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  1. I feared this when I saw your new items on the classifieds. Thanks for all the help (and looms) you'll be missed! A least you've left behind the legacy of this thread which is basically a one stop shop for all the best mods to do to your car!
  2. Sorry skimmed this didn't realise there was two videos. The bad launch was on the car wow video.
  3. Golf got a crap launch if you watch it again as well.
  4. Those are the ones. I had some discount added at checkout. Not sure why, first purchase maybe? Credit to racingline where its due they are well engineered and the holes fall exactly where my fingers rest and they almost have a mechanical keyboard tactility to them even though there is no mechanism. It must just be the metal on plastic or something. I do like to purchase from the people that have put the work in but their RRP is just silly imo. It's like that with a lot of modifications though. Considering their OEM+ in the future so some money going their way in the future.
  5. Mine arrived today. Fitted in about 4 mins. Paid £24 for mine. Great price. Very very happy with them. Perfect fit and make a very nice sound on gear change.
  6. Liverpool. It took a little time to order the part so if you're not that local defo call ahead.
  7. As above. Mine did this and I had a new screen fitted under Warrenty no issues. Also no issues with rattling dash afterwards which worried me.
  8. See what you mean. 100% different. Have you tried giving it a good tug? Maybe try on the US forums. Theirs may be similar due to the single port injection?
  9. The one on my 7.5 has the pinch design. Wonder if they've got back to the old old way?
  10. Seems my initial worries are actually just what everyone gets. I can achieve 40s on a run or teens on a pootle about. Out of 35lts I get around 180miles. Not to bad at all for such an epic car.
  11. My Mrs is due any minute so will be in the same boat as you soon. Sold my 3 door cupra for a more sensible car. The Golf R was it. Got away with it too until she asked why it had 4 exhausts. We'll see what the year ahead brings and if I can keep it.
  12. Similar to the 7.5 very nice. The TCR ones a lovely but probably cost the earth.
  13. Got one for £160 off a kind forum member. Very happy with it. It's subtle. Note my nice rust free hubs in the last one
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