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  1. I have been looking on eBay. Am I right in thinking a space saver from a mK7 will work on the mk8? I have a few road trips planned with the family and don’t want to get caught out.
  2. Finally got chance to to watch this. Excellent review. Having driven the m135i on test drive and spending a fair bit of time behind the wheel on the wife’s A35 waiting for my R I agree with pretty much all of this. I do have a soft spot for the merc. It’s a car that makes you want to drive like a hooligan as soon as you start it up. The wife drives it in sport+ all the time now. Rude not to 😂. I did have my first proper play with the R on my way home from work this morning. It is properly quick and the can carry so much more spend through the bends than my 7.5R. It was all very good fun even though I wasn’t using all the revs...... honest 😬.
  3. same spec as mine and i am more than happy with it 😃
  4. when it’s on the boat I’m sure it says something about it being on its final stage of it journey to the uk or something similar.
  5. I don’t know what the rules are on how many times you can post pics of your car on this thread but I have just done a quick wash on mine and it looks amazing 😎
  6. Darlo

    Darlo’s 8R

    Another quick update. 350miles in now and mpg still creeping up, 21.6mpg. Still absolutely loving it. Not real complaints other the annoying lane assist and a journey where I could only select R driving mode (worst modes to be in ha ha). Obviously a few gremlins knocking about that an update will sort. Used google maps today and it was nice that the map was on main screen but prompts for directions appeared on the main display. I am still trying to run it in but I have strayed beyond the 4K a few times once everything is warm..... it’s quick! Tyres are as expected but stuck with them for now. Still not seen another in the road and it’s still getting plenty of attention. Thumbs up, nods an alike. Seeing @Booth11 pics have me the need to wash it. A quick job... just snow foam, wash and dry and it’s come up amazing. A few pics taken post wash. I wanted to treat it to some spray wax but I have a table booked at my local with a couple of mates so that is taking priority 🙌🏻😂.
  7. yeah I think mine as the same issues. Won’t overtake vehicles to its nearside on motorways. Don’t do much motorway work to be honest but it’s annoying.
  8. yeah i read this nonsense last night and felt compelled to reply to it. The R seats look far more supportive and those Tiguan seats look like they have weird proportions to me 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. I think the throttle response in ‘sport’ is a little lack lustre but I have had 5 mins to set up in individual mode now replicating most of the ‘R’ modes and more than happy with it
  10. yeah the seats were a biggie for me. The amount/brightness of the blue seem too much in the pics. But as you say once you see them in the flesh they work really well. As for the support/comfort. They have balanced this really well. I’m a big lump and the Mrs not so much. They work well for both of us.
  11. good to hear mate. You had a lot of the concerns I had which all evaporated when mine arrive. It’s a bloody good car 👍
  12. I tend to agree. Red with the black accents and the estoril alloys would look ace
  13. mine has kicked in a couple of times but I was unlucky getting Bridgestones 😣
  14. Unfortunately the new weapon on choice is a blow torch. They are just melting locks on doors. However these will combat lock snap/drilling techniques
  15. I clearly need it 🙌🏻😂😂😂 I found the button to do max on the windscreen blowers under the head light switches this morning. Here was me messing about in the climate menu 🤣
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