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  1. The cost is pretty high, but I’d be tempted by a couple of the options in this thread. Special colours aren’t always just a different shade, my BMW is painted Pure Metal Silver, an £8k option due to it being taken off the production line, then hand painted and finished. It’s amazing and I would pay a decent amount extra (but not that much), thankfully it had depreciated nicely as I bought the car as a pre reg.
  2. I’ve got a mid range Nilfisk and it does a great job at a reasonable price.
  3. 😂 I won’t even be able to keep it down to 25k!
  4. Wait about 18 months and you’ll be able to have it for £17-18k 😉
  5. BMW have ruined the 7 with the facelift and reduced the standard spec, so a pre reg 730d M Sport for just under £40k was a bargain. You can pick up a 2019 reg car with low miles for £35k, serious amount of car for the money and would be perfect if you spend a lot of time on the motorway.
  6. Not quite as expensive to run as you’d think, not on the motorway at least and I don’t use eco mode
  7. You can easily get £30+k discount, so the list price is the wrong starting point. However, even though I got a great spec car for a decent price, depreciation is 4 figures a month. Well worth it though and less than it would be if I’d ordered one as at least the options devalue significantly when it’s registered, especially things like the paint which was an £8,000 option. (Pics don’t do it justice)
  8. I had a good look at one 18 months ago, but it felt like stepping back in time (tech wise) compared to the F11 535d (2014 facelift) I had at the time, let alone anything of comparable age. Nice standard spec, but looks a bit dated now and needs t9 have silver wheels and clear glass to look right in my opinion. Ended up with a new pre reg 750i, ‘only’ 450hp, but plenty quick enough, much more comfortable than the XJR, still handles well (mine has active anti roll bars, suspension that uses cameras to read the road etc). Thanks to the carbon core it weighs less than a 6 cylinder 5 series and it’s brilliant on the motorway, you can even get 40mpg if you keep it to 80mph. The torque makes the performance effortless, it’s significantly quicker than an R below 4,000 rpm and a fair bit quicker overall. Until it rains! It’s quiet when you want it to be with just a faint V8 growl and sounds brilliant in Sports Mode (mine has the m sport exhaust), especially at higher revs. Fantastic car. Only problem is depreciation, which I expected, mine will be an amazing bargain for someone in a couple of years time when it will be 4 years old and worth under £20k. That’s about £10k less than the cost of the options fitted......
  9. I saw a new Passat earlier in Lapiz Blue with Black Prets. What?! Checked the configurator when I got home and it’s true, both are options on the recently face lifted car.
  10. Driving way too fast and too close when it’s really wet is number 1 at the moment. After that, it’s a very long list.....
  11. Completely agree, at that annual mileage, I’d definitely get something that felt more of an occasion to drive. As has been mentioned many times, a ‘sporty’ Golf is a great daily driver that does most things well, it’s not that special weekend car. I had a 740d loan car for 2 weeks recently and covered the equivalent of your annual mileage! Back to the original question.....I’d keep the R or get something completely different, after so many Golfs in a row it would be good to try something else.
  12. Martin2

    Mustang V8

    In LA/Vegas for a week and I always try and match hire car to the country when on holiday. Wanted a convertible and a 4 pot Mustang or Camaro would be a bit too European, so booked a V8 and ended up with a Mustang. A Mustang GT Premium convertible to give its full title. That means a 5.0 V8 with 460hp, 420 lb ft, a 10 speed automatic. GT Premium spec includes heated/cooled electric leather seats with memory, full digital dials, sat nav, CarPlay etc and this one has the active valves exhaust. Which sounds brilliant. Even with the roof up it’s great and when it’s down, you get full on muscle car roar without any of the awful pops/bangs/crackles that is all too often the case. It starts off loud even when the engine is warm, settles down nicely on the motorway, sounds good when pulling away and gets better as the revs increase (7,500 red line).It has the standard 18” wheels which look too small but I’m glad of them as it’s pretty firm as it is and the Motorways around LA make ours look smooth. The magneride option would be the first thing I’d tick if ordering one. The steering is ok to poor depending on which mode it’s in, but it corners quickly and stays very flat. Traction is good, but it’s not going to see a wet road this week. The gearbox is rubbish, too many gears (10!) which means you get hesitation too often and changing manually with the paddles is really difficult to do without making jerky progress, especially when changing down into 3rd and 2nd. Leave it in 2nd or 3rd and it’s a lot better, as you get the benefit of a NA V8, otherwise it has to be in Sport Auto which gives you rev matching and means you’re more likely to be close to the gear you want.The interior is OK, not a patch on Audi/BMW/Mercedes and not even a match for the Golf, but its character helps it get away with it, there are plenty of soft touch materials and what you touch is generally OK. Manual release for the roof is a bit old school and the rear windows aren’t one touch, but not a big issue. The cooled seats are ideal in this weather, had them on all the time when the roof was down and helps cool the seats down quite quickly when you’ve left it parked with the roof down for a short time.Its all about that engine though, wouldn’t be the same with the 4 pot, I don’t think I’d forgive some of the negatives.
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