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  1. but yet it loses too a stock s3 and draws with a totally stock R from a stand still, and I wouldn’t say it exactly thrashed them from a roll either, I think I’m just going to have to go test this myself 😂
  2. Hmm I’m going to have to find out for myself somehow, Yeah that’s why the bmw never really appealed to me, not much good when it’s wet and that’s what it’s like 75% of the time here unfortunately 😂
  3. Wow that’s good to know, I can’t imagine the 140i been much different, and mines the same just a JB4 map 6 ☺️
  4. Anyone with a JB4 or stage 1 R had any experiences vs Bmw 140i’s? From a dig I imagine the R would leave it for dead, but a guy from work reckons his stock 140i would still be faster from a roll... surely not?! Same torque figures 500nm ish. But the golf with roughly 370 hp rather than 335. I’m not sure about the weight of them both though.
  5. Only 5 running a JB4!? Surely that can’t be right 🤔
  6. Was driving home yesterday and suddenly Iv got a warning light on the dash, “SOS Call Restricted, Visit workshop” Car runs fine, I switched it on and off again but still got it, Anyone got an idea what’s going on here?
  7. I think that’s pretty good, I have a JB4 and panel filter on my 2019 R and I’m going to have it on the dyno at some point, don’t forget every dyno is different it might of made 380 somewhere else.
  8. Yeah they do rub a little unfortunately! but it doesn’t cause any damage, the little mark it leaves should just rub off 😝
  9. Going to install my JB4 later, anyone know if it’s the red or white cable on the 02 sensor for a 2019 WLTP? (sorted now)
  10. You don’t need ESC off, you can just press it once to put it into ESC sport then follow the process and it will launch ☺️
  11. Awesome aren’t they, love mine! 😁
  12. Does it sound similar to the video I posted? Yeah well my hatch doesn’t have a resonator and when I open the valves permanently with the awe remote it does drone sometimes so I can imagine it would of been loud on your previous estate, gets on your nerves after a while if left open! 😝
  13. Mine are coded open, but the valves are always open when revving stationary anyway, so there’s only the 12 inch of pipe that might make a difference but I can’t see it making that much difference but I could be wrong 🤷🏼‍♂️ Not heard a WLTP estate.
  14. I have hekos, 2 second to fit and I think they work fine, They are love hate with a lot of people but I think they blend in with the black wheels and mirrors and almost look oem too me, very subtle. £35 from eBay for the set of 4...
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