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  1. Don't know if it was stock but the other day on a roll I couldn't pull away from one and I'm JB4. I imagine if he was infront he'd be gone. They're fast cars in a straight line and round corners on the right very rare UK conditions.
  2. Got clubsport S disks, pads and breaded lines on mine. Wanted to keep oem. Got the PP spoiler too so I've essentially retrofitted the Performance Pack.
  3. Post WLTP cars only have single injection in the UK and still 300PS so won't be that.
  4. Indeed it does! The numbers especially for the money spent aren't disappointing its more its only a few HP over the JB1. Having said that I may be able to push map 6 a little further who knows? It runs flawlessly!
  5. Very true. Same dyno and similar conditions as when I had the 265 Cupra done.
  6. I left it with them while I was in work so they didn't have access to the app. Map 6 is by far the fastest though. It's OK I'm saving and on the look out for decently priced 2nd hard parts to go stage 2. I'll defo fell and 40BHP and around 30ftlb
  7. It made 360BHP and 376Ftlb. Slight disappointed as my JB1 manual cupra made 359BHP and 345Ftlb on the same rollers. That was the same (albeit detuned) engine. Thought the JB4 would have produced a bit more paired with a inlet elbow and performance panel filter. Custom Map 6 too
  8. The 7.5 is on the rollers today. Will post back results. I'm hoping for more than 359BHP as that's what my Cupra 265 made on the JB1 before I upgraded the board.
  9. It does if everyone has already got their software else where or other brands have made a name for themselves. This industry is massive on word of mouth not just race pedegree.
  10. Are the routes as bad if you search via your phone then push to the nav via car play then keep connected via mobile hot spot for traffic? I'd like to use that options for longer trips?
  11. You'll be even more mad when you find out it used to have Google maps satalite view integration via Car net but VW removed it! Are you using the WiFi hot-spot to connect to the internet?
  12. Not that I know of but there's one on ebay for £190 at the min.
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