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  1. On the subject of services, I tried to check my recently acquired Golf R's service plan out on the VW site and it said I already have a fixed price service plan on this car. Obviously that must have been the previous owner and with only 11k on the clock and the fact it has only ever had 2 services I am trying to figure out if there is likely any pre-paid services on my car or discount I could get from continuing this plan as I think I have heard others transfer their service plans and warranty over to new owners? Can anyone advise? I downloaded the VW app to find out what work had been carried out on these two services as wanted to see all work carried out on the car but the app only gives you the dates they occurred no details. Does anyone know where you can download or get full info from online or do I need to visit my local dealer?
  2. You cant get in trouble for leaving without paying as long as you have explained the situation and filled out a no means of payment form. Usually most companies give 24/48hrs leeway. It is illegal to drive off without giving your details though. When at college many years ago πŸ˜‚ I used to work at petrol station and the amount of drive offs we had were huge but people who actually come in and explain the situation you shouldn't treat as suspect or be rude to them because, who comes in and gets their face on camera and explains the situation to never return? They either drive off or are 99% genuine. They are on camera either way. We regularly used to have the coppers in reviewing camera footage to try track down local lads who had fake plates and used to drive off all the time. Quite often we wouldn't authorise the pumps to engage when we were suspect and asked them to pop in via the forecourt intercom and they would just get back in their cars and drive off in a huff knowing they were caught.
  3. LUG


    Hi All, I am wanting to grab a Front/Rear dashcam setup that records when the engine is off. I have been looking at the Blackvue setups and just wondering if someone can advise what is the best model to get currently and how best to keep it powered. Think I have read about purchasing an additonal battery pack in other threads. Hoping I can pick up a deal on Black Friday or run up to/or after xmas. Appreciate any suggestions πŸ‘
  4. LUG

    Interior Cleaning

    Apologies for slow reply, especially considering you took the time to give me advice and respond. This is a really crappy picture I've took now that I've looked at it on the computer, but tis definitely nothing dodgy this white substance I have ordered an upholstery brush to try clean them off. Looks worse and bigger in person. Cant seem to pick away it it with my nails. Hoping if I scrub with a brush the bristles will loosen whatever it is and not damage the seat.
  5. LUG

    Interior Cleaning

    Don't word it that way πŸ˜‚ I tried my hardest to keep smut out of it lol I meant to get a picture today when it was light, but started my day at 5am and finished after dark so no chance. Supposed to be sunny tomorrow so gonna try clean the car a little and take a picture of the white substance lol
  6. Did anyone install this boot pop kit on a Golf R 7.5 ? would like.
  7. LUG

    Am I covered

    They can't expect you to always stay at home every night. So in the event your car was damaged or nicked surely its entirely plausible to tell them this isn't a regular occurrence and you should be covered? unless they have compelling evidence to the contrary I don't see them rejecting a claim but wouldn't put it past some insurers.
  8. Hi All, Does anyone know whats best to use on Cloth 7.5 dark seats? I have some weird sort of white marks on the seats, not sure what they are, tried picking away at them with by nails doesn't seem to want to come off. Wondering whats best to spray on them. It looks like its melted paper or plastic or something. Will try take a picture tomorrow. Whilst we're on the subject of the interior I used some wipes from Halford on the door card where the blue light is (wooden effect part) on the door and it left a horrible after smear. what wipes does everyone use on the interior doors cards, handles and other panels? Thanks
  9. Would be good to see a GTI or R version as the body isn't terrible but not exactly compelling to purchase. I am secretly happy it doesn't really put my nearly acquired 7.5 to shame, no real desire to want to upgrade to this. the dash/cockpit just looks weird.
  10. Am I the only one who had to google this??? 36, Warehouse Manager. Zzzzz Getting too close to 40 for my liking 😢
  11. LUG

    Shit myself.

    Yep I’ve done the multi-storey parking space thing before both πŸ˜€ but there has always been than underlying feeling of..... hold on now, are you on the right floor??? And then you go searching on a mission to make sure πŸ˜‚ this was more like this can’t be it was next to this silver BMW OMFG!! πŸ˜‚ moral of the story don’t park next to BMW’s??? 😁
  12. LUG

    Shit myself.

    Just popped in to Tesco’s and parked next to a silver BMW coupe who had the END spot with more room. Nice car, well looked after let’s park next to this. Go in and grab my shopping as you do. Heading back towards my car the BMW is still there but my car is hidden behind it. As I approach the BMW I can see the parking space I parked in is empty!!!!! My stomach has just hit the ground and I’m thinking WTF I don’t Even have keyless entry how’s it gone [emoji22] Look around frantically and see another BMW coupe in the next parking lane across in the end spot and my car is sat next to it [emoji23] [emoji23] my face must of been a picture of horror for all of 30 seconds and if anyone was looking at me flapping and swinging around looking every direction they probably thought I was mad. Stupid thing to share but I had to tell someone [emoji3]
  13. Im in Worcestershire, will be a nice drive, on my way! πŸ˜‚ How do VW react on services and warranty with one fitted? has anyone had any issues or denial of work for warranty based on someone having one installed? Still need to work out what OBDEleven version to purchase but its definitely one of the first things I'm going to look in to.
  14. Pedal box is a maybe, not sure how it effects my warranty and insurance? not sure I want to mess around too much in the 1st year of warranty. OBDEleven annoyingly doesn't work on iOS so I mean to get a cheap Android device and purchase it, just wondering what package is best on the site as there seems to be a few? Pro best to get? I'm not sure I do πŸ˜‚ its like they are so flush/snug with the steering wheel its un-natural to use them? they need to be only a little bit further away? if that makes sense? but either way I'd need to test some before making a decision to purchase and upgrade. Glad you enjoyed it I have lots of thoughts and questions but any normal folk or friend would be bored listening to this lot of general ramblings πŸ˜‚ I went to the Chinese takeaway for tea tonight, did 40 miles, its only 1 mile away πŸ˜‚ Thanks for reading and replying πŸ‘ Acceleration is awkwardly scary, I never know when the throttle and power is really gonna kick in and there have been times when I'm exiting roundabouts or heading up dual tracks that before I know it I'm up someones arse πŸ˜‚ and feel embarrassed like a boy racer πŸ˜† The grip to the road the AWD is brilliant, I honestly don't think I've pushed it as far as it can go either, ill be honest I'm driving a little cautiously until I get used to the DSG box and throttle response. I don't fancy ending up in a ditch. Its not too fast for me, its more the feeling the acceleration isn't always under my control and the roads have been wet mostly. Brakes are brilliant and aren't extra sharp like some cars you get in, they react well. Overall the digital cockpit was well worth spending a few extra grand for a 7.5. I like the old digital dials visually, but the digital cockpit has so many nice features. The steering wheel controls and cabin is great, have started to hear a few plastic creeks and cracks when driving though, good old VW. I'll be honest I kinda wish it had DCC, I have never driven a car with DCC but after everything I have read about it and driving this for a while now there have been times the suspension could have done with some help. I will update the post again with some questions and other comments when I have time, 5am starts at work and didn't get home until 6pm. my mental capacity to depict or compose my issues or observations about the car is limited, its hard to explain some things especially when they might not be common to all. Its been a while since I visited any sort of car show or meet but might look whats going on in my area at some point. Thanks for all the replies and suggestions all, its nice to know others understand or can relate and take interest. πŸ‘
  15. LUG

    Newbie checking in

    Welcome to the forum πŸ‘
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