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  1. I don’t think they are exceptional maybe even a little more expensive than drivethedeal. However there should be no wait and it may be possible to negotiate the price down a bit
  2. It’s says they are 19 reg, so they probably are not pre registered. I wonder if you can get the £1500 vw finance contribution in addition?
  3. In case you are looking for a new R and don’t want to wait for a factory order, Parkway have 60 unregistered ones for sale with various specs https://www.parkwayvolkswagen.co.uk/offers/pre-reg/
  4. According to the VW website keyless is only standard on the 5 door and not the 3 door
  5. That’s not so bad, the fourth quarter of 2018 is just over a week away
  6. The performance pack is the uprated breaks which it has, the lip spoiler which it has and a de restricted top speed. So the next time you take the other half to Tesco, if it reaches 166mph instead of 155mph you definitely have the full performance pack 😯
  7. That’s a bargain £20k off a nearly new car and just the spec you wanted too. Happy days!
  8. You got it for £28.5 when it was advertised for £39.7 that was a mega discount!
  9. Looks like a very good spec about £46k list. Do mind me asking what you got it for?
  10. It looks like it does have the performance pack as the calipers are silver and it has the additional spoiler. I think you can spec Pretoria’s instead of Spielberg’s wirh the pp.
  11. Have you seen this recent thread? https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/27525-my-r-is-poorly/ Virtually the same age as yours and vw paid for most of the repair. Hope you get it sorted
  12. Quite a lot of mk7 Rs a lot more common than the gti now
  13. Thanks Dave. Can I ask what your experience with orange wheels was like? Was the supplying garage near to you or was it delivered to your door? I have found that for the spec that I am looking at drive the deal is about £1000 less than carwow but I have not looked at orange wheels yet.
  14. Ok thanks, pay it off the next day seems to be the way forward then! I guess vw are counting on most people not doing that and paying a high rate of interest
  15. Or if you request a settlement figure is that the loan amount plus 58 days interest plus interest on the number of days you have the loan?
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