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  1. Me too with all seasons tyres. I've been really happy with the handling of my Michelin CrossClimate plusses. Amazingly sure footed in all weather conditions.
  2. That must qualify as the worlds steepest street
  3. My R is only the second car I've ever bought new - the first was my first ever car, a Ford Fiesta in the 80's. Who cares what other people think. Just enjoy it.
  4. swissi

    New bmw 135i

    Bit more info from carwow i've just found Would be great to marry the new interior with old exterior and engine in a better balanced 4wd?
  5. swissi

    New bmw 135i

    Not that impressed with the exterior, it seems very generic/kia-esque. Interior looks nice though.
  6. swissi


    Even worse you were in Comfort mode! Shame on you, SHAME!
  7. i hope the bone marrow extraction goes ok camel. can be uncomfortable but definitely the best diagnostic test for you. i'm sure you're in great hands and will bounce back from this
  8. Maybe you need to vinyl wrap your foot. There was a time golfs were sold as being rattle & squeak free -
  9. i'd nuke the dealer from orbit. it's the only way to be sure
  10. swissi


    PANO ROOF'S Don't get me started on apostrophes.
  11. My Golf R with a backdrop view of the Ironbridge power station . It's demolition is due to start this year.
  12. Let's hope it's not too noisy! 😃 - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48564995
  13. I seem to remember this advert was banned for being too scary
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