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  1. Martin2

    Cross climate + tyres

    I was trying to decide between CrossClimates and a proper winter (Continental 850), but having read the all season test in Autoexpress I’m going to get the Continental All Season Contacts. They don’t have the aquaplaning performance issues the Michelin’s seem to have based on the tests I’ve seen and are very close to the best winters. They will only be staying on over the winter, back to the 19” summers when it warms back up.
  2. Why? I don’t have it in the Golf, but it’s brilliant in the BMW for everything from navigation to accessing specific sub menus as well as calling people. I really don’t like touch screens. At all.
  3. Martin2

    Akrapovic Exhaust

    I read it as two thirds of a family holiday...... 😁
  4. Martin2

    It’s all in the name!

    Doesn’t matter to me what badge car a car has and I have a general dislike of them, particularly aesthetically. A lot don’t make any sense now and seem to be there just to show other people what you have.
  5. Martin2

    Other cars in your household

    The R is my wife’s car really, but I use it a fair bit as I’m trying to keep the annual miles down on my car to about 25,000. I have a 750i in Pure Metal Silver with quite a few options plus we have a well specced Boxster which we’ve decided to sell.
  6. Martin2


    Ours has done 2,500 miles in 9 weeks, 2 of which it was parked up while we were on holiday. Its a second car, the 750i has done 13,000 in 5 months....don’t want to add up the fuel cost.
  7. Martin2

    What did you do to your R today?

    Thats a great price! I paid £915 with a £150 excess on my old 535d, but that was because it had done more than 60k miles in the first 3 years (it had done 85k), would have been £600 and something if it was below 60k.
  8. Martin2

    Winter Wheels & Tyres

    Checked again and they’re £105 each now on Blackcircles.
  9. Martin2

    Winter Wheels & Tyres

    I picked up Autoexpress last week because they had a winter tyre test. Was seriously impressed with the Crossclimate+ tyres which had the best performance in the snow and were second overall behind the Contis but it was very close. Just under £100 each as well.
  10. The profiles looks after all that without you having to do anything other than create the new profile. Memory seats were an essential option in the new car search, as I wanted to drive it fairly regularly and adjusting manual seats every time is a right hassle.
  11. Martin2

    Frustrated Car order. -WTF-. Is this the Norm?

    The C43 sounds like a diesel at idle, but does get a lot better when it’s on the move. If you started with the GTD, get the Golf R rather than stretch the budget / running costs further unless you can get into a C63 which is a different proposition.
  12. I had the adaptive LEDs on my 535d, was really tempted with them on the Golf but was determined not to pay the extra tax which I strongly disagree with plus VW use blanking to achieve the results rather than individual lights so it isn’t quite as good (been in a Passat with them). I’ve got the adaptive laserlights on the 750, they are something else.
  13. Martin2

    New Tyres 7.5R Cadiz 18"

    Under £100 for a decent tyre, get them bought! I can’t remember the last time I paid under £200 for a tyre. Another benefit of getting the R.
  14. Martin2

    Golf R & Golf GTD 7.5 Daily

    Our R has done 1,200 miles now and has an overall average of 34.something mpg, but I’d expect that to reduce now it’s nicely run in and being used properly. It may get better as the miles increase (like for like driving), my car certainly has. My wife did a 200 mile round trip in the motorway yesterday and achieved 43.5mpg, pretty impressed with that. I do most of my miles on motorways and do 35k + a year and have switched from 6 cylinder diesel to 8 cylinder petrol, the sound and performance is well worth the 20% increase in consumption and easy to take when I was expecting 30-40%!
  15. Martin2

    Volkswagen 1 - Toyota Nil

    Well, not quickly as such, just too quickly for turning into a narrow road!