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  1. A really good, balanced comparison.
  2. Yes, there's dual display as well, forgot about that. I assume it's the same as on the 7.5, so if you have the standard Nav you can display the map on either screen but the Pro Nav allows you to display the map on both screens at the same time. I don't really see any benefit in that either, I've got 3 x screens in my car and the good thing is I can display 3 things at once, I've never duplicated the same display on 2 screens. Doesn't really matter if you use Waze as CarPlay/Android Auto doesn't allow the map to be displayed on the instrument panel anyway. Or the HUD, which is why I've never used CarPlay on the last couple of cars I've had as I like the junction display on the HUD, but I use it all the time on the Golf as the standard Nav is poor.
  3. The RS3 was almost guaranteed to have 420hp so it matched the A45S. Having the chassis tech from the 8R should means it's good to drive, but it will be expensive.
  4. No problem. It's difficult to work out the differences, the Pro Nav has voice and gesture control and I assume it's a connected system so you can download maps directly to it, but then it says that you need to connect your phone to get live traffic etc. I would use Waze/Google Maps with the standard navigation and not bother with the upgrade.
  5. No, the screen is the same size.
  6. This is escalating and after all the negative comments about it early on! It always happens though and I can see the appeal. I’m not sure so am going to hold out wait to try one plus I also want to try an A45S plus maybe a couple of others. I think the biggest problem is what I really want is a bit expensive and/or not practical enough for now. When I can, I will definitely test drive the R.
  7. It depends on the spec. If it was a fully specced car for £45-46k net, then I don’t think you’d expect to get any more than £25k as a trade in after 3 years (maybe a bit more if the mileage was low), so as that includes road tax and interest charges, then it’s not too shocking. That’s £530 a month and when I’ve looked at the potential cost (cash purchase so no interest costs) I’ve always got to around £600 a month or a bit less if I’m more optimistic about the residuals. As you’d expect an A45S is more, I get that to around £700 and that’s based on 4 years (15k miles a year). Sounds like a lot of people have been spoilt a bit by cracking lease deals which made the MK7 cheaper than it should have been, best to think of it that way otherwise it will be very hard to justify the change / extra cost.
  8. Well, no difference apart from the deposit drops from £122 a month to £82 a month.... All in, it’s £449 a month on the 2 year deal and £414 a month on the 3 year deal. I’m not saying you’re doing this, but it does make me laugh when people just look at the monthly payment and ignore the deposit....not that Ive never done that to make myself feel better....! Now I always work every deal / option back to a total monthly cost, even when buying with cash as I have done with the last couple.
  9. It not hugely different when you buy a car, it’s always best to think that you’re getting the benefit of the options while you own the car and make a value based decision. In the past I’ve set a budget for deposit and monthly cost (on a PCP), then increased the deposit by the cost of a couple of additional ‘nice to have’ options. I’ve bought the last few cars, so that’s a bit easier as you can ‘man maths’ away some options which is important as I love tech.
  10. If you're planning on keeping it more than a year or two, it's well worth getting exactly the spec you want. If we were to go for a MK8 R next, that's pretty much the spec I'd choose (I'd just add the panoramic roof) but I'd hope more colour options were made available.
  11. They both look really good. I'd have to have the R badge removed if I ordered one.
  12. That's true, but to give them some credit, what you get in the option pack (by trim level) is very clear in the price list.
  13. I think that's what I just said 😁 It's much clearer if you look at the price list...or it would be if I included the headings...just go to the far right for the R!
  14. A heated steering wheel is standard on R Line and above. The reason the first winter pack option says "with heated steering wheel" is because it includes that on the lower 2 trim levels, which is why it's £550 rather than £270 on R Line+. There are 2 options but the only difference on the R is heated rear seats on the second option, because 3 zone climate control is standard on GTE upwards) which is why it's an extra £200 / £470 vs £270. It doesn't look like they reduce the cost if you have the leather seats (which includes heated front seats), so £470 is a lot of money just for heated rear seats. Not sure what the configurator says, but use the price list instead as it will be much more accurate.
  15. I think you could do a bit better than that, 13-14% should be achievable fairly easily.
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