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  1. Thanks for updating - I have the same issue, been trying vinegar, cleaning the blades etc and nothing is working. Looks like new blades for me too.
  2. RWJ

    Ceramic Coatings

    Just to add, I have CQuartz on mine and it is very easy to wash then I give it a quick wipe over with Reload to top it up. It was applied almost 2 years ago and still appears to be holding up despite the Scottish weather.
  3. RWJ

    R Estate

    Hi @carbyfed Lovely set-up. Are those Aerobars and what box is that? I've got Whispbar Aerobars but no box yet. Looking at the Aerobars when on my car, they seem to sit lower than the antenna height and I'm trying to work out if I need a box which doesn't quite reach the antenna or get a box which is raised at the back so it sits comfortably above.
  4. RWJ

    R Estate

    Had mine since August and never had any issue with the turning circle.
  5. RWJ

    Mk7 mods

    Ecotune in Glasgow has a good rep and do a lot of work on Rs. Haven't used them my myself yet but will be for any future work.
  6. RWJ

    All Purpose Cleaner

    Thanks for the suggestions. I've gone for the KC Green Star at £5 a litre, which sounds like very good value.
  7. RWJ

    Seat covers...

    You could try roofbox.co.uk. I don't have seat covers and can't vouch for them but I noticed they sell seat covers when I was browsing roof boxes.
  8. RWJ

    Drive Mode Percentages

    100% individual - Steering 100% Comfort - Sound 100% Eco - Drive 50% S, 50% D - Gearbox 90% manual, 5% 'why are you in 5th gear already', 5% 'ffs change up' - DCC 75% Normal, 20% Wallowy, 5% Teeth-shattering Can't remember the others as they're pointless
  9. I hope you find the cause, 29mpg doesn't sound right at all. I'm intrigued - why would excess oil cause low mpg? Never heard that before.
  10. RWJ

    What detailing have you done today?

    Made the most of the mild dry weather today to do a quick wash and thorough clean of the inside including boot. Attached my Ali Express door latch covers, which look great. Also cleaned the wiper blades and the windscreen with white wine vinegar to see if that gets rid of the greasiness. Fingers crossed.
  11. RWJ

    Clay bar on ceramic

    I got the Meguiars Clay Kit for Christmas so I've been reading up on using it. I'm seeing mixed views with many people saying only to use before polishing as it may leave marring. This makes sense but as I won't be polishing afterwards, given that it's ceramic coated (CQuartz), I'm a little concerned about leaving marring which would then require a polishing. My plan was to wash, decontaminate, wash, clay and then apply Reload.
  12. Glad you're all relatively ok, that's the main thing. People are stressed out bellends at this time of year. They should get more organised or simply do without, instead of rushing around like idiots at the last minute. Good to know the estate held strong. I have one and a baby on the way.
  13. RWJ

    Why did you buy a Manual?

    This is all just semantics and boils down to how you define 'automatic'. Anyway, why the need to pigeon-hole it as auto or manual? It's a DSG.
  14. RWJ

    Show me your AliExpress purchases

    I finally received these today 3 months after ordering. Other than 3 or 4 very small scratches they look really decent. Can't complain for $3.77! To fit, I assume it's just unpeel the double sided pads and press on? Anything to look out for? How are they holding up after being on a few months?
  15. The first owner of my car had it ceramic coated (CarPro CQuartz) at this place in Cambuslang https://www.defined-details.co.uk/ This is it here when it was in for the work :- That was about 20 months ago. I'm no expert but the coating seems to be lasting well. A quick wash and a top up with CarPro Reload gives good results. @Camshi has a good knowledge of this place and the quality of the work. You can see a few more pics at the Facebook page:- https://www.facebook.com/pg/DefinedDetailsGlasgow/photos/?ref=page_internal