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  1. I had 60 miles range when I went out this morning and need to do 200 miles tomorrow, but I wasn’t going to join the panic buying. However, dropped into Waitrose on the way home and there wasn’t a queue in their Shell garage so I filled it up. No issues at all, less morons shopping in Waitrose maybe? 🤣
  2. How / what have the haulage industry got wrong? - IR35 has pushed up rates, some companies won’t or can’t afford to pay the rates plus some drivers have left the industry as a result and some have retired - Driver shortage all across Europe has meant East European drivers can now work/live much closer to home - No tests through COVID, so as drivers have retired there aren’t new ones coming through Its a fairly well paid job which has gone up c20% over the last 6 months, so well into the £40k bracket for a standard class 1 and tanker drivers earn high £50k’s.
  3. Yes, it looks great in gunmetal, if I didn’t like the prets so much I’d seriously consider a set of these. https://cmwheels.com/products/19″-2021-vw-golf-r-estoril-style-wheels-gun-metal-machined/
  4. With £100 a month saving you could hand your car in weeks before the new one arrives and hire something really special!
  5. Exactly right and much better than my reply! 😆
  6. Don’t rule out RWD completely. I definitely want it on my daily, but we had a Boxster and OK, it’s not as quick as the R in a straight line but traction wasn’t an issue and I’ve driven 911s that are quicker than the Golf and they’ve had superb traction. Back to the daily point, my last one was a 2017 750i, so 450hp and 480lb ft torque. It was great in the dry and a lot faster than the R when traction wasn’t an issue, but it would happily spin up the rear wheels at 70mph if it was wet. There was some enjoyment and sense of achievement balancing the power to maximise forward moment
  7. All black wheels is never the right answer. Just my opinion.
  8. I posted a video test which included the CC 2 and it is the top rated AS again, much better in the snow than the CC+ and just as good everywhere else.
  9. Never mind about Fords infotainment working, I've got a JLR system and even that has worked perfectly throughout the 18 months I've had the car! I appreciate it wasn't like that from day one when they launched the updated system, but they did improve it a lot, as it's much quicker to boot up than in any of the reviews that I watched/read, because it now starts the process when you open the door rather than press the start/stop button. In the unlikely event that you do get in and start the car so quickly you beat it, then a software update about a year ago means the camera now works even if
  10. I agree with everyone who has said DCC and Dynaudio should be the top 2 options on the list, I wouldn’t buy an R without them. I also added leather because I wanted memory seats as it’s my wife’s car but I drive it regularly and she is quite a bit shorter than me, but the cloth seats in the 7.5R are actually OK so skip that if you don’t swap drivers often. I love a panoramic roof, but VW don’t seem to have done a great job with it, there are lots of reports of cracking and squeaks. Not something I’ve experience in any of my cars with sunroofs/panoramic roofs.
  11. How are the new clothes Mr Emperor? 🤣
  12. They have improved again in the last year. Only £440 for a set of 4 if you stick with 18s, so less that £1,000 including wheels if you went for the CM reps
  13. Do you need anything other than the 3PMSF symbol to stay legal, as the CC2 has that (as does the older CC+) and as you'll see from this review, the best AS tyres are very close to proper winters in the snow now. The top 3 took between 16.9 and 17.3m to stop from 40kmh vs 17.18 for the winter tyre and the lap times are all better so they have decent lateral grip as well as traction. It's when it's really mild and wet that you get the biggest benefit, braking from 80kmh in the wet at 15c, the CC stopped in 26.48m vs 29.91m for the winter. You don't need to watch the video n
  14. It does and the effect is broadly the same anyway. I've not looked closely at the lights on the 7.5 with dynamic assist, but I thought they do a small amount of blanking and swivel independently as well. Matrix lights have dozens of LEDs which are individually controlled so give more accurate separation. I've got Pixel LEDs in my car which split the beam horizontally and vertically and have 3 times the number of LEDs as the Matrix units, I think it's just over 70 LEDs in each unit. The range isn't as good as laser high beam on the old car (600m!), but having a road clear a
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