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  1. Darlo

    Keanos RS3

    Just catching up. Can’t believe I missed the thread. congrats! Looks absolutely amazing. Glad you’re please with it 😎
  2. Bought and fitted the Michelin wipers today. Think they cost about £14 on offer 😬. Will report back after a few days. Also bought some for her merc…. But they are a very strange fitment and they don’t fit so ordered some Bosch ones for twice the price. Hope I don’t get wiper envy 🤣
  3. thanks for the tips. I just remembered I had something applied to windscreen when I had it detailed new so the rain just ran off and had little use for my wipers. That has clearly worn off in the last couple of months. I am nipping to Costco on way home tomorrow. If they have some in the correct size I will get them. If not I will either prime some Bosch ones or raid the detailing shelf in my garage. Sure I will have something. road trip this weekend so can be doing with noisy wipers 🤣
  4. I can only comment on wheel heat as being tight I didn’t order winter pack….. but my wheel gets toasty hot on setting 3 🤣
  5. I have never replaced a set of wipers on my life on any car. Now both wipers on my R and her merc have turned horrendously noisy. I noticed that Costco have the Michelin wipers on offer? Anyone used them or should I just stick with Bosch which appears to be a popular choice?
  6. Just catching up on this thread. I have had zero issues for a good month now…. I had a few issues after the last update (both the latest 1890) then I clicked for an update that appeared on my screen and since then nothing. Having read this I was tempted to ring and get latest software but will see what happens… if it ain’t broke and all that.
  7. yeah I though that…. They cooked the brakes as the ‘racing driver’ couldn’t work out how to turn off the traction control 🤣
  8. That’s the dream right there 🙏🏻🤣
  9. £3k down and £225pm with paint on my 7.5R estate 😍. Is it too much to ask for another deal like that 🙏🏻🤣
  10. That’s expensive but…. I am 100% that VW will do an offer on them at some point. One at that R-Line price would be nice 🤣
  11. Darlo


    If they increased the colour choice as per GTI I would go either kings red or moonstone grey…. With black wheels 😎
  12. Those that have had their cars in for the latest update… would this reflect in the system settings screen or what ever it’s called? If so could you post what version it has so I can see if mine is up to date…. mine is still gremlin free 😬😬😬
  13. Her A35 ride is as harsh on 18’s as mine is on 19’s (both none dcc). The A35 is a brilliant car when In sport+ mode but hard work I’m every other setting. Nothing relaxing or smooth about it. The R can be (as the review mentions) be a ‘normal’ Golf in terms of driving until you change the settings. Like you I am not fussed about leather. I personally love the cloth seats on the 8R. Much better than the 7.5R.
  14. yeah that review seems like an anomaly in regards to other reviews. Certainly about the way it drives. as for the infotainment/buttonless complaints. The only counter I can give to this is reviewers are in and out of plenty of different cars. Is the VW system the best…. Absolutely not. But when you get to spend and extended amount of time in the car you soon get used it and I don’t give it a second thought. For a direct comparison, the wife’s A35 system has its own set of issues, skipping a song isn’t as straight forward as I would like 🙌🏻🤣. There a million sub menus for everything
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