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  1. If people could keep an eye out please. Broke in to house and took keys.
  2. Revo have 15% off some tunes dont know if the golf is in there.
  3. I have flow designs on mine. Front splitter won't break unlike some 🤔. But very pricey.
  4. Thanks. It's flow designs. Also Got the rear diffuser.
  5. For the mk7 just swap the badge over. For the mk 7.5 go for a vinyl wrap.
  6. I was tempted to buy them but thought they were fishy too because they were orange. 🤔
  7. bcs are very good had one on until changed for full system. Theres One on ebay at the minute for £160.
  8. I've got flow designs front splitter and rear diffuser on mine not cheap tho. Front splitter are a lot stronger than the likes of maxton.
  9. Hi On the 7.5 you need full turbo back exhaust. Intercooler is not essential but recommended. Also need to do air intake. Stage 2 is better than stage 1 but not as noticeable as going stage 1 from stock. I was revo stage 1 with revo intake & turbo muffler delete and was 387bhp now revo stage 2 with revo intercooler and pipe upgrade kit with full bcs exhaust (which is awesome) just need to do a power run to compare.
  10. Flowdesigns. All the way from Australia.
  11. Just had front lip and rear diffuser fitted.
  12. Hi, I'm revo stage 1 as have two revo tuners on my doorstep. Very happy with results.
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