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  1. Darlo

    Estate Res Delete

    This is the mod I really want to do to my 7.5R estate. Was only looking at the one on progressive parts site yesterday. I am just massively concerned that if I return to stock come service time the dealer will spot the extra clamp and it cause me issues as it’s a lease car. Im not on Facebook, any links to vids with this fitted on the estate?
  2. Darlo

    Resonator delete pipe - Yes or No?

    My mrs Golf GTI was in for a service at VW last week. Given the walk round video we got from underneath the car I suspect they would see something is amiss even if you replace the res pipe each time. Ive got the option to buy it next year so will wait until then to start modifying it.... I think
  3. Always found Admiral/elephant ok for mods. My brother in law has a couple of very highly modified cars which he insured through Adrian Flux and he always seems happy with them.
  4. Darlo

    Resonator delete pipe - Yes or No?

    Been reading this with interest. i am very tempted to try this on my R estate. Lad at work has done it in his manual R and I was suitably impressed. i am more concerned about warranty issues as mine is a lease car, and although I could throw the res back on come service time etc would they notice the extra clamp?!
  5. Darlo

    After market Head Units

    I’ve had the same issue on my previous mk7 golf gti and the mrs had it on on her mk 7 GTD. I filmed the issue of it not working properly when cold and despite the dealer not being able to reproduce the problem they replaced it (twice in my GTI). There were a few issues with the GTD as it was a different dealer as they wouldn’t accept the video as evidence. A quick phone call to the manager and it was replaced. im fairly sure it’s a recognised fault now and maybe worth speaking with your local dealer (not sure if yours is under warranty but they may do some good will?!) My mrs has a later mk 7 gti and I’m sure the screen is very slightly different than our earlier mk7’s. The screen in my 7.5R is a vast improvement