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  1. Wife has a 7.5 GTi which I drove a lot for the year before I got my R, trying to make my mind up to buy a Golf myself. Have to say its a real nice car, the styling is great - they have it spot on, but such a pain to pull into busy traffic. A fraction too much power and its wheel spin and traction control out into a narrowing gap. Fine in the 80's but on today's roads... Frankly its the only complaint I have about the GTi, everything else is brilliant, but it drove me nuts. If youre ok with that then Im sure you'll love the GTi
  2. Wife’s car (Golf) needs its second service, so I ring the local VW main dealer to book it in . All proceeds as normal (reg, confirm make and model, my name etc). All’s good till we get to my contact number – I give him the landline I’m sat next to ( I work from home so have 3 land line numbers + mobile, and the wife's mobile of course). Dealer – thats not the number we have on record for you Me – ok, well thats the number to ring me on Dealer – it doesn’t match our records Me – where are we going with this? I’ve just given you the number to ring me on Dealer – for GDPR purposes I have to confirm your details Me – again, I’ve told you the number to ring Dealer – I cant give you any details until I confirm your number Me – I don’t want any details, I’m trying to book a car in for a service here Dealer – the number doesn't match Me - well that's your problem not mine Conversation rapidly deteriorated from there literally into a shouting match (both guilty) as I wasn’t interested in playing the “guess what number he has on his system” game and him unwilling book the car in without me matching what computer says. 5 minutes later I ring the main dealer in the next town over, 3 minutes later car is booked in for a service.
  3. then they all need respraying - strange how mine doesn't have the problem if its "all" of them.
  4. On one occasion with the oil temp still cold. Rolling start and flooring out of a junction got delay then max revs (presumably down shift) then jump when went into higher gear, all within a second or so. Hasn't reoccurred since.
  5. I'll check mine later this afternoon. I assume you have 1 of the 4 that's out of alignment - its not the same both sides?
  6. Interesting, but without knowing what "good" looks like or indeed how to interpret the values and constituents, I don't think I would get any benefit from performing a similar analysis. Do they provide an in depth guide to help colour the results? Otherwise, unless you are a specialist in motor oils, I don't see it catching on I'm afraid.
  7. thats ok, when VW cant sell their cars they will drop the £1500 pretty dam quick
  8. not normal at all, 2018 7.5R no noise, same with 2018 7.5 GTi
  9. I expect there will always be a place for manual transmission until driverless becomes ubiquitous i.e. humans stop driving for all intents and purposes.
  10. This battle has already been fought and lost by analogue. Multi function displays have been a thing in aviation for decades. That's because they are more efficient and effective than analogue displays even if they are "flat". Analogue dials, along with clock work and bakerlite phones, are dead, they just don't know it yet.
  11. GrumpyOldMan


    and yet, in Germany, doing high speeds by it self isn't considered to be unsafe. IF it was unsafe don't you think they would have imposed a national speed limit? The reason we had a speed limit imposed on the motorways was nothing to do with safety either btw. You'll note I'm not debating racing, uk roads etc etc.
  12. I hate automatics, I love the DSG box. Faster than the manual, more flexibility, the autonomics work best with DSG - especially useful in Stau. Try both then buy the DSG!
  13. GrumpyOldMan


    I've regularly done 140mph on public roads - I lived in Germany for 6 years. I still do take the opportunity when ever I visit. To me, speed of itself isn't the problem its made out to be, its about the right speed for the place, time, your car and road conditions.
  14. yup its a lemon, but its not your lemon. Opinion doesn't = guarantee. He owns the car its down to him if he wants to pay £450 to get it road legal for one more year.
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