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  1. RWJ

    Battery dead

    How did you get on at the dealer?
  2. There's one near me which has loads of wash bays and vacuum bays with various spaces nearby to park up and work. If I had similar constraints, this is what I'd do. Don't think I'd have the nerve to spend a half hour detailing in a single bay garage whilst a queue formed behind, as I know how pissed off I'd be if I was waiting in said queue!
  3. Are there no garages nearby with washing bays which could use? Obviously not using their brushes, unless of course you're aiming for the sanded look but you could use their lance for rinsing and a tap for filling your buckets.
  4. RWJ


    Just my initials. Very unimaginative but don't get much opportunity to use them, as it's generally taken on other platforms.
  5. I have this too, like an inch or 2 of travel which results in the pedal clunking back to rest position.
  6. RWJ

    R Estate

    As I found next to no info on roof boxes for the r estate when I was looking I thought I'd share some on this thread.... I bought a Kamei Husky L to go on my Whispbar Aerobars. It's a great fit and looks good. With the rear of the box up close to the antenna, the front sits almost at the point where the roof meets the top of the windscreen with no overhang, perfect. It sits nice and close to the roof which has a lot to do with the aerobar design. No wind noise that I've noticed although I can hear it rattling a bit when I drive over rough tarmac. I expect that to lessen or disappear once the box is loaded with cargo.
  7. RWJ

    Battery dead

    Thanks all for the replies. Andy6409 that's almost identical to my cars age & mileage so I'll be pushing for a warranty change. What's annoying is the other half's 5 year old Vauxhall Ashtray started first time after about 3 weeks parked up on the driveway. I actually jump started it before reading all these replies. Did it the usual way of connecting to the battery terminals, nothing different from older cars I've jumped. All electrics seem fine (so far).
  8. Went out this morning to find the battery dead in my hearse. I know it's cold but I had the car out a decent run on Thursday night and it's less than 3 years old. Has anyone claimed a new battery on warranty? Also it is safe to jump start it? Done it on older cars but not sure if with these modern electronics it's a no no.
  9. Thanks for updating - I have the same issue, been trying vinegar, cleaning the blades etc and nothing is working. Looks like new blades for me too.
  10. RWJ

    Ceramic Coatings

    Just to add, I have CQuartz on mine and it is very easy to wash then I give it a quick wipe over with Reload to top it up. It was applied almost 2 years ago and still appears to be holding up despite the Scottish weather.
  11. RWJ

    R Estate

    Hi @carbyfed Lovely set-up. Are those Aerobars and what box is that? I've got Whispbar Aerobars but no box yet. Looking at the Aerobars when on my car, they seem to sit lower than the antenna height and I'm trying to work out if I need a box which doesn't quite reach the antenna or get a box which is raised at the back so it sits comfortably above.
  12. RWJ

    R Estate

    Had mine since August and never had any issue with the turning circle.
  13. Ecotune in Glasgow has a good rep and do a lot of work on Rs. Haven't used them my myself yet but will be for any future work.
  14. RWJ

    All Purpose Cleaner

    Thanks for the suggestions. I've gone for the KC Green Star at £5 a litre, which sounds like very good value.
  15. You could try roofbox.co.uk. I don't have seat covers and can't vouch for them but I noticed they sell seat covers when I was browsing roof boxes.
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