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  1. Going to install my JB4 later, anyone know if it’s the red or white cable on the 02 sensor for a 2019 WLTP? (sorted now)
  2. You don’t need ESC off, you can just press it once to put it into ESC sport then follow the process and it will launch ☺️
  3. Awesome aren’t they, love mine! 😁
  4. Does it sound similar to the video I posted? Yeah well my hatch doesn’t have a resonator and when I open the valves permanently with the awe remote it does drone sometimes so I can imagine it would of been loud on your previous estate, gets on your nerves after a while if left open! 😝
  5. Mine are coded open, but the valves are always open when revving stationary anyway, so there’s only the 12 inch of pipe that might make a difference but I can’t see it making that much difference but I could be wrong 🤷🏼‍♂️ Not heard a WLTP estate.
  6. I have hekos, 2 second to fit and I think they work fine, They are love hate with a lot of people but I think they blend in with the black wheels and mirrors and almost look oem too me, very subtle. £35 from eBay for the set of 4...
  7. Stock WLTP with 2500 miles on it, Gives you an idea of how it sounds, should really listen through head phones though or something phone speaker is rubbish 😂☺️
  8. Yeah, My cars only 2-3 months old (19 plate WLTP) And I bought OBD11 pro with 200 credits on sale for £60, which is about half price. Yeah it’s very simple and easy to use takes about 5 minutes to plug it in and connect etc, there’s so many things you can do and for the price, even at full price it’s a great bit of kit!
  9. I’m one of the people who found the throttle response mod with OBD worked really well 🤷🏼‍♂️ It’s great for other things also, Iv set my haldex too increased traction and my XDS too aggressive and both I think have improved the characteristics of the car.
  10. You’ll be fine 😝 I waited 9 months! 😂
  11. I don’t think the estate has valves so I wouldn’t worry too much about that 😝 just wait and see when it arrives, my hatch back has done 2k miles now and it’s stock apart from the valve remote and pops and bangs on over run etc and farts ☺️ Iv tried putting in a video but it says it’s too big 🙄
  12. I didn’t think the WLTP cars have resonators? My WLTP hatch 100% doesn’t but the estate might be different... and Iv bought a awe exhaust remote so I can remotely open the valves and have them open most of the time, which increases pops/bangs noise quite abit as well as helps slightly with farts. But I don’t think the estate has valves at all. There’s milltek and other brands who have full WLTP exhaust systems available but your looking at £1500+ ☺️
  13. I can’t believe they don’t offer it! £500 for basically a remap with warranty!? I’d pay double that! 😂
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