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  1. Isn't dynamic light assist now standard on post wk51 (2018) built cars? Might save yourself some pennies if HBA is specc'd unnecessarily......
  2. Have just ordered a BMW M140i Shadow Edition in mineral grey with Dakota leather/blue stitching, black high gloss trim, professional nav, adaptive susp, folding mirrors, heated seats, adaptive LED headlights, front PDC and Apple CarPlay - £31k (BMW preferential rate) April delivery 😃
  3. I've no idea Mike to be honest...........I'll wait a couple of months and let the dust settle and see how things pan out.......there's nothing really comparable to the R for the same money, spec, build quality etc and I never thought I would say it but I really miss DSG (driving the wife's manual Mini at the mo as I sold my Mk7 GTD last July) - A35 is the only logical alternative but costs more and is cramped in the rear....although may change my mind if I get to test drive one or when Matt aka never seen a stop light tells us how good it is....
  4. Meant to say that dealer had it confirmed by VW that spec upgrade is for vehicles built from week 51
  5. was told not to expect it until April, that’s an 11 month wait for me and that it was also going to be one of the banked vehicles. For more than half of the wait it will have been in storage/transit which is my primary concern and then..........😤..............I also dipped out on the recent spec upgrade (I know there is a price increase to consider and yes they were chosen options) cannot fault dealer in anyway, service has been exceptional but at this moment this is how I feel towards VW 🖕
  6. Don’t want a used car ......not in any rush but will see what offers are out there over the next couple of months
  7. Have just read this over on golfgtiforum so mess is an understatement and being exceptionally polite http://www.golfgtiforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=284513.0 Its an absolute cluster..... !!!!! Is there anyway a dealer can call up a list of all fitted equipment, standard and optional, to recently built cars??
  8. Please let it be wk 46, please let it be wk 46, please let it be wk46........
  9. PCP is 3.6% APR for GTi n.b. VW's finance contribution is now £500 less
  10. It was posted on here that standard-spec changes were effective as of build week 51/17 Dec..... Over on the GolfGTi forum someone has updated that their dealer informed them that they were effective as of build week 47/26 Nov. Fantastic news considering my car was built week 46! I know there are a few others on here whose cars are also week 46 builds...... So that's a potential 10 month wait from order date until delivery which is constantly subject to change, 5 months of which it will have been in external storage somewhere and/or in transit, I have to wait until cars built later than mine are delivered first, my spec is instantly at a disadvantage ( I know there is a price increase)..........if this is confirmed I think its the final nail in the coffin.
  11. If this latest update is correct then mine is/will be a 10 month wait, nearly half of which my car will have been sat at Berlin airport or god knows where. To top it off there appears to be a spec change recently. I’m trying to stay positive but I’m losing faith.........in fact I’ve lost it. l’ve read over on golfgtiforum that people are now taking delivery of their GTi PP’s......... About to call the dealer and if this further delay is confirmed I'm cancelling my order and will order a GTi PP instead. At this rate I will probably take delivery of the GTi before the R and my OCD will be somewhat assuaged knowing it hasn’t been sitting in puddles with herr taube crapping all over it.
  12. Stocking filler/secret Santa ideas or just treat yourself - I’m not affiliated with the supplier https://legacylegends.co.uk/
  13. Apologies if this has been asked previously but the rationale for VW’s WLTP woes is the number of options and how they package these......so are they testing cars with various fitted options? Would RHD cars have to be tested separately? If that’s the case could customer cars be used for these tests?
  14. Decisions, decisions.........spec'ing to the equipment level of the R e.g. better looking wheels, folding mirrors just for starters means opting for packs which bumps the price up to above £40k. The Merc website is quite confusing when choosing options.
  15. Been waiting for this for a while ever since Matt aka never seen a stop light mentioned about cancelling his R order and going for A35 instead Matt, I can't see how to PM you.....what spec did you go for and what kind of discount, if any, did you manage to achieve? Did you try Drive the Deal??
  16. Build was supposed to have been last week.........and yes have been dealing with James. What spec have you gone for?
  17. Michael, the wording of your dealer's response is practically word perfect for my update as well..............did you purchase through Drivethedeal?? Dealer based in Kent??
  18. Is a worn tyre, say down to <3mm, noisier than a brand new tyre? Had P-zero's on 19's on GTD but then switched to Goodyear F1 assymetric and thought they were considerably quieter than the Pirellis.....and cheaper without sacrificing grip or ride quality.
  19. I looked at the new A class when it first came out and I assume there will be little change in terms of construction compared to A35. I don't think its anywhere near as solidly built as the Golf - the metal work is so thin compared to the Golf's. The doors felt toy like......but each to their own. Technology wise I agree its on a different level. Have you contacted Drive the Deal? Ordered my R through them and I can recommend them - give them a try and see what kind of deal you can get - trade off will be money saved against longer lead time for changing your order.
  20. Looked in to this a couple of weeks ago because of the delays with our orders. Was told by a particularly snooty and arrogant sales person at Marshalls Portsmouth that delivery isn't expected to start until March next year. He didn't really seem to know too much about A35 and it was obvious that he couldn't be [email protected] with dealing with "just" a £35k potential order..............so the above may be incorrect
  21. Got my text and email update this morning at 830am - build is w/c 19/11 so week 47 - same as quite a few of you. I doubt it will be here before Christmas....
  22. When did you order Silvadadi? Order placed with dealer on 30/6/18 confirmed with factory on 6/7/18
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