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  1. Darlo

    Merc AMG A35

    Yeah pcp’d a few, bought a few but this is our 3rd lease car and think it’s the way forward for us. Yes options are generally split across the length of the lease. So for me it’s best that I find a vehicle that is a decent spect to start... just like the R and the GTI we currently have. We have dropped lucky with this A35 as it had premium pack and smartphone upgrades but not been hit to hard with the monthly payments
  2. Update on this.... with her GTI going back early to lease company I’ve started getting it ready for collection. Thanks for the tardis recommendation. Sprayed all the effected panels, left for a couple of mins and it was doing its work. Then sprayed a cloth with some and wiped the car down. Worked a treat. Took 90% of it off with little effort and it was BAD to start with. Will get the remaining off a couple of days before collection. Cheers 👍
  3. Darlo

    Merc AMG A35

    Yes have leased previously so fairly happy with the rules. They give you a document at start which covers fair wear and tear and what constitutes ‘damage’. All lease company’s have to sign up to this agreement as there was horror stories of fines upon return in the past. They spend an awful long time inspecting it but had zero charges on our previous GTD, despite a kerbed alloy and light scuff on bumper. Whilst he was there I asked him to look at our GTI as the mrs had kerbed it badly. He said £65 would be charged for something like that. So never got it refurbed as it’s about £120. My mate had a lease car that was keyed. Come inspection day they wanted to charge £400 despite it being repaired... he used a paint depth gauge to find it!! He appealed and got the money back in the end. Gave the GTI a good going over today funnily enough and apart the alloy it is mint. It was covered in tar so feared they would charge me for that so a bit of elbow grease today got rid of 90% of it. It is being collected on 24th, same day a35 arrives. Can’t wait to have a go in it 🚀
  4. Darlo

    Merc AMG A35

    Exactly same as us mate. A35 replacing her GTI. Paying £100 to send GTI back early... avoiding big service, first MOT etc 💰 I put 4 new tyres on it not that long ago.... think I’m even going to swap them with the worn ones in my R 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Darlo

    Merc AMG A35

    Yeah I will post on here when she lets me have the keys. Both shift workers so there will be plenty of opportunity for me to steal the keys and use it for the day. Yes, I went from MK7 GTI, then an S3, then a mk7 GTD, back to a MK7 GTI then to a 7.5 R..... All since 2013. It will be nice to sit in a different type of car that’s for sure 🤣🤣🤣 I have used the same websites for years for leasing then found some random one.... I checked the reviews and it all seem good. Been impressed with them so far. Think the original offer was £1k down, £336 a month at 5k miles. But that was for white premier not other options. I’ve lumped £1k more to cover options. Ours is only 6k a year but will probably struggle to do that.... unless I borrow it a lot 🤣🤣
  6. Darlo

    Merc AMG A35

    There was only one cancelled order blue R available via lease the rest were all white. The blue one was £320 a month with £2900 down, white was £302 a month. I have spoken to a few dealers and have been offered stock blue R’s available for pcp but again like the A35 pcp deals the monthly figures and deposits are higher. A standard r in blue for example was coming in at £360 a month with £3k down. I expect the pcp on the models you mention to be significantly higher due to the spec.... out of my price range unfortunately 😩. A black executive A35 (not great spec) with body kit was coming in at £390 a month with £4K down and that was with huge dealer incentive. Dont want to turn to turn this in to a lease v pcp debate but I will just leave it as pcp is not for me. Im fairly happy with the deal I got, if I hadn’t been on holiday for a couple of weeks in September there were some slightly better deals available on the A35 for lease. Had a final chat with her last night and what swung her to A35 is the fact the R is on its last run and new one will be out by the time mine is due back. order form done! Just awaiting delivery date 😃
  7. Darlo

    Merc AMG A35

    Yeah there has been some heated debates on car choices this week. Trust me to marry a petrolhead 😂. I’ve told her when my R goes back I will order the new one and she can have that. I will happily have the A35 as mine 👌🏻
  8. Darlo

    Merc AMG A35

    Lease mate. Pcp was over £1k more down and £40 a month, and that deal has expired as I needed to order before Monday. 4 year deal. Yeah the spec is nice, and the smart phone extra is good with wireless charger and apple car play etc. Had some cheaper deals on other colours but she wouldn’t budge on colour (black). Wouldn’t have been my choice but I’m just glad we aren’t going to have two golf r’s in the house. Nearly cancelled before... a lease company had a cancelled order blue R which is exactly what she wanted. Convinced her the A35 is the way forward 🤣
  9. Darlo

    Merc AMG A35

    Spent a couple of hours at Merc at weekend. The Mrs test drove the A35 as we need to replace her GTI, i couldn’t be bothered to be honest but she has driven every hot hatch going so trust her judgement. She really liked it. Found a few stock cars on budget but not in the colour she wanted (black). The 4 black ones they had were mega spec and out of our budget. The build quality of the interior felt nice. However she didn’t like it anymore than the S3 or R. I just pushed her towards the A35 as we have audi’s/VW for a good few years on the bounce now. Plus no blue R’s available in stock at the min Just waiting on confirmation that we have secured A35 in black, premier pack with smart phone. £2k down. £336 a month.
  10. Yes depends on what you want monthly wise though. I put £3k on my R for this very reason. You also pay slightly less in interest over the term. When we leased out first golf (gtd) it was cheaper to do the minimum 5k a year miles, if you selected a higher mileage the monthly went up disproportionately. So we just put some aside each month to cover it. However that money wasn’t needed as when we extended it for the third year we added 10k miles..... the monthly went down from £150 to £145 strangely. Did the same with her GTI, but when we added the 10k miles the monthly went from £107 to £139. Still cheap as chips though. Hoping for another silly cheap deal to replace her gti soon as the 4th year they want £417 a month 🤣.
  11. I am constantly looking as I need to replace the mrs GTI at the end of the year. If its a Cupra you are after. This looks like a decent price https://www.leasingoptions.co.uk/specialdeal?id=876EBF56-854D-4198-BA79-199FFBA2279A Unfortunately my Mrs doesn’t like them 😩
  12. Just a quick one as to has anyone found any decent Golf R hatch deals? Unbelievably the Mrs wants to replace her lease Golf GTI with an R.... meaning will will have two in the house. She refuses to drive my R estate!! I have found a few stock deals but need delivery around end of November/early December and these stock deals have to be delivered before end of August. So need a factory order. These are £300ish a month with £2500ish down. Reluctant to send GTI back too early as it’s seriously cheap motoring. I am still pushing for an A35 😂 thanks in advance Darlo
  13. What was ur original monthly payment/deal please mate? I have an 18 plate exactly same as yours. I put £3k down and pay £220 a month, 8k a year. I was planning on extending for the third year. The third year was cheaper with the mrs gtd and gti. Was hoping for the same with my R
  14. My 2018 does this, it’s a right pain as it activates every time I reverse in the garage as the driveway has a bit of a slope before it straightens out. I assume because of the angle it thinks the driveway is a wall!
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