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  1. As an early riser in the cold every morning, this is one of the holy grail options I am looking for when buying a used R. Few people spec it on 3DR's I find though
  2. LUG


    Hi All, Thanks for the replies, I have opted away from the car. The dealer was not open to any discount on the price of the car for me to replace the tyres and since they have actually mentioned the price of the car will be going up this week as was priced a little low originally they say. The Alloys were prets btw and the reason I questioned they tyres and their tread when viewing the advert as because the didn't look right on the Prets. Something about them on the prets looked wrong. Thanks all, ill stay away from these in future.
  3. LUG


    Hi all, Looking at a car at a dealer miles away from me and they have replaced all 4 tyres on it recently. I asked what tyres they were and this was the response: "With regards to the tyres it has a new set of tyre all 7mm depth which are Nexen NFera which are a mid range brand." Any comments or opinions on this brand, thinking of going to look at this car but it miles away. The tyres aren’t a deal breaker as they can be changed, but at a cost down the line so potentially a haggling point. never heard of this brand?
  4. To top it off they aren't even making any 3DR versions anymore are they? so even one of these with GTI or R styling won't look much better. It looks wank
  5. Wish I had the money for new!
  6. LUG

    mk8 golf

    Do all of you seriously think this is the final cut? it wouldn't surprise me if it is, but haven't VW driven around the new models with a different body/shell on it before to disguise it? Agreed with most of the comments, it looks like something Peugeot or Renault would bring out body shape wise.
  7. Although its not the point, that video evidence is spot on! 😃 Well worth the money those Dashcams. I always let my passengers get out before I park in a tight spot, just easier for everyone, especially in a 3DR
  8. Makes me wonder, did your insurance cover the optional extra climate windscreen? sounds stupid to ask but makes me wonder if it has to be declared or some insurance companies might try not cover like for like on it. Have to say in my continuing search for an R, the climate windscreen is a preferred option and not many seem to spec it, I start work at 5am every morning so the early starts in the winter months this would be so useful.
  9. Be that as it may, people accepting such big amounts of cash from a random person (not knowing they are a car trader or drug dealer or just a genuine person with a lot of spare cash) it really is not worth accepting that much cash without getting the notes checked over at point of sale.
  10. Or a bank transfer non-binary person too 😃
  11. Yes I am on about the buyer paying in notes. Don’t get me wrong I am currently in the market to purchase an R in cash currently but it will be a bank transfer regardless.
  12. Good point if the bank don't accept or the notes are fake you don't hand over the keys. In my circumstance above it was 7pm at night and they wanted to drive the car home that night and had travelled far. Question still has to be though who wants to pay 20k cash? and for what sensible reason.
  13. When my dad died we had to sell his car, it was up for around 11k at the time and we hadn't had a bite in weeks, we had debts to pay, funeral etc and then some lads which I think were Romanians turned up to look at it wanting to pay cash. Immediately I told my mother not to entertain it but she had already given them the green light to come up from Portsmouth and we are in the Midlands. They arrived and yep with 11k in cash. I didn't want to allow the sale without a bank transfer in fear the notes were fake or it was dirty money or something, just didn't sit right with me. Lots more to the story but not to bore you in the end we did sell it for cash, I ended up going to the Local Tescos explaining the situation to the store manager who checked most of the notes for me using their machine. Surprised they did it to be fair or got involved it was awkward and weird all round but my Mom was adamant she wanted the car sold. Money was all good in the end and we deposited to the bank without issue but I still think we took a huge risk and it was desperate times and all. Definitely wouldn't do it again if I could help it.
  14. Honestly the VW site is a shambles! Couldn't agree more. I have been searching for an R for 6 months and I nearly emailed VW yesterday when losing my rag with the site. The search as you say is seriously flawed and another thing that bothers me is when you do find a car you like you click to see it and the webpage won't load. It will either try to load and hang on the loading bar forever or you'll get a Back End Fetch Failed 503 error. Its useless.
  15. I've used Midland VW in the past for a cam belt and water pump change and also some other odds and sods. Well worth travelling to them and they did a great job with fair prices. Not been there for years now because I've neglected my old Golf a bit and used a local garage. When I finally purchase an R I will be going back to them. Let us know an update if you use them.
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