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  1. Just a quick one as to has anyone found any decent Golf R hatch deals? Unbelievably the Mrs wants to replace her lease Golf GTI with an R.... meaning will will have two in the house. She refuses to drive my R estate!! I have found a few stock deals but need delivery around end of November/early December and these stock deals have to be delivered before end of August. So need a factory order. These are £300ish a month with £2500ish down. Reluctant to send GTI back too early as it’s seriously cheap motoring. I am still pushing for an A35 😂 thanks in advance Darlo
  2. What was ur original monthly payment/deal please mate? I have an 18 plate exactly same as yours. I put £3k down and pay £220 a month, 8k a year. I was planning on extending for the third year. The third year was cheaper with the mrs gtd and gti. Was hoping for the same with my R
  3. My 2018 does this, it’s a right pain as it activates every time I reverse in the garage as the driveway has a bit of a slope before it straightens out. I assume because of the angle it thinks the driveway is a wall!
  4. Thanks again. That place is only 20 mins from my house and it’s a great drive with some nice roads. I see an excuse for a drive tomorrow! Cheers 👍
  5. Thanks for a your post guys. Think I’m going to order some Tardis based on your recommendations and a quick read of the reviews. It seems to do the job and the amount of WD40 I will go through this at £20 seems good value. just a quick question , I assume I just need to buy a bottle to spray it on with? Will any old spray bottle do? Cheers
  6. Right guys this isn’t for my R, it’s for my Mrs pure white GTI. It’s is covered and I mean covered in tar! Now before I was a grown up I really looked after my cars but between work and having a little one I have let things slip. I tend to do a quick wash on hers and decent job on mine. Her GTI is due to go back to the lease company at the end of the year and a quick wash before highlighted how bad the tar situation has got, it barely looks clean due to how thick the covering is. So much so I’m concerned that BCA will have something to say about it comes to return time. I know there are expensive tar removers but a lad at work suggested WD40. I gave it a try on a small area of the car before and it seems to work! Any of you guys used it for this? Is it likely to cause any damage to the paint? Any other cheap solutions you know of? thanks in advance Darlo
  7. Yeah we extended her GTD and GTI for the third year and it always worked out cheaper than the first two years. I will probably do same for my R. I do love it but maybe after 3 years I will be ready for a change despite loving it now. Just wondered if they were going to offer them as bargain given they seem cheap on forecourts compared to hatch. Likely will have another R in the household anyway as she wants a hatch R when her GTI goes back in December... I’m trying to push her towards an A35 though 🤣
  8. Hi, I dont suppose you got a price to buy it at the end of the lease? I got one of these cheap r estate deals. Due to go back next March. Was just intrigued to know what the price was? Despite it being ugly I actually quite like and extra room and comes in handy with having the little one. Would seriously consider buying it if the price was ok. Will be the longest I’ve ever kept a car this at the end of the two year lease!
  9. Absolutely mate, just nice this is a nice bolt on upgrade that doesn’t effect the warranty. I appreciate the JB4 and tuning boxes are “untraceable” but there is still an element of risk if something does go bang!
  10. Worth a watch Such a shame VW don’t offer this product! Bargain at £500 and does not invalidate warranty.
  11. All good points. When I moved house 3 years ago I had my S3. Front door changed and all locks changed to anti snap. Not a big believer in CCTV, not a deterrent in my opinion. My Mrs has a keyless GTI so key goes in faraday bag and my R goes in the garage (if it’s not full of his toys). The house has a decent alarm. The mrs and I are very pragmatic about the possibility of being burgled. The only things we care about are the hard drives with photos on (well hidden away) and my watch (declared on insurance for replacement). The only game changer is if we were car jacked with little man in the car. Happened to a friend.... threw his keys as far as he could, the three lads didn’t know what to do and just ran off after a very short struggle.
  12. Completely pointless exercise. You must remember that modern car thieves are not as stupid as we like to think. They don’t steal to joy ride, it’s big big business. They will spot it’s a Golf R a mile off even if you make attempts to change its appearance. It could potentially make it more of a target to be stolen as essentially you have made it ‘blender’ to the average joe. Keep the car as it was intended, get good insurance and GAP(if required) and enjoy it. Yes there are horror stories of R’s etc getting stolen but it is still extremely unlikely to happen and if it does. Don’t let them win by dictating what you drive and living in fear.
  13. Any chance you could post a picture once springs fitted and settled in? cheers
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