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  1. When undisguised those headlights will be fugly!
  2. If you look closely it appears the tail lights are disguised. At least I hope they are as they look rubbish otherwise!
  3. Love the wheels and keen to have a set myself. Agree with the comments on black roof rails (I have them 😀). When I was searching for my car I considered buying a car with silver rails and then swapping them. At the time I could have got a set from eBay second hand. Most base spec Golfs come with black rails, so they should be easy enough to source from a breaker etc. Just an idea.
  4. Finished the winter prep. of the R last month but never posted an update. Full machine polish and coated with some Gtechniq products. Fitted some unbranded plates. Had a set VZs from my last car redone in anthracite and fitted some new boots. I'm not 100% if the style suits the car, but I definitely like the colour. They look small compared to the 19s, and the car could do with a drop. But they'll certainly do for winters! Also picked up some billet aluminium flappy paddles from the classifieds. They do extend below the wheel spokes, although it's hard to see in the pics.
  5. Welcome. Will keep an eye out for you.
  6. Read this; http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=63859
  7. It’s unlikely you will do any damage with a DA machine. Just take your time. There’s a good beginner’s guide on detailing world.
  8. The fan on my 7.5 runs a lot more than on my previous S3 under exactly the same conditions.
  9. I could be wrong but I think the kit has been discontinued by VW. Based on this thread I guessing it happened earlier this year? In any event buying from German eBay will be cheaper. I just bought the spare tyre version brand new including a longer tyre clamp for just over £300 delivered. It can probably be had cheaper, especially second hand if not in a rush.
  10. Wonder if there is also a style more like the S2T versions...but not stick on.
  11. At a guess they look like rubber bump stops, like on the inside of the glovebox door to cushion the door when closing and stop hard plastics hitting each other.
  12. I like the theory of these, but I've yet to see a colour combo that I really like. But a cheap mod that can easily be removed so worth a try.
  13. Thought as much, this why I went with nearly new in the end. Guess if it runs into February you may as well wait for March delivery. But what a wait!
  14. Should be worth it, any delivery estimate?
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