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  1. That’s OK, no offence taken and hopefully none given! We all have different views on a wide range of things, nothing wrong with that. I’ve no idea about the cost of the dials vs a slider, the comment was about how they feel to operate. Thankfully I rarely have to use them.... 😁 I’m more bothered about the reduction is quality than the tech on the MK8, that’s the deal breaker for me. We haven’t see the finished car yet, but that is likely to also be a deal breaker.
  2. OK, but ETTO.....although it’s surprising how passionate people are about losing a cheap plastic dial and getting a slider! I’m not suggesting voice control is the answer for everything, it's pointless for functions that can easily be controlled by a single button e.g. heated seats, but if it works properly it’s better than a touchscreen. I get your point about making you warmer or cooler quicker, but I’d rather the car be a comfortable temperature all year round. If it’s very hot, then I’ll use max AC but that’s it. When you walk into the house, do you whack the temperature right up to warm YOU up then turn it down.....? If it’s very cold, I’ll just use my car as it will be the perfect temperature when I get in thanks to the remote auxiliary heater and the cooled seats keep me the right temperature when it’s hot. None of which you need voice control for! 😉 😀
  3. Agree that the BMW iDrive is the best system, much better than a touchscreen. I don’t know why anyone is particularly concerned about sliders to change the temperature, it’s climate control so doesn’t need to be changed. Maybe a couple of times a year, but not on the move and the temperature adjusters in the Mk7 Golf are one of the low points of the interior anyway. Voice control can work though and is the best solution when it does. I had full voice control in my 750, which used the internet to help and it was excellent, not just for the Nav and phone, I used it for accessing sub menus, calling up information etc. It was a 2017 car, so the last version in iDrive, not the current one with the ‘Hey BMW’ nonsense which doesn't seem to work quite as well.
  4. Didn’t look that way to me, but all good if it’s right.
  5. Please do! The rotation arrow is pointing the wrong way.
  6. Isn’t the front tyre on the wrong way around?? A friend had new directional tyres put on Incorrectly on his Z1 and it put him in a field when it rained.
  7. And another Thats how it should be, anything related to the car eg “X5” is out too for me. I love mine, was a wedding present which makes it even more special. My wife has one on the Golf as well, similar to mine but with her initials. It hides my cars age, but 3.5 years is the oldest any one has been since I had the plate, so it usually makes them look older....which is fine with me.
  8. Martin2

    Diesel hate

    We’re going back a few years, but I’ve had a few diesel company cars, couple of Peugeot’s followed by three VWs. The first decent one was a 115hp Passat and that felt pretty quick at the time and actually revved OK for a diesel of that period, the 130hp Passat that followed it never felt as quick. When I opted out I bought a new 535d and that’s a car people who think they hate diesels should try. It’s a completely different experience to mid range 4 cylinder diesels and has a level of effortless performance and refinement (when on the move) that is much better than a 4 cylinder petrol. However, when the time came to change, despite still doing 30k miles a year I went for a 4.4 V8 petrol which was on a whole other level again. We all have different tastes and requirements, but you shouldn’t knock something until you’ve tried it and just as all petrol engines aren’t the same, neither are all diesels. Some people same to hate 4 cylinder petrol engines, I agree that they don’t sound as good as something with more cylinders, but they can be effective and again, there are good and bad ones. I always fine that I’m in the minority but I don’t get why people get so excited about 3 and 5 cylinder engines, they always sound a bit odd to me. At a push, a 5 pot is nicer that a 4, but it’s some way off a decent 6 cylinder petrol imho. Pops/bangs/rattles from the exhaust and/or fake sounds can ruin a good engine too, the V8 F Type is a good example, it should sound amazing but it can sound awful. Anyway, what do I know, despite thinking I’d never buy another diesel I just have. But only because it suits the car and delivers a range I find acceptable. But at least it’s got 8 cylinders and sounds like it has..... Back to the OP, who cares what anyone else thinks, it’s your car and as long as your happy that’s all that matters!
  9. That's OK, we all like different things. An SUV wouldn't be my first choice either, but I need the space, so I made the best of it by getting one I'll enjoy spending time in. I still don't understand/like small SUVs and don't see the point of the fast ones, large or small. If I just had 2 kids, then I'd have bought a Panamera Turbo, but that will have to wait for 3-4 years. As has been said on another thread, no one car can be great at everything, so the best option is to have 2 or 3 cars to suit the type of driving you do. I'll continue to enjoy the Golf when I'm driving on my own and enjoy the comfort and luxury of the RR when I'm on longer journeys and/or with the family. In a year or so I'll look at replacing the Golf with something that's fun to drive, but with more cylinders and a better quality interior. So not a Mk8 R!
  10. Why, do you think I’ve not done any research or I don’t know the reputation? Part of the reason they fare so badly is the average cost of a fault, but that’s covered by warranty and all the stats come from cars outside the manufacturers warranty. Anyone with any sense would get a warranty after 3 years, must be a higher % than most cars and the manufacturers warranty price isn’t that bad. So I think it’s the cheapskates that buy an aftermarket warranty and don’t look after them so well that’s driving the stats (tongue in cheek comment!) I’m not expecting a completely fault free experience, but as with a lot of cars there are good and bad ones out there.
  11. I know this is going to be a popular choice...not....but anyway.... Strictly speaking, the Golf is my wife’s car but I’ve out more miles on it that she has in the last 23 months as otherwise my car would do over 35k a year. Thanks to not doing much over the last few months, the Golf has only done 18k miles, so that’s staying for another year and the plan is for me to use it a lot more for work, then have a look for a suitable replacement in a year or so time. We had a baby in March to add to my two teenage boys and we’ve found fitting everyone in my car a struggle ( zero chance in the a golf!) not helped by me being 6’2, my eldest is 6’3 and middle son isn’t far behind plus the latest isize car seats are huge. Great side protection, but they take up more space than a full size adult. I had a fantastic 2017 750i M Sport with some great options which I loved, but whilst leg room wasn’t a problem, seat width was tight, but the man issue was the middle seat comfort and head room. I knew a large estate wasn’t going to cut it, so thought a fast SUV would be the answer and make it easier to transition, but after trying a couple (current model Cayenne Turbo, new SQ7) I’ve decided they’ don’t really make sense in something so big. Far better to go for comfort and luxury in a family truck. I looked at and drove a few and only one didn’t feel like a step down from the 750i. This one, a MY19 SDV8 Autobiography. Wasn’t easy to fine one that wasn’t in gangster spec!
  12. Always best to have a fleet, as no one car will be brilliant at everything. My daily would be a Panamera Turbo, but I’d have a hot hatch, a supercar and something large enough for all the family. I’m half way there, just the two most expensive ones to buy! 😆
  13. Martin2

    Tiguan R

    I’m right there with you! Replacement paddles are as far as I’m going away from OEM. Maybe some new mats if I keep it long enough to need a spruce up inside.
  14. Martin2

    Tiguan R

    Just the Toerag to go then!
  15. Time to start a new category on the forum.....
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