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  1. KidR


    Oh right , I wonder how many bikes have gone on their side going down that. 🤬. I take it it’s a flat ride off when you get to Bilbao.
  2. KidR


    Haha perfect !
  3. KidR


    Ok I’ll look into these thanks Dave. I’ve heard the boat crossing can be a bit of a party boathow did you find it. Not that it’ll be a problem I’m sure there’ll be a few beers going down quite well. 🤪
  4. KidR


    Brilliant. Just looked it up and yes will more than likely do that road to the Pyrenees. 👍🏼
  5. KidR


    Another rider here. Here’s my S1000R and my buddy’s mt09. Can’t wait for the spring and planning to do my 1st European tour . Anyone else caught the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander ..
  6. KidR


    Wow give that man a medal 🥇
  7. KidR

    Euro Trip

    Awesome 😎
  8. KidR

    Euro Trip

    Looks awesome , nothing better than a great Euro trip with such a nice car . Enjoy , I’m sure you will.
  9. KidR

    Images 8/12mm H&R spacers

    Ok thanks, looks great anyway 😎
  10. I’m also interested in this. Think I’m still a few posts short of viewing the group buys.
  11. KidR

    Images 8/12mm H&R spacers

    £300 sounds expensive. Any side on pics. Are the wheels in gunmetal 18s or 19s and standard height ? Thanks
  12. KidR

    CM Wheels.

    Any more pics of the gunmetal prets. On a lapiz if possible. I think the hyper silver is too bright but can’t help but think the gunmetal is too grey. Never happy lol.
  13. KidR

    Pace car lights

    Wow . That’s harsh.
  14. KidR

    VW Centre Caps for 19” Pretoria

    Ok thanks, I’ll see what happens then.