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  1. The rubbing comes from the inside of the wheelarch, you can see it if you take your wheel off. I dont think your lowering springs are 10mm lower as stock? they look more like 30mm.
  2. Made some pictures with a friend yesterday of my R: The Mustang in the back is his amazing car!
  3. Thank you!!! No the downpipe is the Catless one from Milltek.
  4. Got some mods done to it First had it stage 1 last December with a 375hp/498nm result. Custom DVX Performance engine and DQ381 software. Then 2 weeks ago I went stage 2+ with the great people of DVX Performance! Milltek downpipe, CTS turbo inlet, VWR600 intake, custom DVX intercooler and new custom software. The result is totally amazing!!! It's a different car! Next; set of new wheels or a resonated catback exhaust or maybe a brake upgrade...
  5. I've had the catless Milltek downpipe and a non resonated non valved on my Cupra, that was very loud but a nice sound. But it had a lot of drone between 2400 and 3000rpm. Would never do that again. I've heard a Milltek catless downpipe with a resonated valved on a Golf R and it sounds very good. Not to loud, but a nice tone! Just as the Remus same setup, Milltek catless downpipe with a resonated remus catback. Sounds very very nice!!!
  6. Hurdy, what tips are these? Are they the 004670SG or 004670S from Remus? They look very good!!!
  7. It REALLY look amazing!!! Totally in love with this exhaust. Just can't find one vid from startup Can someone please help me that I can decide? I'm from Belgium and cant find anyone over here wich has the exhaust on a Golf R. On a 140i I found someone, he totally loved it. But his cold start was loud he said... Heard the Remus non resonated valved catback last saturday, and it sound good. A little bit loud on startup, but very nice sound when driving.
  8. Can you please give me the link? It would be great!!! Thank you!
  9. Thank you! Is it possible to make a vid from a cold start?
  10. Thank you very much!!! Yes I totally believe you, sensible when needed and beast when you want it!! But my concern is the cold start. Is it much louder as stock?
  11. The Remus with carbon tips is also very nice!!!!
  12. I've done a lot of emails with Nige, again my compliments on the service and answers from him!!! The only thing I'm worried about is the cold start of the BCS turboback / catback. I have really strange hours to get to work. I already asked Nige if he can make a clip of a cold start Golf R with the Turboback/catback, but maybe someone over has this already? I know the sound is not the same on film, but maybe you owners could tell me how loud it is compared to stock on cold start?
  13. Looks very nice Ryan!!! How is the sound compared to stock?
  14. Thank you very much Nige Is it possible to send you an email for some extra information what the options are for the R? With or without downpipe etc...
  15. Nige Thank you very much!!! This looks very good, awesome!!! Can you please tell me more how this system works? It has valves, but works on boost? Not drive modes?
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