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  1. Becs, I know my old eyes aren't what they used to be but are those surface contaminants usually called dirt I detect on your car? Runs for cover!!
  2. Received this from my lease company this morning which was a nice surprise as I only ordered on 13th August. I don't need it until March so a little bit of slack just in case the inevitable delay creeps in. I have received an update from the dealer regarding your vehicle order, they have advised that it has been given a build week of 48, week commencing 29th November 2021.
  3. DCC makes a significant difference to the noise levels in the car, the wife doesn't complain about the ride when you put it in comfort mode😀.
  4. I ordered mine on the 13th August so with a bit of luck i"ll have it by Christmas. 2022 perhaps?
  5. Oh to be young (er) and be able to do both!!
  6. Not quite. I’m the 73 year old with a ponytail and a limp trying his best to grow old disgracefully who thinks cars should be driven. If I wanted something to polish I’d buy a brass ornament. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I feel I may be excommunicated from VWROC very soon........I've washed my R twice in 2 1/2 years.
  8. Whilst irrelevant in your case the CCA makes the card company liable for the full amount up to £30K in the event of a failure to deliver if a credit card was used to pay £100 or more of the total cost. I've had to use it recently when a travel company went bust and HSBC refunded all the cost. See attached for how Dthe D works, this looks much safer than the way you are having to do it.
  9. I have no knowledge of this company but I would be very wary of handing over that sort of cash without seeing the car either at the dealer and driving it home or on my drive. Even if you paid the deposit by credit card the cost is over £30K so Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act does not apply. I'm not sure if it would anyway as you are paying a third party. Any reliable reviews anywhere for this company, not on their website.? When I do a PCH the deposit of X months rental is not due until the car has been delivered. I'm sure others on here w
  10. Is tyre cleaning a recognised ailment than can be treated by the NHS or so you have to book in to the Priory?
  11. 5G ?? Is that some mythical communication standard!! Here in darkest rural East Hampshire / West Sussex 3G is an occasional luxury, silence is the usual service.
  12. Just for a laugh a few years ago I changed RETIRED to COFFIN DODGER and I got Occupation not recognised!
  13. Be careful with plates, new UK regulations now in stipulating solid digits only. Not sure if it applies to cars already registered. New number plate standards are also being introduced. From September 2021, plates will be made from a tougher material that is not only more resilient, but also shows up better on ANPR cameras. Two-tone number plates will not be permitted, and only solid black digits will be allowed.
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