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  1. I guess you could just try setting your car to different language like German which presumably will set your dials to Kmh
  2. Resale vale - wont be long before analogue dials are viewed as antique = less resale To OP, not all 7.5s have digital dash, there was a zero cost option to have analogue when I bought mine.
  3. No chance imo, the only way an R stands out is if its flying, otherwise its so under stated only an enthusiast would recognize it for what it really is capable of.
  4. the biggest single factor that sold the Golf R's to me was the value for money ie the price. If the R's go up too much further they are in danger of competing head to head with premium brands where they just wont win. As a result you might expect to see heavier discounts on the new models once the dust has settled later in the year.
  5. Oh I agree - I use WBAC to see the lowest I can get for the car then shop around from there. My point being don't be put of by a dealer low PX offer - you dont need to PX in the first place.
  6. did you look at webuyanycar? they are rip off merchants but will usually give you more than PX. Audi don't want a VW on the forecourt, brand differentiation
  7. audi - vor sprung durch was ist depreciation? My A5 was a great buy, depreciation was (what I see as) minimal. BUT 310 HP for silly money was what dragged me here
  8. Depends on the Spec - basic to full spec can be 10k difference in list price. Do the same check on any expensive new car the first year depreciation will be horrendous.
  9. expensive VWs are not going to be a good investment when it comes to residuals - this should not come as a shock to anyone. The identical spec S3 will have better residuals than the Golf R for example - same car different badge. You always pay a premium for new, I wouldn't expect otherwise. Like many here I have a high spec R (just under 40k retail) that I got a reasonable 5k discount on. Its to my spec, under manufacturers warranty and I know its history. For me that's worth taking a hit on depreciation for. If you don't want big depreciation buy older and all power to you. Modern cars are so good buying second hand is not the risk it once was (sure you get the odd bad one but you can have them checked). There is no right or wrong to this, it comes down to preference. I don't see me selling my R unless I can get another non-hybrid new for under 40k in a years time. if so that will likely be the last new car I buy until electric gets much better, if not this one will do me until that happens.
  10. Really only you can decide if they are worth paying for. Link to vids for both on youtube: Car Net - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Xy1MdKz2Ts App connect - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h1Hb8-XJTA For what its worth, I don't see the need, your mileage may vary however
  11. no delay I can detect - revs is where I'd expect it to be most obvious (ie you can hear the engine note and see the gauge moving) but I cant see any delay.
  12. Thanks for taking time to test and share and, of course, for the update, very interesting.
  13. Not trying to rubbish the product rather consider corner cases.: When the engine is running and you move the key too far away the car flags key out of range but carries on running. I guess if the fob doesn't detect motion then the key turns off an you'll have the same experience. So you will have an alert on the car I guess then you start making vigorous movement in your seat to turn the fob back on again? So as long as worse case is people think you are freaking out seems workable. With stop start your engine probably wont be on for 3 minutes while stationary - guess you will need to check ignition on but engine stopped scenario as well. I guess worse case would be the car wont restart until you start jerking around in your seat? Will be interested in impact on key fob battery life - I'm guessing the first you will know of a low battery is when the chip starts to malfunction which if you are driving would be keyfob lost I guess. With a borderline battery - Impact on Kessy of a fob constantly dropping off then coming back - some sort of logic failure condition perhaps/unknown state/key gets out of sync? Sensitivity - its made to detect walking which is quite jerky motion wise - will it detect slow motion ie crawling along at a steady pace, gentle stop?
  14. Just had the 2 year service on our GTi, was told the aircon service is a recommend not mandatory, did it anyway. But regardless unless its declared as mandatory by the dealer I don't see how it can affect warranty.
  15. then Id say VW have a batch or systemic problem - doesn't change the need to have it match imo
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