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  1. Apr took down all your posts from where exactly? Have you tried posting on the Facebook group as well? What are your issues? What I will also say is you pay to play. If you alter your engine outside of factory specification outside of Warrenty it is a gamble. I've seen a few cars stock and modified go pop. It may not have been the map? Has a 3rd party verified the cause?
  2. It this the memo at the top of this page that's been out for ages and no one had proven? It's not gaurenteed to keep your Warrenty but it's much more likely than a remap.
  3. Go JB4 which has been confirmed to work and will keep your Warrenty. The draggy wars website (now gone) proved that the JB4 cars were putting down very competitive times to the mapped cars.
  4. Revo and Racingline do a stage 3 kit. Apr pulled their stage 3.
  5. When I enquired about Racingline TCU remap they have said that the odd box will not let you have total manual control then the next box they mapped did. Mental.
  6. I contacted them the other day via email (TVS) with a number of questions. They didn't want to know and pointed me in the direction of the UK network. I said I wanted direct responses from the developer.. Again they didn't want to know. It's funny there's not many other industries where spending £600+ on 0's and 1's would receive such poor customer service.
  7. Haha the little 4 banger showing who's boss! Sorry with First year I meant meant how soon can you change into 2nd e.g at or below 1k rpm. For me in sport manual it has to be over 1.2k which can be annoying when trying to drive properly.
  8. Looks like it's got a custom map for the 7 speed DSG. Be good if they JB4 could sense when launch control was activated and auto switch then in normal use use custom map 6. Does this mean without a TCU map the 6 Speed cars will be faster?
  9. Thanks David. Can you do me a favor. When in S mode push the DSG into full manual and then see what the lowest RPM you can change to 1st. Also what is the lowest RPM you can change into 7th. Is it lower that 40MPH?
  10. Interesting thanks for the input and makes sense as the JB4 sits after the Ecu. Cheers
  11. @[email protected] thanks for getting back to me. Currently running a JB4 and day to day driving feels great. I'm finding if I use launch control or accelerate hard from a stop it does feel like its pulling boost. Apparently its a known problem with the 7.5's a JB4. Infact i've seen posts about extended DSG farts on APR Stage 1 without a gearbox map. I'm guessing a custom engine tune and TCU map will solve all that? Are you finding the 7's and the 7.5's run the same power stock and tuned?
  12. Possibly. I'm sure there will be people that will pay and provided their Cadiz as a swap.
  13. Rick could you please respond to my questions earlier in the thread? Cheers
  14. You'd be better off doing a swap and cash your way. People will bite your hand off on the Golf R Facebook group.
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