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  1. We cover around 40k miles a year across both cars, but despite that, I’d vote for the abolishment or VED and putting it onto fuel. It’s a much fairer system as it’s based on use, but it would have to be controlled properly as it’s much easier for it to creep up without people noticing! I don’t articulately agree with the £40k limit for additional tax, but I guess you have to draw the line somewhere and people have a choice, there’s plenty of cars to but with a list price of under £40k. (Both cars are over £40k....) The PCP debate is an interesting one, both previous cars where ‘bought’ that way as it worked out to be the cheapest over the term we planned to keep them. This time, a big deposit and 3 year / 3% loan was the cheapest way to pay for mine and with the Golf, it was on a PCP for a few days so we could benefit from the deposit contribution then paid off in full, as the interest rate on savings was less than a loan.
  2. I had a new Passat Sport back in 2006 and despite it being a manual, it had auto hold to go with it’s electronic handbrake. It didn’t work quite as seamlessly as it does with an Auto, but it was exactly the same as it is in the R and felt pretty advanced at the time. I hardly ever had to use the handbrake switch and thought it was brilliant. Went back to an old fashioned handbrake in 2009 when I got a new 5 series, but all my cars since then have had it thankfully. Its one of those features that you can’t appreciate until you’ve lived with it for a while and those who haven’t don’t understand. I feel that way about soft close doors now, but even more people think they’re pointless! (They’re wrong.....)
  3. I’ve read the test properly now, the PS4 doesn’t win any of the individual tests but finished second. The most refined/comfortable tyre tested is the Conti 6.
  4. The P Zero has won the Evo (18”) tyre test, beating the Pilot 4, with very positive comments on road refinement.
  5. I’ve got in on the 7 series and used it once just to see how good it was. It is good, but with overhead cameras and 360 degree sensors it’s quicker and easier to park it yourself. Not a pointless feature though seeing how much of a mess some people make of parking and all the cars with kerb rash.
  6. Martin2


    I really like Monaco. Drove the circuit a few times, unfortunately it was in a Cascada which was the only convertible available from the normal hire car companies. Well, I think I could have spend a couple of thousand £ on an SL but that wasn’t happening!
  7. It’s pretty clear isn’t it? The A35 is aimed directly at the Golf R, with broadly the same performance and cost to buy. The A45S is another step up, both in terms of performance but also and more importantly (as it’s more expensive) the amount of changes vs the A35. Just google how the engine is made as an example or some of the tech such as using the aircon system to cool the engine after being on track or the Autobahn, so whilst it’s based on the A35, they haven’t just put a bigger turbo in it and tweaked the ECU. Yes, you can make a Golf go as quick, but you’ve lost your warranty and not everyone is a fan of modding. Having said that, I don’t think I’d pay £50k for an A Class, but I’d have to drive one first before deciding and it’s good to have the choice.
  8. Yes, you can get it as an estate*, which as is the case more often than not, looks better than the saloon. *I don’t like all the Avant/Touring/shooting brake etc nonsense, it’s an Estate! That’s what I referred to my F11 535d as, so I don’t mean it in any sort of derogatory way.
  9. The M340i is on its way. It will have 370hp and is an ‘m lite’ rather than M Sport, which is just a trim level that’s available with all engines. Not that there’s a huge amount of difference, but it’s BMWs equivalent of an S Audi.
  10. Agreed and it really surprised me. I was sure I was going to get a decent spec F31 335d and wasn’t particularly impressed, which I think was down to high expectations due to all the gushing road tests. The F11 was a huge step up in nearly every area, particularly interior quality, ride and refinement so I pushed the budget a bit and went for a 535d. My current car is another big step up again, but I expected that, the gap between 3 and 5 was a bigger shock. I was also sure we’d get an M140i last year, but was really disappointed. Yes, the engine is lovely and it’s quick (in the dry on a smooth road), but the ride and handling weren’t great and it felt cheap inside. Probably not worse than the Golf, but being used to BMWs probably didn’t help, made the R feel better.
  11. Your local favourite tyre fitter will do it if you’ve got the same size wheels now and want the tyres swapping over, otherwise find the best fitted price for PS4S and pop the new wheels in the back of the car.
  12. It’s only that much if you add something like £20k worth of carbon brakes and wheels. Still ridiculous at £50k, but doesn’t grab the headlines quite the same. This will be one of many cars in someone’s garage, not a daily driver.
  13. The front and rear cameras can also be put into 180 degree mode which is great for pulling out of blind junctions or reversing out of spaces. In the lakes at the moment and the overhead surround cameras are essential on the narrow lanes and stone walls. Should have brought the Golf, but needed the extra space and the 8 or so round trip motorway miles are much better done mine.
  14. Not very helpful I know, but kind of on topic.... My BMW has lines that move on both front and rear cameras and after having it for a year, I’ve just noticed that the cameras also move left-right when you turn the steering wheel! Probably didn’t notice because it’s got the 360 surround cameras, what a fantastic bit of kit that is.
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