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  1. DDave

    We buy any car

    Was offered £14,500 for my Jan 13 reg Mk 7 GTI PP three door last July from VW which I thought was a reasonable offer, tried a basic advert on auto trader at £15,200 and accepted £15000 from Prestige cars. Northumberland on the same day I picked up my new R, they transferred the money to my bank and even dropped me off over 30 miles out of their way to collect my R. It was advertised at £16995 for many weeks after.
  2. DDave

    Battery life Golf R

    My previous motor Mk 7 Golf GTi PP battery still going strong at 5 years old when I sold it.
  3. DDave

    Happy New Year..!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR and R motoring to everyone in 2019 a great forum for help and advice.
  4. DDave

    dealership messed up on service!!

    Disgusting service! Which dealership was it? So I can avoid. Needs properly cleaning and oil and filter changed at least, would,nt have thought there would be any serious contamination unless driving conditions were very dusty. But definitely have strong words with the manager.
  5. DDave

    New Golf R on order

    Welcome! Hope you get your car sooner rather than later seems the delays are getting longer and longer. Similar spec and colour to mine sure you won,t regret the wait it's a brilliant car
  6. DDave

    WLTP pushed back again

    From your posts I must have been very lucky ordered mine 28th April this year delivered to VW Chester 12th July.
  7. DDave

    What will your next car be?

    Love the R. but have always fancied a Porsche Cayman or 911 just have to convince the missus now.
  8. DDave

    How old are we all?

    64. The wife's always saying act your age or grow up. Life's too short 😊
  9. DDave


    Black 19" Prets. for me look awesome no problem with the ride with DCC
  10. DDave

    VAG Alternatives?

    Totally happy with my Golf R, as for my next car if VW stick with the 5 door only policy it will be my last. Also intrigued by the A35 I know it's only five door but like the look and performance of it. Who knows?
  11. Not so much side windows but definitely windscreen, same on my previous Golf Mk7 GTI use to think there was a problem but seems common to these motors.
  12. DDave

    Seat covering

    Thanks all for the feedback, probably leave as is, don,t trust VW to strip the seat could be worse?!
  13. DDave

    7.5R Variant says hello!

    Welcome. Nice motor gloss black trim and black alloys look great with the red paintwork, post some more pics. ENJOY
  14. DDave

    Seat covering

    Seat covering slightly slack (rippled) on side of drivers seat is this fairly normal is anybody else's the same? 5 month old 7.5R Showed main dealer but they did,nt inspire me with confidence that they could sort it, and would,nt trust them either.