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  1. 1500 miles and tips also still very shiny! However I’m tempted to spray them gloss black 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. I had a £1000 bose system as an optional extra in my Alfa, and the dyna audio in my R is as good 👌🏻 If you enjoy listening to music it’s a no brainer tbh
  3. 31347 was the one I thought it would of been from researching online but still getting error 31 or sometimes error 22 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. Still cant get it too work 🙄 tried a security code and it said it was wrong
  5. On holiday mate so not had chance to try it again yet!
  6. Iv spoke to Voltas and they said it’s probably because we need a security code 🤔 they sent me this link to use. https://voltasit.helpshift.com/a/obdeleven/p=android&s=applicationusage&f=security-access I’m away now till Friday but I’ll try it then.
  7. Going to bring some colour to the table! Too many Grey/blacks for my liking 😉 Delivered Friday done 250 miles so miles so far, can’t get out of it!
  8. Is yours a WLTP R too? Iv tried all sorts and can’t get it too work 🙄
  9. Still getting 31 function unavailable 😫
  10. Okay thanks I’ll have ago again later
  11. Obd11 Long coding mate, Doesn’t seem to be an App for it.
  12. Anyone any idea what might be causing this? Followed the instructions including putting it in park, it is a WLTP golf r but can’t see that making a difference?
  13. I just keep getting (31 function unavailable) 🤔😫
  14. Have any of you guys with WLTP cars noticed if the exhaust tips are spot welded on as they were on the 310? 😊
  15. I personally think it seems like an expensive waste of time, theres a lot better options the money could be spent on instead, but it’s all personal opinion ☺️
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