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  1. Running generation 1 Cross Climates on my wife's Golf MK6 1.6tdi, brilliant tyre, no complaints. As for winter performance took the car up some steep Devon hills during the winter snow, car just kept going with no traction issues even though it is only front wheel drive. Just fitted a new set of Cross Climate + tyres on my dad's Tiguan, you can't hear the tyres, they are sooooo quiet and very comfortable. I think there has been a noticeable improvement between the original Cross Climate and the current Cross Climate +. Also, thinking about getting a set of 18" wheels and fitting the Cross Climate + to the 'R' for the colder months, just need to get enough cash together to do this!
  2. Picked up my 2018 7.5 R Estate on Saturday, DCC was a must have, it's amazing! Had an Audi SQ7 with all the options before (Air suspension, Adaptive Dampers, 4 wheel steering, adaptive roll bars), Golf rides better than the SQ7! Push of a button and it all firms up on Race mode to about the same as my sons Focus RS in comfort setting. Lovely! Not worried about pot holes with the DCC set to comfort, the dampers just take the shock and stresses away from the car and the wheels.
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