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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I just thought id update this I took the car to a garage and the was telling me its maybe the track rod but I was sure the noise of a track rod wasn't what I was getting. I decided to replace the wheel bearing which comes with the hub part £110 from VW with new bolts, Fitted that now the issue is completely gone. Happy days fairly easy fix. Took just under 2 hours.
  2. @Scotty2hotty @dj219957 Thanks for the replies. I managed to get my alignment checked and altered today (see below) the back left was a good bit out but adjusted back into spec. The front left is a bit out but there is no camber adjustment. The mech suggested taking it to VW to see what can be done about that. The rear wheel still sounds like its rubbing though despite the correction. My car is lowered 20mm whats the chances it was rubbing after I lowered it and only noticed when I started listening for things after my mishap? Remembering it only does it going around a left-hand bend at above 40mph. Thanks
  3. Already swapped the mate, The camber is the same all the time, in at the top. Still the same no matter where the wheel stops. Had a good look under the car tonight and everything looks solid can't see anything bent or bashed. I had a look at the concentric adjustment bolts on the subframe/bottom arm and there is a small white line on the bolt and on the frame. I wonder if these are supposed to line up as standard. as they are a bit out and wonder if it could have moved. Had the car since new so dont think it will have been moved.
  4. HI All, I had a mishap the other month and hit my wheels off a kerb. The inside of my Passenger Rear hit and I noticed that when at speed turning left (like a big motorway bend) I can hear a rubbing sound. I took my wheel off and noticed rub marks on my rear shocky, See pics & you can see damage in the inside of wheel where it must have hit. When looking from the rear there is a noticeable camber on the wheel compared to the right side. When I looked in I couldn't really see any obvious signs of damage. Someone said it may be a bent hub but no idea. Anyone know of anything that could cause this camber and what may be needed to fix it? I've gone about loads of garages and none would do an alignment check for various reasons. Booked into a specialist on 2nd May but annoying me to know what could cause the camber?
  5. For anyone else wondering I put a post on Facebook and an Autoglass Tech Commented saying OE Glass is free for a car less than 3 years old. any older and you have to pay the difference. It must default to the cheaper stuff to save try save some cash on the folk, not on the ball. Either that or the reason I've already waited 1 and a half weeks is that they were sourcing a genuine VW one haha.
  6. OK cancelled my appointment and my insurance lets me get OE glass at no additional cost. ill be contacted in a few days and a new booking made left it late as waited over a week already but will be worth it to get a VW one @Rob2k68 Thanks for replys!
  7. Wish id done this sooner booking is tomorrow! ill see what i can do.
  8. My car is an 18 plate 7 months roughly. But I hope my reg never confused them with age as its AL11
  9. Wow, that sounds great. It's a 7.5 I have and its only 6 months old. But I don't have the climate windscreen which I have heard with other cars require a special order from OEM too. I guess the only difference would be the lack of the small VW badge printed on the glass. But if I get a service like that I would be very happy indeed. Cheers
  10. Fair enough I suppose everything will be sourced locally. Hopefully only VW supply near me lol
  11. Got a nasty big crack on my windscreen and it's getting replaced tomorrow by Autoglass. My only concern is it says on their site.... & Now to me means they won't be using a VW one. The main concern is that they don't breaking anything at the Mirror (Rain Sensor ect) when they pull the glass off. Just wondering if anyone else been done by them and how did it go? Cheers.
  12. Looking good! I done mine today too. Polished & Waxed
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