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  1. Merc have changed the packages round for the better as well. Premium gets you night pack and 19” wheels amongst other things now. Which I am incredibly annoyed about.... 😂
  2. Both shift workers with a young family.... I could only dream of having the spare time just to go for a drive. I don’t even have time to watch TV for an hour at the minute. We just like to drive nice cars whilst we are living our boring family life 😂
  3. She doesn’t do that many miles, I use it every now and again to put extra miles on it. She is a petrol head and always owned performance cars so a cheap run a round is not an option. She point blank refuses to drive my car as it’s an estate... I’m not even joking. I suppose it’s all relative... £330 is cheaper than £406 which is what I what quoted on a pcp with £1k more deposit. I have financed cars pretty much every way and leasing works for us. Small deposit, low monthly payments (open to opinion), drive a car you want for 3 years with a protection of warranty etc then move on to a new one. Do the same with a new car on a pcp and I will pretty much guarantee you will be in negative equity (if you’re trading in) unless you put a fairly big deposit down. Experienced this with golf gti and Audi s3. Lucky enough to sell them both privately to avoid being bent over by dealer on trade in.
  4. Yeah give them a call. They transfer you to BCA who give you a price. Don’t expect a bargain though. We asked about a previous GTD and GTI that we leased with a plan to sell on myself and make a profit. Was slightly cheaper than forecourt but not massively so wasn’t worth the hassle. Think they offered the GTD at £15350. Found it a couple of months later in a VW dealer forecourt for £16500. However knowing the full history of the car is a massive bonus if you plan on keeping it long term. I plan to to enquire about my R before it goes back this time next year. But to keep for myself. I’m already looking and there’s nothing that tickles my fancy and ticks the boxes my r estate does.
  5. In my experience of leasing the 2 or 3 year deal is generally cheaper but the A35 worked out cheaper on a 4 year deal. just for your info don’t get a maintenance pack with lease company. I bought a plan via merc direct for £29 a month for all servicing. Don’t don’t do enough miles to worry about getting tyres and brakes.
  6. We got our A35 premium in metallic black for £2k down, £330 a month, 6k Miles. I did ALOT of shopping around and could not find it any cheaper.
  7. I had a tuning box installed in my mk7 GTI then my 2013 S3. Both went to have warranty work and took the tuning box out. VW and Audi never mentioned anything. They would have done some downloads as the S3 went in as it sound like a bag of nails when idling sometimes. I have put a tuning box on my lease R. Yes there is a risk but a risk i am prepared to take. I have informed insurance company as that isn’t worth the risk!! There is talk boxes are untraceable, not sure that is 100% true but it certainly harder for the dealer to identify a car that has a tuning box installed than one that has been mapped. Will take the box out come service time and put straight back in afterwards.
  8. Darlo

    Merc AMG A35

    It arrived yesterday. Initial impressions..... its bloody awesome!
  9. Maybe too late in the day now but could you accidentally have given them the wrong mileage.... extend it then run it another year then hit them with the bad news at the end of year three 😂 it was explained to me that with a lease you are basically paying the depreciation on the car. But surely that would mean the excess mileage charge should have been calculated to cover this additional depreciation?!
  10. I just extended my with VW finance. Mine was also a March 2018 golf r estate. I signed up originally for a two year deal with 8k miles. Just extended for another year with 8k miles. It went up £15 a month from £220. 4ppm seems very very cheap. Usually around 9ppm I thought.
  11. Darlo

    Merc AMG A35

    Yeah pcp’d a few, bought a few but this is our 3rd lease car and think it’s the way forward for us. Yes options are generally split across the length of the lease. So for me it’s best that I find a vehicle that is a decent spect to start... just like the R and the GTI we currently have. We have dropped lucky with this A35 as it had premium pack and smartphone upgrades but not been hit to hard with the monthly payments
  12. Update on this.... with her GTI going back early to lease company I’ve started getting it ready for collection. Thanks for the tardis recommendation. Sprayed all the effected panels, left for a couple of mins and it was doing its work. Then sprayed a cloth with some and wiped the car down. Worked a treat. Took 90% of it off with little effort and it was BAD to start with. Will get the remaining off a couple of days before collection. Cheers 👍
  13. Darlo

    Merc AMG A35

    Yes have leased previously so fairly happy with the rules. They give you a document at start which covers fair wear and tear and what constitutes ‘damage’. All lease company’s have to sign up to this agreement as there was horror stories of fines upon return in the past. They spend an awful long time inspecting it but had zero charges on our previous GTD, despite a kerbed alloy and light scuff on bumper. Whilst he was there I asked him to look at our GTI as the mrs had kerbed it badly. He said £65 would be charged for something like that. So never got it refurbed as it’s about £120. My mate had a lease car that was keyed. Come inspection day they wanted to charge £400 despite it being repaired... he used a paint depth gauge to find it!! He appealed and got the money back in the end. Gave the GTI a good going over today funnily enough and apart the alloy it is mint. It was covered in tar so feared they would charge me for that so a bit of elbow grease today got rid of 90% of it. It is being collected on 24th, same day a35 arrives. Can’t wait to have a go in it 🚀
  14. Darlo

    Merc AMG A35

    Exactly same as us mate. A35 replacing her GTI. Paying £100 to send GTI back early... avoiding big service, first MOT etc 💰 I put 4 new tyres on it not that long ago.... think I’m even going to swap them with the worn ones in my R 🤣🤣🤣
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