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  1. You ‘re welcome 😄 this is only 65% window tint by the way
  2. In my opinion the black mirror caps and black wheels work well with indium grey !
  3. Very nice colour indeed, was thinking of this colour too when I ordered mine. But went with the indium grey finally. The black wheels work very well with the colour. Also got my black wheels mounted yesterday.
  4. As far as I know, you should have the same tire and wheel size front and back so the 4motion (haldex) works properly. As for the wheels 8.5x19 et 44 will work yes. Maybe a little bit of rubbing at the front, but you can always do the fender screw mod. I’m on Emmanuelle design springs too.
  5. Oz ultraleggera HLT 8x 19 et 45, finally got them on the car 😀
  6. Steven G.

    Summer wax

    Thanks ! I’ll leave the autofinesse for what it is. The SV chrystal Rock would be my choice, but the price is not what I’m willing to pay for it. Still in doubt on th SV shield, as I ‘m very curious about their product range. I believe I’ll go with the autosoft, if it doesn’t work out as I expect, the price can still justify it. 🤔
  7. Steven G.

    Summer wax

    Hi Booth Nice to see some real life feedback. I’m using Collinite 845 currently but I’m looking for something extra in terms of gloss and wet look, but still combining it with the same durability of at least 3 months. I was thinking of autofinesse Fusion or Spirit but starting to have doubts as I read a lot of disappointment on their life span. I believe Swissvax Shield could be a winner for me ( I’m hearing durability of about 5months) ? Any experience with that wax ? My other option would be Soft 99 authentic Carnauba wax , which seems an unbelievable product at that price range? Any ideas on that? BR Steven
  8. Well , got already to those stages more or less yesterday afternoon and picked up some solvent cleanser for paintwork too. It’s the stuff they use to remove all the grease, wax and coatings in body shops before they start spraying paint. Applied it really gentle ( diluted) after: *pre-rinse stage with pressure washer *de-iron spray stage and gentle brush action by hand * another HP rinse with some soap. *shampoo stage and gentle hand wash. *then cleaned them with the solvent cleanser. Looks quite ok now but still... Did the same on the matte wheels of my company car and applied an extra stage: some collinite 845 to see what the effect will be. It makes them “ greasy matte” and not that faded matte look. I’ll check regularly what the effect will be in future and if I notice any stains. Next week my local detail shop is offering some Christmas specials so I’ll be stopping by to have another chat with them too. Meanwhile also contacted OZ racing to ask if they recommend anything or any particular brand... not the slightest reply. A small reply would have been more in place after paying that much for a set of wheels ☹️ I wonder if I’ll get any reply during the next days.
  9. Hi Thanks for the feedback. how did you prep the wheels, regular wheel cleaner and/ or de- iron? And what shampoo or soap did you use to clean them when the nanolex was on the wheels?
  10. That might be a good idea indeed, I’ll send Oz a mail to see if they have some advice.
  11. Hi been wondering if some of the detailers among us have got some more experience and advice on keeping matte black wheels clean. Actually, I would like to put sime protection on the wheels. I’ve been thinking of Gyeon q2m cure matte or some Nanolex matte spray sealant on them but I don’t have any experience with these. I do have some collinite 845 wax in my range of weapons, but a local detailer told me polishes and waxes with carnauba and oils can make the finish glossy and leave stains. Is this true or are they trying to sell me another additional product 🤔. I was even told I needed to be careful with foaming agents and car shampoos?? This detailer is highly recommended in Belgium and they have always been giving me good advice but still I’m having doubts. The doubts are mostly because the wheels cost me already a lot of money and I need to get it right this time as someone already ruined one of my new wheels... 😢 any help or advice will be appreciated ...
  12. Hi Kurt welkom same country , same age and same spec golf ... 😄 must be a Belgian thing ? groetjes Steven
  13. Thanks man! would you reckon its still ok going from 75mm to 57.1mm ? Its even 9mm more than yours. But so many many guys are running OZ with bigger centre bore so it must be ok I guess ?? I guess I need the extra push to buy them 😂😂
  14. Personally I would go for an A-level brand ( maybe that's me being very nerdy about it and looking for the best). Looking at viscosity I would choose an 0W-xx oil to get maximum lubrication as soon as possible after the car is started. The sooner the oil reaches the crucial points in the engine the better (turbo, camshafts etc). Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with a good 5W-xx. But if you want the best, you know what I mean... Then we have the "warm" viscosity grade( when the engine is at operating temperature or above). Either a xxW-30 or a xxW-40. Ideally you would have a 0W-30 that is vw504 00/507 00 approved. This is exactly what VW wants you to use, so for warranty reasons... additionnally its a good engine oil and it should be very good at coping with the driving circumstances. Even at the track... if you are looking for that extra protection at high temperatures : a vw 502 00 qualified 0W-40 ( or 5W-40). Just be aware that normally all Golf R engines are supposed to be serviced at long service intervals, so almost no dealer will use a vw502 00 spec oil. But you can always have a chat with them and see if they are willing to service it with the shorter interval service with max 15.000km (about 9500 miles I believe ??). e.g. Mobil 1 FS 0W-40 : first choice and factory fill in Porsche, Bentley , nissan Gt-r etc... Btw: to prove a good 5w-30 can handle some power: its what they use in the current Lamborghini Huracan/aventador models and audi r8... Service intervals : taking into account the car is tracked and the oil will be stressed a bit more ,I would suggest every 5000-6000miles will be very much on the safe side. If it was my car I wouldn't go beyond 7500 miles . I'm running either 5W-30 or 0W-30 myself and I prefer to stick to the same brand of oil. Hope this is a bit what you were looking for ? 😁
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