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  1. My wife had exactly the same issue and cleaning the badge and therefore the sensor seemed to done the trick as all was OK when I started it back up. The same happened again when it was covered in snow and clearing it worked.
  2. No, the word you’re looking for is clean! Which they aren’t right now, they look like the gunmetal ones, just a bit patchy..... Completely agree re personal preference.
  3. They don’t stay bright for very long, especially in the winter!
  4. Really interesting to see the gunmetal wheels, they look good, better than black with Atlantic Blue. I was tempted to get them for winter, but went with the silver and am still pleased I went that way. Will be putting the 19” Prets back on tomorrow, looking forward to it as they look even better. Atlantic Blue with 18 Pret reps
  5. I don’t have a fixed workplace, so the shortest commute is when I work from home, folllowed by anything from 75 to 170 miles each way depending on which of my sites I need to be at.
  6. As long as the R means more than a higher output engine and some trim/badge changes (suspension/brakes) then I don’t have an issue with every model in the range having an R version.
  7. Agree with the comments re gesture control, I’ve got it in my BMW and other than amusing new passengers, it serves no useful purpose.
  8. I don’t like all black wheels for the reasons mentioned above, I’d leave them silver or go anthracite. Had black wheels on my wife’s previous car, but the silver paint on the rim and inside the wheel made a big difference and they looked great against the bright red paintwork.
  9. I’m fairly sure the aftermarket guys conduct research and testing, they don’t just weld a few bits of pipe together and hope for the best! I would only go OEM unless it’s minor things like mats, wipers etc so it’s the only option I’d consider but I think it’s too expensive for what you get and I’m happier with a quieter 4 pot. I do like the tips, but they are a bit much for a 2.0 engine. Just my humble opinion, appreciate that I’m probably in the minority.
  10. I hadn’t realised it didn’t have covers, going to drive me mad as soon as I notice, so I’ll have to buy some. Even with them it’s an ugly solution, mine are hidden and accessed by opening a zip, which looks so much better than a section of plastic in the seat.
  11. They are really expensive to insure. I’ve got 3 points, 8 years no claims (due to having company cars for years) and am in my 40s but my BMW costs £1,300 to insure. I looked at a new shape Panamera S and that was ‘only’ £1,000 but a proper Range Rover was just over £2,000 so it could be worse.... The Golf is my wife’s and that costs about £500 to insure, which I think is OK.
  12. Yes I had an SOS button in my 5 series back in 2009. Thankfully I’ve never had to press it.
  13. The patent has expired. The LR range has had it since it was owned by Ford and it’s now available on a wide range of cars. The first car to have a heated windscreen was a 1969 Rolls Royce, about 15 years before Ford
  14. Funnily enough, the first 19 plate car I saw this morning was a Golf R, in Atlantic blue as well like ours. Northbound on the Fosseway if it was anyone on here?
  15. You’ll need to add the over £40k tax to the cost difference, keep the car just over 3 years and that’s another £1,000. Its a stupid tax system now, not that it was great before! I think the A35 is a decent option but would have to drive one with DCC as the reviews I’ve read without don’t fill me with confidence that the ride will be acceptable (to me). Other problem is I really don’t like the aero kit or the 18s.
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