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  1. Probably. But they’re still a fair bit darker than oem colour. But the hypersilver are so much brighter than oem.
  2. Awesome . Don’t it just transform the car. I had the same done at unicorn about 3 months ago with similar figures and love it especially the customised dsg features. I’m only round the corner from you in Kettering.
  3. KidR


    I borrowed a mates boxster for a few months and loved having the roof down on sunny days but felt a little too on show. So when I was looking for an R the pano roof was high on the list , you don’t feel as exposed as a convertible but still feel in touch with the outside. Not noisy and windy at all the deflector does an amazing job.
  4. Im just thinking of a 20kg weight at the gym and there’s no way a disc can weigh that much surely ?.?
  5. Lapiz seems to suit most colours just depends on the look your going for really.
  6. KidR

    Collecting Tuesday...

    Stunning. Enjoy 😎
  7. KidR

    Eco tip

    Don’t use the eco mode
  8. Sad to hear this hopefully they catch the scum
  9. Never knew that 👍🏼
  10. KidR

    Rolex deals

    A thoughtful thief
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