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  1. Many thanks for the update mate 👍
  2. I keep meaning to ask mate. Did you complete your testing to suss out whether it was a placebo or if VCDS tweak to make the throttle response linear actually made an improvement?
  3. I see you're from South Wales mate.... me to (Newport) whereabouts are you?. I don't have VAGCOM but Gwent VW who I always go to (they are brilliant) do, so I'll pop down there and ask the lads down there to do the linear throttle thing for me. I guess pedal boxes won't fix this issue in exactly the same way as they only improve throttle response whereas maybe the linear throttle coding works on other parameters like the DSG. I have no idea????
  4. Bloody hell I hadn't thought of that.... This, along with the whole Throttle Body Adaptation thing, is/was a hot topic when I owned my B8 S4. Why hadn't I thought of that???? Maybe that’s what’s going on in which case maybe I’m not imagining it 👍
  5. Yes they did Bec I can confirm that one at least, although whether there is any difference????
  6. I am sorry I should have added that this IS with the DSG in auto and 'S', by way of comparison, so it can't be just that. I'm willing to bet that if I set everything in individual to 'race' it wouldn't be the same as 'race' mode.... makes no sense I know???? Ellixtt - No mate I'm pretty sure mine offers the 'race' option, not sport, for any settings in 'individual'
  7. I normally drive around in ‘individual’ with everything set to race apart from the steering and suspension elements, but when I put the car into full on ‘race’ mode (as opposed to individual) the car just seems to come alive especially throttle response and shifting downshifting in particular (just in auto, not in manual and not using the shifters) I get that the change in suspension and steering elements have an impact but it just feels more than that. Obviously I can’t quantify it but it just seems (or feels) to be the case. Being an engineer, I know that I must be imagining it but was curious if anybody else feels the same OR is there some kind of overall, override, when in race mode. I've literally just tried it again having driven home from a meeting and I swear I can feel the difference in things that are normally set to race anyway I hope this makes sense and please do forgive me, I did say this sounds ridiculous….
  8. Hi Folks As the title suggests, I am totally confused by these two. Are they integrated and work together???? What is the difference???? Are they just a gimmick???? I have no idea and honestly have been doing my homework (probably as badly as I did in school I admit) but I am just confused. I did have a go at using them when I took delivery of the car back in late July but gave up. I do use an EE MIFI in the car which works really well at connecting the car to the internet almost anywhere. Any help, advice or tutelage would be greatly appreciated 👍
  9. Don’t get me wrong I love my R BUT I hate one thing more than most (including the rattles and the Performance Monitor issues). You know how car doors have two or three natural opening points (ie a mechanical resistance, they will stay there until pushed further open) well my 5 door which obviously hasn’t got massive front doors only has two. Partially open (very difficult to get out like that and I’m fairly skinny) or fully open…. Too wide open, risking damage to mine or the next car in a car park or the mahoosive stone walls either side of our drive facing forwards down hill!!!! It terrifies me to let some careless passengers get into the car un-assisted. It does however make me look like a perfect gentleman when I open the door and hold it (selfishly) for them though. My wife’s Fiat 500 has huge doors (I think) but has a much safer middle opening point and hence nowhere near as fraught
  10. Leo I have put spacers on many of my past cars for aesthetical reasons BUT you have worried me enough here about ruining the 'carefully designed suspension geometry' on the car to re-think.... Thank you mate and to every one else who has given their thoughts on this 👍
  11. Hi I do apologise as I’m sure that this has been answered many times but by searching I cannot find any real definitive answers. I have Spielbergs on mine (sorry) and have no idea of their ET as I have never have taken them off in my 4 months of ownership. Are they the same ET as Prets? If so please can someone kindly advise what width that they have used front and rear with no ill effects ie rubbing etc. I have no plans to lower right now but with Christmas coming up I’m being asked what I want and….. what I want is spacers. Also if someone can recommend a supplier/manufacturer that would be most appreciated
  12. I can confirm that there is also a Spielberg 'Trench'
  13. My unit is the same version as both of your cars but my R has the same versions of hardware and software as your GTi PP. Again like your GTi PP mine also also seems responsive to use and fast to startup plus the gauges don't rearrange without my input, and yet we have the same problem with the Oil Temp gauge .... the plot thickens????
  14. Yes it does show correctly in 'driving data' which is how I discovered the intermittent fault with the Performance Monitor gauge and to a lesser extent the coolant temp as well as, as you know, that's always shown on the dash. Any ideas mate?
  15. MuffinR Thank you.... I didn't want to quote you due to the size of your response and having no idea how not to post it all here. So you have exactly the same problem, it seems, so at least two of us???? Any one else????
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