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  1. Of course. I set up the camera on a tripod with a timer 😉
  2. Some pics from a quick break I had in Sao Miguel, Azores. I hired a VW Polo to get around the island. Glad to be back in the R!
  3. Maybe you should upgrade to a newer Wife Assist ver 2. Better visuals, faster, easier to accept instructions and less argumentative. But probably even more expensive and likely to outlive you.
  4. Similar thing happened to me in a hotel's basement carpark in Rouen in France. I was driving a people carrier with a roof box. There were no hanging barriers or height warnings! I got past the entrance barrier. Things were going fine but the ceiling height gradually reduced. I went slower and slower and finally got wedged under a fluorescent strip light. My family in the car thought it was most amusing. I let the tyres down a bit and contacted reception to allow me to reverse back out of the entrance. Just got a few scratches on the roof box and damaged a light fitting (which the Hotel ignored).
  5. swissi


    I'm Swiss but lived most of my life in the UK. So Swissi for short.
  6. And how not to do it. Can't believe the S3 wasn't tuned
  7. Better late than never - my Golf R in Race mode today (on the Ludlow Racecourse!)
  8. i was happy with my first service shrewsbury inchcape if anyone's interested
  9. I paid £184 but then again I didn't haggle or shop around and got a courtesy car for the day. It also included a VW car health check which was quite reassuring along with an online video clip of the underside of my car
  10. i have black exhaust tips on my stock 7.5 mainly because i haven't cleaned them in so long though 🤨
  11. Here you go - https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/mercedes/a-class/106081/mercedes-amg-a-35-vs-honda-civic-type-r-vs-volkswagen-golf-r
  12. Probably so, if we were a similar age and handed in our driver's licence and given that the driver on receiving aid would be covered by our insurance?
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