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  1. I don't know the full in and out and it depends what you have currently as to the MIB unit needing upgrading. but companies like https://www.vw-retrofit.co.uk do this, its not cheap but I've only seen good reviews regards this company. Wont be too far a drive looking at your location either.
  2. LUG

    Proud new R owner

    Welcome to the group pal πŸ‘
  3. LUG

    Seat Belts

    In the MK8 the passenger can operate the bloody touchscreen [emoji23]
  4. LUG

    Seat Belts

    Sacrilege! The car is meant to be driven fast at all times πŸ˜‚ But yeah I am referring to the passenger side one, always where my belt no matter what. I usually use my aircon and keep windows closed, but sometimes in the nice weather its good to have the windows down and feel the breeze. The passenger side belt flaps so fast it makes a kinda noise Rolf Harris would make with a wobble board on speed πŸ˜‚
  5. Does anyone else's seat belts flap like crazy when driving with the windows down? they go so mad and fast they cause an audible and distorting noise thats unbearable at times. I've had seatbelts flap before but not to this extent. They are tensioned fully.
  6. @therwagon Welcome mate There are other places that can sort your voice control out for cheaper than dealer prices but yes they will charge you. Also if you have AppleCarPlay on your MIB unit, you have to LONG press the voice control button for Siri/Voice control actions rather than press it once for the standard VW in-built voice controls.
  7. I think the motor can get stuck from reading past threads, also came across this sentence on another post regards it: Hope that helps?
  8. After my step dad passed my mom sold his car to some Romanian chaps who came up from Portsmouth on the fly. They rang her that day and she reluctantly said yes to a viewing that night (within the winter months) when it was dark, so they wouldn't get a good look at the car in the dark. This was all suspect to me so I made sure after she told me I was present for the viewing. The guys came up and viewed it in the pitch black, asked to test drive it and I said no, I would drive it and they could sit in the passenger seat, one of the two chaps stayed in his car outside my moms house. When we got back from the test drive he offered the full price in cash! this was like 9k. I told my Mom to say no to cash in case of fake notes and it just felt all wrong but my Mother is too trusting and wanted the car gone with debts and bills to pay like funeral costs, so I insisted we go to the nearest Tesco's to ask politely if the petrol station would kindly check the notes through their machine. I don't mean to be judgemental or racist but the Romanian guy looked dodgy anyway, and went in to the petrol station and said "Im buying a car, check these notes are real so he sells it me" πŸ˜‚ The cashier was like errr No thanks we're not getting involved in this try the main store attached to us. So this time I went to the desk first and politely asked the manager and explained the situation and fair play they checked a good majority and mix of the notes and they all checked out. We got back to my Moms and she agreed the sale so I asked to count the cash again and she didnt want to πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ I insisted we count the cash a second time, after doing so low and behold it was 1k short, he checked his pockets and looked surprised and then ran to his car and said he was sorry he had dropped one of the envelopes in the door, yeah right! Anyway I made sure I took pictures of them both and of their driving licenses as a condition of the sale and of their car registration. This was the most dodgyest sale ever πŸ˜‚ but the cash all went in to the bank no issues and the transfer was fine no phone calls from the police down the line. Apologies to rant this bollocks but this is how NOT to do a sale and reading some of the above just reminded me of it πŸ˜‚
  9. Back on Topic lads and ladies πŸ˜„ New Oettinger Styled Volkswagen Golf MK8 kit coming soon! Exterior is looking better tarted up, but still, Oettinger cant do jack to help that interior and dash. The ball is in your court VW on this one for the R styling.
  10. Assuming you're in the UK? I'm surprised you're going left hand drive despite the performance reasons you mention. If you get this up and running and looking sweet it would likely effect resale value I'd imagine (if you ever intend to sell). Still very excited to see how this turns out πŸ‘
  11. Well this thread went off topic [emoji849] [emoji23]
  12. I wanna get some springs or coilovers. Unsure what to get but I only wanna drop enough to close the huge gap between my 18's and arches and keep decent ride comfort. Not sure if this is enough for me.
  13. LUG

    Battery Charger

    Thanks @slider09 - Did you mean this one? Amazon Link Probably double what I was thinking of spending, but if you buy cheap you buy twice they say. Might go for this, but any other opinions or known deals guys?
  14. LUG

    Battery Charger

    Can anyone recommend a half decent battery charger? It’s not for my Golf R, but I have a small van on my drive where the battery is dead and if I can maybe also use this charger down the line on my R for an emergency that would be good. Confused by what Amp charger to get looking at amazon listings.
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