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  1. Automatic on my 2018 7.5 R
  2. No guilt! The driver is doing all the work and needs to be pampered
  3. Ha!, It's my normal state unfortunately
  4. Seems to come from front passenger side, like a tiny quiet whirring motor i'm obv going mental
  5. I get an occasional quiet short whirring noises whilst the engine is stopped at lights. Have wondered what it is. Maybe it's the adaptive suspension making micro adjustments whilst at standstill?
  6. swissi

    Swiss R-Variant

    Grüezi! (I was born in Luzern)
  7. My daily commute is about 20-25 miles each way depending on which route I take. Usually I take the motorway and with rush hour traffic I'm never going to go very fast. I find the worst fuel consumption is short journeys around town. So my weekday driving is very sedate. The weekends on the other hand...
  8. My mk7.5 has done 9.5k and averaged 35mpg
  9. swissi

    How old are we all?

    fancy free fifty five
  10. swissi

    Impressive crash

    crikey. look after yourself matey
  11. swissi

    Fuel consumption

    in the first 8k miles i've got anything between 17 and 47 long term average is 34.9 given the 306bhp and my very mixed driving i can't complain
  12. swissi

    R in storage until May

    Maybe Lisa will be driving a lorry over the winter months
  13. swissi

    Mouse in engine bay

    damn, and i thought the squeak coming from the dashboard was from the soundaktor
  14. swissi

    Anyone have teenagers?

    If he's struggling to get work I'd suggest he should do a voluntary job for a while such as working in a charity shop. It would get him used to interacting with other people, turning up for work on time and his confidence might grow a little. Then go for a paid but unskilled job such as working in MacDonalds. Gain experiences, build up to better jobs. It's always easier applying for jobs if you are already doing one. Takes the pressure off.
  15. swissi

    Black R400 ... Golf

    Overtook a blacked out 3dr R400 reg Black Golf R driving sedately behind a beamer around lunchtime heading west on the M54 today. Sweet looking motor!