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  1. Maybe because I always look at Personal Cover rather than Vehicle Cover is why I am always expecting £80's worth. Thats not a bad price to cover the car though with those options. 👍
  2. Good call! Lo and behold, I have removed the car, logged out and back in and 4 service items have turned up in the Application going back as far as June.
  3. Hi All, Does anyone use VW Roadside Assistance as their Breakdown Cover? I had it for free for the 1st year and just realised I have no breakdown cover, its expired. I never needed to use this, and I am wondering if it is any better than any other provider, I pretty sure they just sub it out to the AA anyway. You can get VW cover for £89 per year which sounds a lot but its not really as when you see competitors pricing theirs at £36 p/m they generally have an excess payment, limited call puts and no home start. Who's everyone else using for cover at the moment?
  4. I had my last service on the 22nd Sept, its now the 26th October and the MyVW app has not registered my service. When my car went in to VW last week for warranty work I asked when it would be updated and the service advisor stated it can take a fair few weeks to update. in my opinion it should be the same day. Input it on the system when its being done ffs. My OCD with stuff likes me kills me, as I want to know its logged correctly and not forgotten about.
  5. The government will surely just add Fuel duty tax to the electricity consumption OR add more to road tax (VED). Where as automative companies like Tesla is going to try and draw people in to a subscription service for their Full Self Drive services going in to the future. The more technological and digital our cars become, the more companies can Turn On and Off features and add subscription style costs to them. Its actually a bleak future for the car enthusiast in my opinion 🙁
  6. Honestly by the time it comes round to upgrading from "needing" to rather than "wanting" to, I'll probably bite the bullet and go electric. I tend to keep my cars a long time and look after them as I love my Golf's but I cant see the MK8 pushing me to indulge and purchase one sooner than needed so ill hang on to the 7.5 until its time to move with the times and go electric. Im sure electric infrustructure for refuelling and prices will have come down to sensible levels by then.
  7. LUG

    MK8 Loan Car

    @R_wannabe_owner Its not a fair comparison no, as my Golf R is a higher spec to some degree, but the options that are missing such as (heated seats/folding wing mirrors/alloys) etc aren't the problem. The problem is model wide fundamental options such as heating controls. For instance last night I had to go out again in it, so I said "Hello Volkswagen, Im too cold" like I have seen YouTubers do. Yet the car replied with "Heating controls are not available via voice assistant" or something to that manner. So I am guessing that is a paid upgrade but then I tried to change the heating when driving using the controls. Yes I am not familiar with them yet, but in the dark its hard to see where you are even pressing, especially with touch controls, it was very fiddly to get the heat up. The Cabin does look nice when lit up, but to me the menu screen theme looks childish and the centre console has already been scratched by someone (not me) 😂 see image. AppleCarPlay - Wirelessly is very lagged when opening apps, YouTube audio was out of sync with the video on my phone (yes I was stationary when watching a video, was just testing). Pressing play on Spotify is delayed or skipping tracks is. The wireless charging matt kept disconnecting from charging to my phone which was annoying but on top of that it warns you also, which is distracting. I don't even have a big case on my phone, its very thin, so don't know why it kept disconnecting. if I pressed my phone down on the matt you could feel the matt is lifted slightly and wasn't sitting flush in the console so I wonder if this will be a persistent issue down the line. I've not got a pan roof so that was nice to open today with the sun, still don't like the look of them when open, I think it spoils the look of the car when they're facing upwards. Person taste. The mk8 I drove (not sure what model it was) was so slow compared to my R 😂, but the ride comfort was very nice. I certanily noticed the pot holes and crap roads on the way home in my R, whilst in the mk8 they went un-noticed. Mine doesn't have DCC mind and will have a stiffer suspension to the standard golf. Overall it will take a huge refresh to the mk8 to win me back, especially the interior displays which look so cheap.
  8. The garage gave me a MK8 loan car today and back when I originally sat in one my opinion hasn’t changed. It’s such a plastic poverty spec mess. I haven’t driven it much but on the way home the amount of warnings and advisory’s it gives you is distracting. foot is off the accelerator hazard warnings not available at this time Breaking eco tips The Wireless AppleCarPlay disconnected 2 times on the way home, assuming it was because the phone was sliding inside the cubby hole. The armrest isn’t really padded like my Golf R, there is some padding but you notice your elbow hitting the hard shell underneath. The plastic and touchscreen type buttons are horrible to use. I used the in-car voice activated assistant a few times (no buttons just said Hey VW) and that worked really well which I was surprised at. Not sure what the official way to call it is but it worked. The only other good thing is the seats are quite comfy, hard to say in such a short journey but they seem to have a fair bit more of cushioned support. I’ll likely only drive it once more before I get mine back tomorrow, but overall it’s just a shame it’s not exciting or a reason to wanna upgrade.
  9. Do you have anyone doing the bodywork when its up and running? maybe a wrap or respray? This conversion is inspiring, maybe you could blag a youtube like https://yiannimize.com to wrap it for free not had time to browse the forums lately, you've made some great progress 👍
  10. So the service went ahead, yup all pre-paid for by the previous owner They also spotted my water pump thermostat housing is leaking, which they are replacing on warranty, I'd not noticed any significant dip in coolant so Im glad they spotted this to be fair
  11. I got them too, but at an extra cost the robbing b*stards. Should of taken it to a specialist but I wanted the stamp in the book and during cover and such bookings at garages and travelling etc wasn't worth the hassle.
  12. Thanks @Booth11 just don't want them fobbing me off when it comes to the bill. I had the brake fluid / haldex done in June as it had passed the 3yr old mark and the dealer I purchased it from rang me to inform me. The dealer I got it from are always sending me alerts about the car, my local dealer sends me nothing even though ive told them to put me on their system and they have done work on the car.
  13. Hi All, My car is in for a 12month service on Tuesday. its only done about 16k, so assuming its still a minor service they'll carry out. When I purchased my car it had a service plan and I know I have 1 free oil service change left. Do you think that means the entire Minor Service will be paid for or just the oil ? might be a stupid question 😂 I'll be honest now its past 3 years, I'd prefer a more in-depth service at some point before the winter, but then again why pay for extras when the car is performing fine? any opinions? Might change the pollen filter myself before winter as I believe thats due at 20k and im close to that ? Thanks
  14. I have too, but I’ve also seen people have had issues with them overheating and I don’t fancy my car setting on fire for a charging matt [emoji23]
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