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  1. Took this alloy wheel and tyre insurance when vehicle purchased a couple of months ago. Nsf tyre losing air every week. Where do I take it to get leak fixed?
  2. Wiper blades front, bonnet insulation and cracked top of bumper where it bolts onto front slam panel. Also radar bracket. Now nearside mirror is creaking when it folds in
  3. Well it's back. Omg! Brand new both wiper blades fitted front. I pulled the nearside for a split at the end. The top of the bumper has been replaced as there was a crack on offside plastic top where bolt screws in. Bonnet insulation replaced. Damn good dealer aftercare from inchcape stockport if I may say so. 😁
  4. Well they are picking it up from missus work 830am tomorrow. If it isn't finished when she goes home I want a loan car
  5. Was given one with the car when I bought it. Apparently you can find where you parked your car
  6. When dealer logged the warranty with volkswagen (I extended it but was under manufacturer warranty for a month anyway) it got flagged up. They want it sorted quickly he said and will pick it up from missus place of work and drop it off. Its not a small job so a day. That's all I know.
  7. Dealer rang me about my 65 plate I picked up on Friday. It has to go back in for a day to replace radar bracket? Anybody else had this?
  8. Thanks for your welcomes. 😁
  9. Hi all Simon here. Just purchased a 65 plate R from inchcape stockport. Lapiz blue with cadiz alloys. It was a surprise present for my wife's 50th. Reveal done at main dealer with flowers and champers. I promised her a new pan set! Previously owned v6 4motions, gti mk5 2007( her car I traded in against it) mk1s, 2s. Now if she'd only let me drive it! Thanks for letting me join the forum.
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