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  1. Literally laughed out loud 😂 Email was sent Friday night, I know its only Monday but they haven't responded yet. Go pick the car up pal, you have TWO now 😁
  2. I’ve since found this on the VW site: https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/need-help/electric-hybrid-cars/remote-heating and yes it refers to electric/hybrid cars as you first thought. Salesman didn’t know what he was talking about or trying to baffle me with bullshit again lol
  3. @PEHZY the dealer/salesman has reached out to me following up on me not getting back in touch with them regards this car, and I am in two minds on pulling them up on their story. However..... I have nothing to gain from doing so other than giving them a reality check that they can't just lie to people they try to sell cars to! yet YOU have something to lose here as if I explain you came forward on a forum and explained what you have to me it may stale your relationship with the dealer who you might need to use in the future. As I live now where near the dealer I can steer clear of them or not have to worry about this. I started writing an email back to him and then thought of your future relationship with them and possibly giving away too much info you may not like. Up to you if I send my reply to them? response below:
  4. Thought as much, I just couldn't pull him up on his bullshit because I didn't know myself and although I didn't believe him I was secretly hoping this was true and you could do this.
  5. I am thinking the latter Dave as when I questioned him on the heater being remotely activated without starting the engine he couldn't elaborate. Anyone got the App or have this option?
  6. It was an R he was trying to sell me, stating this was an option i.e don't worry about Heated Windscreen at 5am in the morning you can do this instead. Edited my original post so much wrong with the autocorrect wording on my phone lol
  7. So recently when asking a dealer to find me a car with a heated windscreen the salesman still tried to push and sell me another’s car(Golf R) they had stating “did you know with the CarApp you can turn your heating on remotely so you car is warm when you get in” I wasn’t aware of this as I don’t own an R so I asked how does this work without the engine being on? I didn’t think it was legal to have remote start in the UK? He couldn’t answer me and I’m still none the wiser. So so what’s the deal with remote access to the R from the VW CarApp? What can you do and not do?
  8. LUG


    Indecisive Wannabe R Owner 😂
  9. Honestly my local dealer is a rip off, they over price cars to the max and don't normally haggle well. If they think they have one over on you by finding your desired spec, they would take as much advantage of it as possible, best to find the one and not let them know you won't walk away from the car. I find cars up north or down south are a lot cheaper and dealers are more open to deals, just means I can't view in person until serious about the car due to travel distance. One of the main reasons I probably haven't purchased until now is, by the time I have got as much information I would like with intent to visit it may have sold or when I have made the journey I have found something wrong and been upset after a long journey, plus having time to go see and find the spec I want. I do have a few dealers with my details and desired spec from previous enquiries. By the way for anyone reading, I haven't spoken to VW Bradford since and they haven't called me, so not gonna bother pulling them up not he fake story they gave me, but will be staying clear of that dealer!
  10. Am I right in thinking there won't be a 3DR version? pictures above seem to suggest otherwise.
  11. [mention=25789]Cb543[/mention] [mention=25589]Dave[/mention] above my budget lads and Dave would have loved to have bought yours [emoji106]
  12. At this point I don't know what to think, forget the car, complain about the lies, ask for a heavy discount if its not that bad?? I am glad you are happy with the other car, and they may not have known about the repair/paintwork when they sold YOU the car but they definitely did after trying to sell it to me today! Thing is I asked them today has the paintwork been sorted (meaning the small chip I noticed on the n/s front wheel arch) and they have a great get out clause to say oh we thought you meant the door/roof etc I'm betting! I have spoken to Stuart/Phil and James so far after tracking this car for a few weeks. Really disappointed 😕
  13. I am destined to not buy an R I'm sure of it. @PEHZY thank you for taking the time to warn me and reply, much appreciated mate 👍 My trust in dealers and purchasing an R is becoming a joke. I am doomed trying to purchase an R I'm sure of it 😂😭
  14. By the way guys, I appreciate everyones replies despite PEHZY throwing a f*****g welcome curveball!
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