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  1. Martin2

    Digital or analogue dash

    Not at all, that’s just what I call it because thats what it is! I’ve even had the badges taken off as I don’t care what other people think. If I was bragging I’d share the spec 😉😁 No pipe and slippers either, too young for all that, got it because I do a lot of mainly motorway miles (30k/year) and wanted a petrol V8 while you can still buy one in a decent size saloon.
  2. Martin2

    Digital or analogue dash

    Triple post...apologies, internet issues...
  3. Martin2

    Digital or analogue dash

    Double post....
  4. Martin2

    Digital or analogue dash

    I definately prefer the digital dash, but agree that it could look better. I’m a fan on the BMW ‘full black panel’ displays, but the one on the 5/6/7 rather than the half hearted attempt on the current 1/2/3. I don’t like the new dash in the 8/X5 though, maybe it will grow on me but the Rev Counter goes the wrong way and it looks cheap. These are the BMW dials I like, the ones on my 750.
  5. The new mirror is fine. The SOS buttons on my last couple of BMWs have been under a plastic cover, so no chance of pressing it accidentally. I’ve wanted to try it several times to see what happens, but pleased I’ve not had to!
  6. Martin2

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    So to summarise, its all about what other people (may or may not) think... 😉
  7. Re Dynamic light assist, I’m pretty sure that VW achieve it by blanking off part of the beam pattern, similar to how a bi-xenon unit works between dipped and main beam. So the light unit is broadly the same rather than being a collection of multiple LEDs. It something I do regret not speccing on the Golf, but I wanted to keep it to £40k and had higher priorities such as DCC and memory seats. I had full adaptive LEDs on my 535d I bought back in 2014 and they were excellent, so I’m used to the benefits. I’ve got laser-lights on my 750, which work even better plus have the benefit of double the range when the lasers kick in. They’re amazing.
  8. Martin2

    Bosch A864S Wipers on Amazon for £17.80

    I bought some last weekend from Amazon, as I’m not happy with the standard wipers. Haven’t fitted them yet, but will report back when I do.
  9. Martin2

    Winter Tyres

    We’ve got 18” Crossclimate+ on the car and they’ve been good in wet and cold conditions plus plenty of snow this morning and my wife said they were as good as the proper winters she had on her last car. I wouldn’t run them all year round though, they’re not a patch on the 19” summers when it’s dry and the temperature is in double figures. Ideal as for a UK winter when it can be 10c one day and -something the next.
  10. I assume you can lock the keys in the boot if you don’t have keyless ie lock the car with the boot open, leave keys in boot and close boot? Another positive for keyless!
  11. Same here, also a July 18 build. First thing I checked as I know someone with a Mercedes who locked their keys in the boot. I’m on my 2nd BMW with keyless and have left my key in a jacket pocket and closed the (powered) boot several times, but it just beeps a couple of times and opens the boot back up.
  12. Martin2

    Cadiz Alloy Wheel Refurb

    Good price and they have a very good reputation
  13. Martin2

    Selling my Golf buyer wants to pay cash

    I paid (total amount, no finance) for my 750i with my debit card, quick chat with the bank and all sorted. Easy. Used VW finance for the Golf to to get the deposit contribution and paid it off a couple of weeks later when the funds cleared from the sale of the Boxster (sale or return with a specialist). Thankfully I’ve not had to buy or sell privately for a long time.
  14. Martin2

    Cadiz Alloy Wheel Refurb

    It was Wheel Clinic in Northampton, I’m sure you could, give them a call.
  15. Martin2

    Cadiz Alloy Wheel Refurb

    I paid £130 for a 19” diamond cut wheel to be refurbished, £20 of that was to weld the outside of the rim where it had a chunk taken out. It was a used wheel, one of a set I bought used with winter tyres for my 750 (I knew 1 needed a repair), not my hamfisted parking!