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  1. Only thing I can suggest is trying again . I couldn’t upload new speed cameras yesterday website kept saying failed to upload then this morning worked straight away . Think every now and then the website fails to load properly everytime I log in it still offers me the tour .
  2. What file are you using for the “bong” please ? Yes this is a quick method.
  3. Nope no one has managed “bong” alerts in this thread I believe just the images on the map .
  4. I use Garmin POILoader [uK - Consolidated By Type (Gatso,Mobile,etc) | pMobiles: Yes | French: No | Swiss: No ] (16.102 - 10 Oct 18) As my camera download files from pockectgps With the camera image from here. Only 745kb
  5. Was wondering what dashcams some of you have gone for? I've been using a garmin nuvicam but since getting my new golf I've been using the in built satnav or carplay meaning the garmin satnav is wasted and i'd now prefer something more permanent especially when the car is parked than leaving the satnav on view. So interested as there's so many different price points on these. Thanks
  6. Seems to have posted some images twice sorry about that. Follow my second version.
  7. Using a couple of apps I use Firefox browser app to request the desktop site and a app called offline (this is just used for unzipping the file) 1.create a folder on your iCloud drive I called it speed cameras i put the images from this thread in it for the cameras 2. Use a app to download and unzip the pockectgps file (I use offline app) it's called upzip to extract on that 3. Click share the file and choose save to files and put it in your speed camera folder. 4. Open Firefox go to the carnet login and pick request desktop site 5. Do it as normal when you click to upload the file just browse your iCloud drive speed camera folder and upload . 6. I use personal Hotspot on my iPhone with the car and download the updated files. You could download in Firefox but it didn't extract the rar so I just needed a separate app for that. Can add some pictures if needed.
  8. Google maps does like alot better on the screen I tried the sygic beta but maybe because it was a beta I don't know it picked routes that where daft and speed cameras weren't as up to date at least this way I know the speed cameras are current.
  9. I have managed to upload my speed cameras using this method just using a iPhone using a couple of apps if anyone is interested as I don't take a computer on holiday.
  10. Just registered to say brilliant images are clear and easy following this guide , I also get no sound notification but after registering with pocketgps you can use there cameraAlert app using the Bluetooth to run music anyway means I get sound notification from the app through the car stereo getting the best of both worlds .
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