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  1. Some good points made here, they are small but they all add up, I've only sat in a poverty spec mk8 so far but it does not seem like an upgrade from my 7.5. I am hoping they can fix or iron out many issues in the R version or a refresh down the line.
  2. Don't let buyers weakness succumb to you on the day, if you think its off, or they aren't putting in the effort to offer extended warranty or a valid reason to put your mind at ease walk away pal. Good luck 👍
  3. To be fair it could just be a minor issue which the last owner was adamant they wanted fixed within the warranty period and the dealer wasn't getting to the root cause of it, but personally I would be looking at other cars and skipping this one, I'm unlucky and my nose for a suspect car or situation is normally right.
  4. @Booth11 trying to minimise the poll options was giving me a headache, so many variables to consider but I left it at two version of Yes, two versions of No and 2 of Undecided based on what I think most will consider. I'm a maybe down the line if a refresh or the R makes big changes to the interior and exterior. Im a huge fan of VW and Golf's would love to stick with the brand and model. I personally think the exterior can be resolved easily by VW during a refresh (8.5) or the R having an aggressive bodykit at launch. I also think the same can be said of the interior display unit screens which I think look like cheap Android tablets. I don't mind going touch screen although I'd always want manual control of the heating, but after sitting in a MK8 the touchscreen doesn't feel natural to use left handed and it feels like a stretch to use, especially when driving I'd imagine. Personally with the car's expected price to be very high and with a few optional extras on top the 40K bracket will be smashed and not only is that a LOT for a Golf, it means you get the higher Car Tax to pay also. So it'll be a long way off me having one.
  5. When I purchased my Golf R 7.5 last year I was aware the 8 was right around the corner and that I'd probably want to upgrade to it, however the styling of the interior and some of the exterior is terrible in my opinion and I don't have any urge to upgrade. The interior screens and bezels look so cheap and tacky. No manual controls for the heating. I honestly thought the leaked pictures and the press release photo's we saw early on were unfinished or prototype models, so they could test the hardware. I really did expect to see a much more polished and stylish interior especially for the expected price. I cant say 100% I won't purchase a mk8 down the line, but unless there is a huge refresh or the performance models get a great upgrade in styling its looking unlikely, plus the price on top! I think they'd need to throw in free bucket seats for me to put up with that dash 😂 hopefully VW have a few tricks up their sleeve but I honestly think VW have seriously lost sight of what customers want and the Golf's heritage. You never know opinions and things change, but currently its not looking great.
  6. Thought I'd add one of mine from my lockdown trip out 😂
  7. So, with the current details available to us, what are your current thoughts or intentions towards purchasing a MK8 Golf? Are you a dead cert to pick up a model at some point, undecided or disappointed on whats on offer? It would be good to see what the current general consensus is.
  8. I might go CH-R as they do seem to suit the car, but CH's were my original love years ago and I have never pulled the trigger on a set
  9. I like my Cadiz wheels, don't get me wrong I have my eyes set on a BBS CH's in the future but I prefer my Cadiz over Prets. btw, don't laugh but I just had to google where Cadiz is 😂 never knew it was a City and my worldwide geography is normally pretty good lol
  10. This colour is marmite, some love it, some I hate it. The paint looks amazing under lighting and sunny days. I was so close on purchasing a turmeric yellow one at one point, spec ticked all the boxes but had my heart set on Lapiz. Welcome to the forum. The best bit about your car is..... its one of the last 3DR"s!! Look after it, will be a future classic it does look good pal. 👍
  11. LUG

    speed camera

    Hopefully someone comes along to assist as I don't know know personally, I just use Waze on AppleCarPlay which hasn't let me down.
  12. I just cant get excited about an estate 😂 glad you're happy with it though, great pictures 👍
  13. LUG

    LUG's - 7.5R

    Found one more, shame the car is dirty, can also see swirl marks that need correcting soon!
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