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  1. Cheers, not really bothered about the cost so much, just whether the the wtlp model was better and the options were worth having. ta
  2. Hi all, just mulling over whether to change cars really. I have a MY18 Lapiz blue R with just black wing mirrors and tinted rear windows. I have been offered a new R same colour with a Panoramic roof and the Dynaudio pack for an extra 30 quid a month (with 3k miles less a year on a pcp). Just wondered if it was worth the upgrade, appreciate all of your opinions really. thanks
  3. I had an A45 before i got the golf r, loved it but the servicing costs were astronomical, and thats one of the reasons why i got rid of it really.
  4. That’s just it I do 20k plus
  5. Hi all bought my golf r from new last month. The car is on the normal service schedule and not the long service interval. The dealership I bought it off say I can’t change it until the second service. Is this right or do I need to push back at them. Thanks in advance
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