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  1. Well, that's the correct answer, yes. It's certainly better for the McDonalds car park driving gods, because you can spin up the front wheels as you leave!
  2. I suspect most of us are the same, not least because we're driving on the public roads. There will be some driving gods who want something different I'm sure, but if they really are, they really should be looking at something other than a 4WD hatchback and would probably be better spending time on track and demonstrating their superior skills in that environment. 😀
  3. Yes, it's like Dakota in BMW, not very leather like unfortunately. Nappa is so much nicer as a finish, but it was in the 7.5R we test drove and I thought it looked awful. What was with the 80s German grey and 'carbon' pattern, which is just silly when smooth Nappa has such a nice finish? My car at that time had smooth Nappa and is was so much nicer to look at, touch and sit on. There is still a bit of that going on with the 8R and I don't like the blue sections, but if there was a Vienna option, I would now go for Nappa.
  4. Pretty close, just as you'd expect and it was pretty clear that the S3 was standard. But both comprehensively outperformed by the slower of the two Panamera Hybrids. 😉
  5. I had a 7 series with Bridgstone S001 (RFT) and the traction wasn't too bad in the dry but it was pretty poor in the wet. However, it had 450hp, or more appropriately, about 500 lbft torque which was just going through the rear wheels so it wasn't a huge surprise.
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, I really do like a good manual gearbox and when we bought a Boxster a few years ago I had no interest in the PDK gearbox despite it narrowing down the number of cars available, it had to be a manual (2 doors as well!). For our two daily drivers, with the type of driving I do, then an auto/dual clutch is the just a better option.
  7. I'd much rather have baggy leather! Although the 7.5R standard seats aren't too bad and are much nicer than the 8R ones imo. After 25k miles and nearly 3 years, the leather in ours isn't baggy and both bolsters on the drivers side look pretty much as new. We are careful getting in and out, as I knew it was a potential issue and I keep the leather clean which even though I know there's a top coat, it does feel like it keeps is in better condition/softer. If we didn't have leather we'd have to move the seat around manually. That just wouldn't do, it's nearly as bad as sitting in traffic and having to use a clutch. 🤣
  8. That's how it should be 👍
  9. I did think about getting one for my wife (to replace the R), but I'd really want 4WD with that power and I have a friend who suffered with a 2.0 Veloce for 3 years, it was in and out of the dealer on a way too regular basis, so he swapped it for a 440i when the finance finished. I don't have the patience.
  10. I'm interested! I enjoy reading about real ownership experiences, although I might not say that about 8R's in a few weeks as they will be coming thick and fast and be broadly the same! 😀
  11. Does it switch off at a certain speed? My cars with rear only cameras have all done that, makes sense really as the system doesn't have to switch it back on if you quickly go back into reverse because you're manoeuvring. If it stays on after a few seconds / at more than 10-15mpg, then it doesn't sound right to me and would be an unnecessary pain.
  12. If only they did a Tiguan Clubsport, imagine how amazing that would be!!
  13. Don't be so defeatist, take a lunch break!
  14. Yes, it is a fairly big difference in net price. It depends on what options are important to you of course, as the A45S Plus adds pretty much everything, but get an 8R to the same spec level and it's just under £46k through DTD compared to a £54k for the A45 with Driving Assistance Pack. So an £8k difference and some of that could be made back when you sell / trade it in. The discounts on the A45 have increased over the last few weeks and could go a bit further as they are 9% vs 13% on the 8R.
  15. I agree and it's of zero interest to me and it would be the same if I'd bought or was buying an 8R If you want to win drag races / traffic light GPs for c£50k, then buy a used M5, not a hot hatch.
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