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  1. just says ‘unable to load settings” 😫
  2. sorry mate only just seen this. yes the one at Stockport. I have previously used the Oldham one which were equally poor. Next on my list is Altrincham VW as I used them years ago when I lived in that part of world. A quick update on how the car is getting on post update. No double pops or sos messages. System is still super slick and quick however it will not log me in as a primary user despite my best efforts. I have deleted and tried to log back in (I know the password is correct). I am at a loss what to do to rectify it. the phone charger seems to be
  3. which is what I already had 🤯 weird how this is so different in speed/lag etc. May be I had a bad install last time
  4. Is this the right one @Booth11
  5. golf feels more rapid then ever 🚀 🤣
  6. No they absolutely serve a purpose… big load hauler, economical, practical, sensible I could go on. But none of the things I currently need out of a car 🤣.
  7. hi mate, they did the job on the one occasion I used them. They come with a reasonably thick rubber protector to prevent damage to paint. haven’t had cause to use them since
  8. I believe this is the latest update mate
  9. Thanks becs. The bonnet looks marginally better but it’s still not right. There was GTI and new R and it had the same issue in the same place (offside of the bonnet and wing). As I have said before I am fairly chilled out about this stuff but when ur juggling shift work, childcare and all the normal stuff a phonecall early on the Friday to say it was ready would have made my life so much easier as I literally passing the dealership on the motorway earlier on. I could have planned my day (when I had rang on the wed/thur with no response) . Instead they left it until the death on Fri
  10. Well then I finally got to collect my car today. I will start with the good news. The update not only seems to have fixed the sos issue the system is now super fast and slick. Zero lag… you press a button and it works. I am genuinely impressed. As it should have been from the factory. The clicking brakes…. Seems to have gone or isn’t as obvious. They have replaced the wireless charge pad. Early days on this so will keep an eye on my phone temp on prolonged charging. The bad news is the dealership have been beyond awful with progress updates. It’s was l
  11. Ghost seems a popular choice but read that they are ways round them hence why they can’t get thatcham approval? a disklok is an excellent deterrent 👌🏻
  12. Yeah excellent advice. Make your house harder to break In to than your neighbours is they way I look at it. I would never have a tracker added to my car as being perfectly honest if it’s stolen I don’t want it back for many reasons. In short you currently need the key to steal the New R… but the technology criminals have access to is outrageous so they may find a way round it at anytime hence me having a pouch and keeping key with me.
  13. the pouches have a limited life span? The one my wife uses has been going 6 years and still works. Everyone is different but one of the first places thieves will look is in a microwave as they are better informed than us. I leave them in the pouch next to me in bed at night. I don’t have the spares at my house and when I go on holiday the keys don’t stay at my house. Relay theft using the original key via wireless technology isn’t very common at all in VW’s… as discussed in another thread other popular manufacturers are far more susceptible. Some don’t even need access t
  14. Well it’s all gone quiet with my car. Rang twice yesterday with no reply. I did have a phonecall on Wednesday saying it was fixed but the faults were referring to someone else’s car 🤣 So she said they would get back to me…. And didn’t. Frustrating as they have been good up until this point.
  15. I got one of these. Cheap and cheerful but does the job Car Key Signal Blocker Pouch, Fireproof Faraday Pouch for Car Keys, Hodufy Faraday Pouch Case for Cell Phone Privacy Protection and Car Key FOB (Black) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08DCPKHTC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_GGJ1Z70QD4318QW3H025?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
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