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  1. My selector as been fairly stiff and clunky from new (July 18) worse going back from drive to park through neutral and reverse than the other way, fine selecting manual and sport modes My first DSG so don,t know if normal or not drives fine.
  2. Yes residuals on the R seem slightly less than the GTI, did manage to secure a good discount though on my new R through Orangewheels. Sold my 5 1/2 year old Mk.7 GTI PP with low miles last year for £15000 which I bought new pre-registered for £28000
  3. A couple not far from me tried this a few years ago as a way to sell there house, they never sold the amount of tickets required to cover the value of their house and the raffle never ever took place. Don,t know but take it they refunded what they had sold?
  4. Five and a half years on my previous Mk 7 GTI PP used mainly on short journeys and never had a problem with the battery. Must be more battery drain on the R ?
  5. DDave


    Drove a large diesel forklift truck for 18 years in my previous job and one of the lads nicknamed me Dangerous! 🤔
  6. Black on mine look great, Indium grey, 90% tints and black mirror caps/trim. Nightmare to keep clean though show brake dust within a day of cleaning.
  7. Welcome to the forum 👋 Sure you will enjoy the R
  8. Mike-- 5c means in transit nearly here usually about two weeks from dealers
  9. Had the same problem with mine when I collected from new, apparently twisted rubber seal between two half's of bottle, seal greased and refitted at dealers and as Slider says access was through wheel arch liner.
  10. Nice motor! definitely damaged before collection would be very unlikely stonechip etc. looks like a small cut mark would be well pissed off with that. Thats a full bumper respray to correct properly. Don,t accept a smart repair.
  11. Just a shot in the dark could it be the soundakator behind the bulkhead resonating?
  12. shiiiiiit A45 AMG for me next 👎👎
  13. Had 2 years servicing for £159 with VW PCP deal and paid the finance off after a week. Always wait at the dealership for first service usually done in less than a hour. Tell them not to wash and also leave note on the dash DO NOT WASH Don,t trust any of them!
  14. Vibration like you say on a fairly new car is either wheel balancing, tyre damage or wheel damage you don,t say which alloys you have but the Pretoria alloys are prone to easily being damaged/buckled by potholes etc.
  15. Not everyone's taste in colour or would,nt have been discontinued saying that reflex silver was dropped (not available on R) in favour of white/silver and that was a very popular colour, looks like primer to me in certain lights. Always liked Turmeric but decided against because of resale fears. Although like you say scarcity might hold residuals. Who knows
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