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  1. Not sure if it’s from Birmingham,it’s on eBay
  2. Has anyone had the rpm performance res delete anti drone pipe fitted,does it stop the drone? It’s nearly half the price of the bcs powervalve anti drone pipe
  3. has Anyone had there rear shocks replaced due to knocking noises
  4. does the meguires scratch x remove the scratches from the piano black dash inside the car??
  5. It was the seat but it was also the parcel shelf,the two strings that hold it up at the bottom of them there are two balls that dangle from them,they knock against the side making the knocking noise,I’ve taped them up and sound cured
  6. ive Got a creaking/knock noise from the rear of the car,it sounds like it’s coming from the inside of the car,the noise only happens on bad roads and sometimes when going over speed bumps,any ideas what it could be?
  7. When I drive the car from cold there is the occasional knocking noise from the rear,sometimes happens when I turn a corner,it doesn’t knock over speed bumps,the noise seems to go after a few miles of driving,the rear disc and pads are low has that got anything to do with it,I’ve only owned the car for 2days
  8. is there anything for getting the scratches off the piano black dash
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