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  1. Racingline springs, Forge 11mm & 16mm spacers, and a TRC Lowline kit
  2. I'm having the same code on my car but I'm unsure of the location of the valve. Any idea from memory where it is?
  3. I had some Rotiform SPFs on my previous car (2014 A3 Sline) and the quality is fantastic. I had 19x8.5 and ran a 235/35/19 tyre okay, but it was verging on being a bit of sidewall stretch
  4. Sounds fantastic Nigel. What price would this be to deliver without fitting?
  5. I found the skirts very easy to fit with the use of a friend's 2 post car lift. I'm also planning on slightly tinting my side windows, and also taking my standard 60% rears closer to the 90% optional tint. I'm also thinking of possibly adding wind deflectors somewhere down the line too
  6. Pretorias are back on! Although they need a clean
  7. When you’re driving the car it’s nowhere near as low as you’d think and gets over everything without scraping!
  8. Tonight I went to my friend’s place of work where he’s employed as a sign fitter and vehicle wrapper to get some bits done. I did the usual dechrome of the 2 chrome strips along with the surround behind the badge. I wanted a little more so decided to add some gloss carbon to the background of the VW badge, a blue square on my R badge and a pair of headlight eyebrows too!
  9. Haven’t posted in this thread for a while but lots has happened to the car in that time! I’ve borrowed my brother’s Scirocco wheels for a while, added my shortened reg plates, finally installed my TRC side skirts and she’s had her first MOT!
  10. I'm thinking I'm going to buy PS4S for mine. It's currently got Pzeros on Pretorias which are decent enough but from having PS3's on a previous car, I know the PS4S will be far superior to the Pirelli.
  11. My car had its first MOT last Friday morning and passed with flying colours. I really needed tyres but couldn't get the desired ones fitted in time for the test so had to improvise and borrow the wheels off my brother's 2017 Scirocco Rline. I absolutely love them on the Mk7 and think the stance they give the car is epic!
  12. I'll try and get some up later for you if I remember!
  13. Seems to be okay so far in my ownership. The previous owner suffered few chips but thankfully he seems to have touched them up rather well to protect the metal underneath.
  14. It's called Richard Dorrian Cars in Bangor, Co. Down.
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