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  1. As the title suggests, has anyone colour coded their Maxton Rear Spoiler Extension? Looking at getting one for my Lapiz Blue but think colour coding may look better? Not sure
  2. I was perhaps hoping it was Trade and then at least you could return to the garage for them to fix issue! As it was a private sale, you have little support. As for diagnosis, I am not that familiar yet with these as only a 3 week old owner myself. Someone with bags more knowledge will surely respond. Hope it sorts itself
  3. Keep you out of trouble for a while!
  4. New member of this much talked and referred to Forum. Having owned a number of R32's in the past, I have finally got myself a 2016 R and love it. Looking forward to interacting with you all and learning more about this car. Have a browse of my Profile for a bit more info about me. Regards
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