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  1. The answer to the parking issue is have another baby, I’m enjoying parking in parent and child spaces again!
  2. Even in my truckI wouldn't argue with a pickup! 😂 Mine is surprisingly nippy too, 'only' 6.5 seconds to 60mph but feels quicker than that when it's up and running, which isn't what people expect! Means I can easily amuse myself when I'm bored of wafting 😁 Unfortunately I do have to pay for Diesel and it's less economical than the R, if I really tried I could get it starting with a 3, but even though I do mainly motorway miles and don't go mad, it's averaging around 28mpg.
  3. Oh, I have no doubt it sounds better! I prefer it when the R exhaust is quiet, as I don't like pops/bangs., but I would spec the Akra exhaust if I was buying a new R as it looks so much better. I don't really like the sound the Audi 5 cylinder engines make either, but I know I'm in a tiny minority! Don't get me wrong, I love the sound of a big engine (engine and exhaust), I've had both flat 6 and petrol V8s with sports exhausts and they sounded fantastic, but they were a more 'natural' sound. For example, something like a RR Spurt (intentional, not a typo!) SVR sounds awful,
  4. You've got a proper truck and it's always good to blow the cobwebs out! You can get a lot pleasure from driving all sort of cars. There are plenty of proper duffers, but it's usually good to mix things up a bit and while I really do enjoy a 'performance' car, there's plenty of enjoyment to be gained from wafting along in real comfort, especially after a tough day or in bad weather.
  5. I've got one but still agree, although mine is a luxurious family truck rather than jacked up hatch! 😀 But you wouldn't fit 4 adults (3 x 6'+, 1 x 5'+), a baby seat and luggage in any Golf variant or even something like an RS6/E63 estate. Well, the luggage would fit.
  6. It's all good, because they look much more 'sporty' / better than they sound! 😂
  7. Does it have a SIM or is it an eSIM? My car has a SIM, which feels very old fashioned (which it is), but it does mean I can get a cheap 3 Data Sim to pick up the live traffic, fuel prices etc. It it's an eSIM, that does make it more difficult. How often does the message come up, is it on every start up? That would make me subscribe! 😅
  8. This shows the correct size and offset for 20” wheel on the 8R
  9. Or some ‘special’ branding on the outside! How about advertising a car meet….I’m sure they’d be delighed 😆
  10. Maybe if you leave the detailing tent up for long enough you can claim it’s part of the property footprint and the neighbours will be much happier looking at a smart wooden carport!
  11. A nice wooden carport would look really good outside your house. It never ceases to amaze me how some things get planning permission but you can’t add something that looks good and wouldn’t impact anyone else on your own land.
  12. The drive looks great and a big improvement on what you had before. But I can’t believe you have a garage and haven’t turned it back into a home for the R! 🤯 😆
  13. It's a lot less than that. Using a model 3 long range as an example, £50k list price and based on the 40% tax rate, that's an annual tax bill of £200, so just under £17 a month. Some will have the option of an allowance, but have chosen to take a company car instead but even taking that into account, I doubt the total monthly cost would be any more than £400 a month which is a lot less than a petrol/diesel or even hybrid. I'm basing that on what someone in my team could get as an allowance vs them running a 3LR (which a few do). I've been opted out for years and have decided
  14. Or they are just people who need a car for work and/or do a lot of business miles and have chosen to keep the tax to a minimum because the government has incentivised them to do so. I have a lot of colleagues with electric cars now and none of them fit your stereotype.....just like most of us don't fit the Golf R stereotype (thankfully) and my Range Rover has never broken down. Although I'm slightly, but very pleasantly surprised by the latter! Back to the OP, I've never seen an EV being driven aggressively, they're always cruising along maximising range. But in th
  15. It's clearly an issue related to the new wheel. I was going to say I can't believe their response, but unfortunately that's not true. Does the 'old way' (press of resumes/set) of changing the speed by 1mph work? Not how it's supposed to work, but might help reduce the frustration a bit while they sort it out.
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