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  1. More of the same. Standard wheels are growing one me!
  2. short term car hire can work out decent value with the right discount code 😃
  3. 100% not mate... trust me I tried. My monthly with wheels and paint was £339. Add winter pack it should have been £344. When he put it computer it came out at £363. He didn’t understand why so he rang the finance team.... it was the road tax that push it over the threshold. the pd11 value of my order is £39925
  4. I spent ages trying to get under £40k with different variations. As @dopper99 stated a lease incorporates the tax but some of the cost is passed to you. However my budget was strick on monthlies so I ended up with wheels and paint to stay under £40k (by £75!). I was also debating white, wheels, winter Or blue, winter and HK. I will miss heated seats, but I have them on for about two mins when I do use them and it means the Mrs will borrow it less now it doesn’t have the heated seats 😂. Heated seats are a must with leather, not with cloth. The flip side is I now have a heated steering wheel which I have never had before. I was worried I made the wrong choice as I have been in her A35 with the burmester all week and I do love my music but im sure there will some sort of aftermarket upgrade upgrade available at some point. Which is a lot cheaper than changing colour of getting a setting of bigger wheels I suppose.
  5. I noticed that... hope it’s the transport blocks! I had this with my GTI... they did the handover and I drove it 400 miles and the suspension was making a strange noise. I took it in and the my had only removed 1 of the 2 on the front! Ended up need repairing.... and I got a nice bit of compo for my trouble though 😃 The new S3 sits very high 😬
  6. yeah dealers have more accurate info. Mine just says build week confirmed but he was able to tell me what week it was.
  7. Yep... a waiting game. I used to check the tracker several times a day when I was waiting for my GTI as I had sold my s3 so I was driving my mums aygo.... much like I am now 😂. Then all of a sudden.... it jumped to a confirmed build week within days. Keep the faith mate 💪🏻
  8. A very tricky spot for you and unfortunately one that VW have put people in before, including me. I completely understand your frustration. If it were me and extending your current deal is impossible then I would set myself a cut off date for information on the build week. Any stock car will take 2/3 week to arrive at your front door as a rough guide. I can’t remember when you said you current car went back but I would take 1 month off that date and see what you have. If still nothing you can cancel and get something else. What I will say with my GTI deal, it changed several stages in a week and it actually arrived not long after it’s original estimated date.
  9. Sensitive sole arn’t we 🙄 I was merely pointing out the thread was created for people to post pcp/lease deals to help members save a few quid. Threads often go off on a tangent meaning that the original reason for its creation is lost. I have been guilty of it in the past. I was just trying to keep it on topic. However, calling people ‘mad’ for their financial decision based on zero information on their position is madness in itself 😂😂😂.
  10. The lease vs pcp has been done to death and isn’t why this thread was created in assuming. Each to their own, can’t be bothered giving an argument to the contrary again. I was just posting if anyone wanted a stock vehicle that wouldn’t often come up 👍👍👍
  11. Standard wheels are growing on me to be perfectly honest. Interior looks very nice.
  12. My dealer who I spoke to earlier never mentioned this and stated that the first batch of R’s will be arriving in March, including mine. He has a vested interest as he has also ordered an R for his company car so he is keeping a keen eye on it as he has spent 5 months in a Tiguan. However..... Hard to know what to believe with so much guess work knocking about 😂
  13. @Wrex is your current car a lease? They will often extend on a month by month basis in your situation
  14. Good plan get all the info and make a decision. What I would say is if you were to get a gti/gtd you will always regret not waiting that couple of months extra it may take for the R. You can rent cars for peanuts now or even. I would wait, it will be worth it 🙌🏻
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