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  1. Yup the performance monitor on your infotainment screen mate
  2. I took delivery of my motor just over a year ago and when I first got it I tried connecting the car to the internet and all the VW apps etc.... to no real avail, got bored and gave up but now I'm starting to play with the online thing again using my MIFI but for the life of me I can't tell if the Nav has more functionality when online versus not. Can anyone shed some light please? Many thanks in anticipation
  3. My missus thought that I was off my rocker today when I said that I wanted to go to Dunelm (they sell Oven mate) to buy some oven cleaner. I've just tried it, following your instructions Andy, and it works a bloody treat and so easy too
  4. That's great thank you. How long did you leave it on for?
  5. What Oven Mate product are you using mate? Doing a quick Google they seem to do a gel and a paste
  6. Have you tried the performance monitor on the infotainment screen.... you can view things like oil temp, coolant temp, boost etc and still use your nav on the dash. A word of caution however, there does seem to be an intermittent software glitch whereby even when the oil is up to 50 degrees it still shows zero.
  7. My missus took delivery of her (bog standard) Abarth 595 in January.... Lovely little motor and sounds great. Once it was finally run in (she does't do much mileage) I have since taken it around some of those amazing twisties near Brecon quite a few times for work purposes and do you know what, and I can't evidence this obviously, but I would hate for me driving my R, to race me driving her motor with her's in sport mode and with DCC switched on. I think I'd embarrass me in my 'superior' Golf 😲
  8. Here's one that I don't like.... So on my missus' Abarth, being a three door, I think that the doors are mahoosive, but the hinges on her's have three opening points. One a tad difficult to get out, the next perfect to exit the car but nowhere near fully open and finally fully open, but on the Golf there's just two, the first being the difficult to exit one and then the fully open one - which is way too wide and the potential for passengers to open them up and hit something is scary. Hell I even have to warn them in advance, which to them makes me sound a bit obsessive!!!! 🤬 Even my daughters have to say to me "I know dad.... watch the doors"
  9. On my S4 there was a virtual dipstick that you could pull up on the infotainment screen but I was always worried about it's accuracy. There was a blanked off dipstick tube. I could removed that blanking cap and bought an after market dipstick, but again I was worried about the accuracy of an aftermarket item.... not that I'm paranoid about oil level or anything 😄
  10. Me too, but it does help if you know the diff between min and max. I think that this is the first car that I've had for years where it doesn't tell you in the manual!!!! In fact my last car (Audi S4) didn't even have a dipstick which scared the hell out of me
  11. I'm aware that it's normally a litre on most cars but I'm always nervous about over filling. In this case I'll bow to, and thank you for, your greater knowledge mate. many thanks confirming and for putting my mind at ease over this Graeme
  12. How do you know it's 1 litre mate???? I've been looking everywhere for that answer
  13. Just look at the 'Vehicle Data Sticker' on the inside cover of your owner's manual. If it say '228 KW' then I'm pretty sure it'll be a pre WLTP
  14. Many thanks for the update mate 👍
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