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  1. I’ve not completely written the MK8 off yet as I’ve not seen it and more importantly, I’ve not driven one. If I still don’t like it, then C43 or M340i are probably the most likely, but I can’t get particularly excited about either so really not sure but there’s no rush.
  2. They’ve sent a similar letter to Range Rover owners, but to tell them they they won’t be sending a renewal as they won’t insure them any more.
  3. Martin2

    Power race

    There’s quite a difference in spec / equipment between an M550i or 540i and an M5, which might not matter to some people of course and the M5 residuals will be better which narrows the cost to own....but I agree with you about performance getting a bit out of hand. I think 400hp is about right for the road, but I’d want 4WD at that level if it’s a daily driver, as regular TC light flashing gets annoying after a while (my last daily was RWD with 450hp) Another good example is Tesal, a colleague has just got a Model 3 Performance and that gets to 60 in just over 3 seconds and I noticed last night on Top Gear that it’s quicker around the track than the new RS6.
  4. The new A3 has gone down the same route with the 2nd class rear cabin, no soft touch door tops etc, something BMW haven’t done with the latest 1 series. Just a shame that looks so poor..... It all depends on what you want the car for and what you’re used to and this forum makes it clearer than any other I’ve ever been, despite most of us having broadly the same car, our tastes and priorities vary wildly! My requirements for a second car are also very different from the main family vehicle, that had to have pretty much everything covered in leather, ventilated seats, electric rear seats etc etc etc. So I may be able to live with a MK8 R as a replacement for the 7.5 if it’s great to drive but comfortable when I want it to be, but to be honest, the front will have to look better than the GTI.
  5. You’re probably right and hopefully the new to the R owners will join the forum despite all the negativity....!
  6. Unless it’s a lot heavier, 316hp will be fine and they’re changing the 4WD system which could well make it even better to drive which is more important than a few extra horses. But while the basic powertrain isn’t particularly different to that of the previous model, its all-wheel-drive system is due a bigger upgrade with the implementation of a clutch pack on the rear drive unit, giving the next Golf R the availability to power torque vector between the rear wheels. This type of rear clutch pack, as first seen in a European hot hatchback on the Mk4 Ford Focus RS, increases the flexibility of an all-wheel-drive car’s power delivery, in the process allowing for more direct control of the power split. This represents a big shift from the early Haldex all-wheel-drive systems seen on early Golf Rs and Audi S3s, which should make the next Golf R more entertaining on road and track than previous models.
  7. Did you get to £40,500 including the first licence and first registration costs? If so, you can take them off which would get you back under £40k.
  8. Coast2coast are offering 14% off the GTI already! It will be difficult keeping one under £40k, but if you squeeze under that figure you’d actually be paying £34.5k.
  9. Replacement Paddles. One mod more than I expected to make, but I’m glad I did.
  10. That’s what I thought. By adding a £250 excess it dropped to £1,700 which is what I was going to do as even at that level it’s nothing compared to what a bill could be, but I ended up trading it in a few days before its third birthday.
  11. That’s a bargain, complete ‘no brainer’. BMW wanted just over £2,000 to extend the factory warranty 12 months with recovery on my old car!
  12. I like estates and they’re usually better looking than the saloon equivalent when you get to 3 series/A4 etc size. The Golf R hatch looks a better than the estate (IMO), but if you need the extra boot space then it’s the right way to go (won’t be with the MK8!). I’m not a big fan of SUVs, but have had to buy one as no estate is big enough to get a full size car seat and 2 x Adult (6 ft+) size teenagers across the back seat and/or have enough headroom in the middle seat. Now I’ve got one, I appreciate some of the qualities such as visibility, stability, comfort etc and am sure it will be great in the winter, but would still prefer a large saloon or estate. I still don’t get small SUVs, you get a slightly higher seating position but nothing extra over a decent estate. The MK7 doesn’t have memory seats as an option so that would rule it out anyway, but I prefer the looks vs the MK7 too.
  13. You just need decent cameras, then there’s no excuse for hitting kerbs! I wouldn’t have been too happy going into a multi story with my car today without them.....
  14. I agree, that’s extra rubber for rim protection, super glue will sort it out.
  15. I wouldn’t. I hate artificial pops/bangs, farts, rattles, whooshes (etc)....doesn’t matter whether it’s a 4 cylinder or something like an F Tyre R or RRS SVR. We had a (Pre DFI) Boxster with sports exhaust which is one the best sounding cars I’ve been in, but around town and with people about I kept the revs low and the exhaust off.
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