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  1. Unfortunately the new weapon on choice is a blow torch. They are just melting locks on doors. However these will combat lock snap/drilling techniques
  2. I clearly need it 🙌🏻😂😂😂 I found the button to do max on the windscreen blowers under the head light switches this morning. Here was me messing about in the climate menu 🤣
  3. Wow.... thanks @Booth11 I knew nothing about any of this 😂😂😂
  4. thanks mate. No unfortunately I couldn’t afford ceramic this time so that’s just a decent quality wax. I have washed it once since and it came up looking just as good. Cleaning it again tomorrow 😂
  5. I have CCTV.... more of deterrent then anything, Decent house alarm, security lights and anti drill locks. I have a faraday bag for my keys. The keys are always with me or very nearby. I never leave them downstairs overnight. I am working on the principle that a very tiny percentage of burglaries end up with a confrontation. They want and in and out job. However I totally understand why people leave their keys downstairs as they don’t want to confront anyone. VW’s appear to at the min to be one of the manufacturer’s who have maintained the need to have a key or have wireless access to the key in order to take the car. So if the key is in a faraday bag and with me i removed the two means for them to take it. Some Audi’s, BMW’s and Land rovers can be stolen without the key or access to to them. However Ford’s are the worst offenders as some can be stolen within 20 seconds by using specialist devices. I am considering a steering wheel lock as another deterrent but this means having the key separate to car key to achieve its goal. Plus is will mark my steering wheel 😂. I have also considered drop bollards on my drive but I know I will get fed up of putting them up and down. Also increase the chances of someone taking off you in the drive as you get in/out. In summary make your house more difficult to break in to than you neighbours.... and hope they own a Ford.
  6. i am not sure to be honest. I do have my phone connected via CarPlay. I think they have some form of internet connection as it’s has done several updates since I have had it. The VW app connects to the car and I can get live information on the car at anytime via my phone no matter where I am. I can unlock from anywhere via my phone, set aux ventilation etc. It may have been pure luck but the traffic report was very accurate. My wife’s merc is the same. Does everything via the internet but we don’t connect anything to that. I could however be completely wrong and it is using my phone. I will use CarPlay for my navigation when the time comes.
  7. I am assuming so as I was driving with no route guidance set and it started chirping up there was congestion ahead
  8. you have motivated me to wash mine this week. This terrible weather and a few miles on it over the weekend means it’s absolutely filthy.
  9. yes this screenshot and the fact I don’t speak German means I am more confused than ever. ☝This sums it up perfectly. Basically another video of the 8R being fast 😂😂😂
  10. I typed my reply out when you posted that. wow.... seriously impressive stuff by the R
  11. I watched it assuming they were both standard. The subtitles disappeared when I watched it. Results look about right for standard vs standard
  12. Wow 😎... looks amazing!!
  13. I was lucky. Got a dealer preallocated build week. Ordered a few cars from them, put quite a few orders their way ont his deal and previous deals. So assumed they looked after me. That and a bottle of nice gin for the salesman 😜😂
  14. yeah I messaged Joe Achilles when I saw he had a VW press car. He said he is enjoying the drive but not the infotainment system or the buttons on the steering wheel. I honestly haven’t had a problem with mine after a couple of weeks in it. Not a single accidental press of a steering wheel button 🤷🏻‍♂️ I get it is different and not perfect but I don’t think it’s as bad as it being portrayed in the reviews.
  15. If you can afford it I would go for it. I couldn’t afford it but did add the 19’s. I love the rear spoiler on PP and I am keeping half an eye out for any after market options in the future.
  16. Right another one where I am probably being dumb.... took it on the motorway today. Activated the acc and set to 70 and reduced the distance to take in front like I have on all my mK7’s with acc. However, the car began to slow when it was approaching vehicles in the near side lane. There was nothing in front of me. A little car icon was flashing to the left of lane display of that makes sense. was really annoying me so turned it off and went old school and used my right foot to maintain speed. Am I doing something wrong or does the R not like overtaking slower moving vehicles to its near side?! 😂
  17. Top tip for wbac. Get it valued... they tend to knock a little off their online estimate. Say no and walk away then within a week they will recontact you and likely offer you more. Not saying it’s an exact science but this happened to my step dad and a mate of mine. Both were decent cars though.
  18. I think it’s in the setting in climate mate. I noticed it today as I was trying to work out why I need to press sync every time for the climate 🤬
  19. i think it says something about it being on its final stage of its journey to the uk once it’s on the boat.
  20. Darlo

    Darlo’s 8R

    Quick update. Finding it frustrating as other than the drive to work and his nursery trips I have had little reason to drive it 😂. 229 miles so far. Average 20.3mpg. So is creeping up given I haven’t done any long runs. I have a nice run out tomorrow so looking forward to putting some miles on it. Got a few nights away in the lakes and York coming up next month (all being well🤞) so will be at the magical 1000 miles soon enough.
  21. Yes all valid points 👍. I paid £225 a month on my 7.5R estate with £3k down... biggest deposit I have ever put down on a lease. It went to £240 for the third year when I extended. A big tip is to lease direct via VW as I always do. There is no admin fee and no additional on top of the monthlies which is how a lot of lease company’s make money. That being said I leased the merc through a broker as nobody else could get near the price. Not even merc. I assume they bought loads at a heavily discounted price. Lucky they had one left in the spec the wife wanted.
  22. I’m not on Facebook. What are the issues?
  23. Couldn’t agree more. If I had gone with my original spec of white I don’t think I would have been disappointed. looks great @Fruitloop 😎
  24. ha ha I like the term ‘wasteful financial lifestyle’. That was me for sure! I shudder at the thought of what i lost on cars over a 12 years period 😂. But as you say I could write it off then like you can now.... not something I can do now I am a proper grown up 😂.
  25. I try not to get in to the pcp vs lease vs buy as a lot a people don’t understand the merits of each. I have purchased cars all three ways over the years and I will explain why leasing works for me. I have pcp’d a few cars and the only car I didn’t end up with negative equity was an S3. I lost my arse on the first mK7 gti... lucky sold private and broke even. Granted these were low deposit options which always increases chances of negative equity. If I bought cars cash my need to change them would increase..... I have owned a lot of cars and back in the day would change every 6 months just because I could. Leasing means I don’t do this and therefore waste further money. I only ever get the cheapest deals and don’t add many options when I lease. I have had some bargains over the years £2k down and £107PM on a mK7 GTI for me and £142 on a GTD for the wife. This is very cheap motoring over 3 years. Currently have the my Mk8 R which I pay £340 a month for and the wife has A35 premium at £330. Again £2k or so down on each. I like cars and won’t drive something I don’t like. But I also have to balance wants and needs with the fact I retire relatively early so need to pay off my mortgage. I bought my first place at 19 so should be in an excellent almost mortgage free position but due to some very poor personal decisions I started again at nearly 30. So any lumps of cash I pay off mortgage or use it improve my home to increase the ltv. I don’t want to invest heavily in a depreciating asset like a new car at the min. The £150/£200 a month I save on a lease payment over a pcp payment is money off my mortgage. That could possibly change in the future but I would never buy a brand new car cash unless I was planning on keeping it many years. I like to set a budget, get the car I want and like the idea of handing it back with nothing to pay. Again leasing ticks the box for this. leasing isn’t for everyone. If my son was living at home at 18 and came to me for advice on leasing or pcp’ing a car my advice would be no. Save and get a roof over your head and worry about a nice car once you have achieved this. Leasing can work very well in the right circumstances.
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