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  1. Worth pointing out that the article says the Cupra estate's power (300PS) remains unchanged "due to its four-wheel drive powertrain". Here's hoping the R I've got on order isn't affected...
  2. That tallies with what I was told when I ordered. Tracking seems to be a waste of time, at least to begin with. My tracker is still saying the order hasn't been sent to the factory, but I've had confirmation that it was accepted by the factory over four weeks ago. This thread definitely helps to run the clock down. I don't think anyone would be too upset if I said it's mainly a load of excited / impatient people discussing dates and ships. Haha.
  3. Hi. I had my order accepted at the end of May and am expecting delivery around the end of November, which leaves me with far too much time to change my mind. Any idea when the MY19 spec changes will be made available?
  4. smld

    R v S3

    The S3 is noticeably noisier than the R. There are a few comparison videos on YouTube (TRHamza's, for example). In my experience, the sound of an S3 has always turned my head. It's quite harsh, but in a good way, in my opinion. For the record though, I've got an R on order. Couldn't justify the extra expense on an S3, especially given the low base spec compared to the R (although I believe you do get leather seats as standard in the Audi). Also, I think the proportions of the S3 are a little weird, especially the back end. Nowhere near as bad as an M135i/M140i though...
  5. See posts by mholmes and Maverick88 from earlier this week. They've both had orders accepted in the last few days.
  6. Is there anyone on here who ordered towards the end of May? I paid my deposit on 24 May. Order "accepted by factory" on 25 May. Estimated delivery date 30 November. All very vague, but early days yet.
  7. Hi Nick. Great looking car. Quick question: how did you manage to persuade the dealer to deliver it to a detailer? Do many people do this? I realise it will vary greatly from dealer to dealer as to whether or not they're up for it. I've got months before mine will be ready, and I've been trying to decide in advance what the best plan is for getting the new car detailed. Your arrangement sounds ideal.
  8. That is certainly relevant to the discussion! Shows the difference really well. Looks beautiful. I must admit I struggled to spot the brake dust... Black mirror caps for me, by the way. The chrome ones still look good, but I couldn't resist.
  9. A great piece, thanks for the link. I was particularly interested to read about the 'dead inch'. I hadn't read about it until now, and it makes perfect sense. On the test drive, I experienced it and quizzed the sales exec about it. He wasn't able to offer anything insightful, and I even wondered if I'd imagined it. Mind you, he didn't seem to know the difference between dynamic chassis control and adaptive cruise control. so I gave up asking him questions after a while.
  10. Thanks for this, Booth11, it's put my mind at rest. I enjoyed reading your initial thoughts on the car, by the way. Did you write a follow up, out of interest? Oh, and thanks a bunch for making me doubt my colour choice (indium grey)... I traded in a deep black pearl Golf GT for this R and vowed never to get a car in that colour again because I found it nigh on impossible to maintain a good finish. But damn, yours looks staggering in those photos, and now I'm doubting myself.
  11. I'm just curious about the actual colour of the non-black Pretorias. My R isn't due for delivery until November, but I want to make sure I'm not missing something major here... When I ordered it, I went for the 'silver' Pretoria option. However, I was just messing around on the VW configurator (don't ask..) and the two options available there are black and 'grey'. Are 'silver' and 'grey' the same as far as factory-fitted Pretorias go? The car I test drove had Cadiz, so I haven't been able to see any in person. Thanks.
  12. smld

    Extended factory warranty

    This is really helpful, thanks. Good to have the figures. Much appreciated!
  13. smld

    Extended factory warranty

    Ouch... Turmeric with black Pretorias is an absolutely cracking choice, especially with the mirror caps and tints. Rare as well. I'd have liked a panoramic roof but couldn't quite stretch to it. Hope the collection goes smoothly (and the car is hailstone damage-free).
  14. smld

    Extended factory warranty

    Thanks Shug. I meant the cost of the service plan. Rex paid £149 for the first two services up front, and I wondered how much Richard paid. Hopefully it's just a fixed price and I don't have to mess around negotiating with the dealer. I'd guess the £565 for the five-year extended factory warranty is non-negotiable. Seems like a reasonable enough deal anyway.
  15. smld

    Extended factory warranty

    Thanks, Rex. Good to know before I ask the dealer for a price. Picking yours up next week? I'm envious. What spec have you gone for?