coming the other way when you're having "fun". I spend most of my time on roads where it is hard to go above 60, or motorways. I guess not much different to most people, so how much fun are you ever going to get on the public highway. And let's face it, the public highway is there to get you from A to B, while the track is to have fun, so most driving on them is going to be dull. Having been driving for 40 years, I would have thought you would have appreciated that. You've got the drop on me as I've only been driving for 30 years, but I'd far rather have a "dull" car that gets me home to the wife and kids, than a "fun" car that's going to spear me into a tree the first time I use the loud pedal on anything but a dry road.
  12. Reversed into a stone bollard. It's not as noticeable as the photo, and you wouldn't really see it on casual look. But I know its there. I'm just going to have to live with it, as I'm not sure I'll go through all the expense of sorting it out, as it doesn't annoy me that much. But what a tit I was doing it.
  13. Fair do to him. Just hope his gearbox hangs on. As BMW said, its not designed for 700bhp, and he doesn't exactly drive in gently. As for his plans to sell it, and a number of people wanting to buy it, are there really those who are going to be prepared to shell out £50k or whatever, with no warranty on a car whose components are running at parameters they weren't designed to do?
  14. My DSG doesn't like Sport+ (+3) in Race/Sport (ie the full monty).
  15. Goal is to not lose my driving licence, given that I have had 3 speeding tickets since the end of Feb. As such, I don't think I need any more power, as if I did, I would just use it more.
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