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  1. I totally get that, But the insurance companies have taken the piss with their sky high premiums for years so for once just take advantage of us not having to declare mods like the lads have to in the UK. I'm sure if the car scene over here ever reached the same levels as the UK they wouldn't be long jumping on the bandwagon and screwing us for declaring mods
  2. Just reminded me of having done the same before myself, However I was in my company car and the fast cars tucked away in the garage at home, It happens to the best of us. I had my car on cruise control and was on the way back from the mines in Australia, fined on the way there and on the way back.
  3. I think you would be safe not declaring really, What's the chance that if anything happened to the car that an assessor would be able to tell that the car was modified anyway, especially using the likes of the R600 intake which to me looks like it was factory fitted. I for one wont be declaring any engine mods on my own car
  4. Don't think declaring mods is such a big thing here, I personally have never done it as I never heard of anyone else doing it, I also never heard of anyone not being paid out because a car was modified and not declared? My R is standard at the moment but if I was to modify it I wouldn't inform insurance as long as it was intake, intercooler remaps etc, Maybe if it was suspension I would consider it as this is something you can see easily and they could say effected the handling of the car if there was a crash... but that's just me. Maybe someone else could shed more light on it for you.
  5. The other worrying thing for me is how quickly the battery technology will advance, If I buy an electric car now with a range of 250km surely in 2 years time they will have double or tripled the range by then meaning my car will be worthless on the second hand market? I know there are advances in normal cars all the time but this is usually better mpg or styling and tech upgrades like comparing the Mk7 to the 7.5 which doesn't make a huge difference to the resale value of my car. Just another thing that scares me about making the move to electric, I do feel that if I had the opportunity to drive a P100D that my mind could be swayed, however, I don't see myself being able to fork out over 100k for a Tesla in the near future
  6. I am open to the idea of electric cars in the near future, As long as the range is extended so you don't need to worry when taking longer journeys etc. At the moment I feel like it would only be useful for city driving as they have the charging stations available unlike our countryside dwelling friends, The E-Golf I imagine would be a boring drive for me, Think the novelty would wear off quickly with what it offers now, However... If VW offered a replacement for the R in electric variant similar to the Tesla P100D with AWD and 0-60 in 3seconds I couldn't see anyone missing the combustion engine (makes me a bit sad to say) we could still use the sound aktor lol
  7. Dropped into a mate that runs a busy motor factors, he has a forester and silvia and they would do alot of track days etc, he recommended Millers for a good boost and another brand for everyday use, he said you feel a noticable difference, I bought both to try out, the millers treats 20litres, its in the car now, will report back after running a few tanks if anyone is interested 😁
  8. Hi everyone, Just wondering what fuel people in Ireland are running on the R's? I kinda bugs me that the car specifies that it needs Premium yet it is not available in Ireland anymore, I seen there is a new fuel on the market (Miles Plus) however it doesn't seem to have a higher octane just more cleaners / additives. Does anyone use octane boosters? I have been considering this but haven't made the jump yet as I have read so many conflicting reports saying that higher octane levels only prevent knock and that modern cars are well equipped to deal with lower octane fuels and adjust themselves accordingly, Seems from what I am reading that higher octane levels give no performance gains over regular fuel? (I always thought that premium gave a better performance) Anybody shed any light on this? Is it worth using octane booster? I would obviously rather have the correct fuel in the car and wouldn't mind paying the extra money to have the car running at its peak
  9. For me I automatically(no pun intended) went for manual when getting my R, No sure why exactly, I had a Mk5 GTI in DSG and drove many others in DSG too, I always sing it's praises and recommend the DSG gearbox to everyone that will listen yet in my head I wanted Manual for myself this time. There are pro's and cons to both I think, Suppose if I had a longer commute to work I would have considered the DSG but I live less the a 5minute drive form where I work and love the short blasts with the manual. Saying this I would have zero hesitation in buying a dsg R if I had a longer stop start commute
  10. Jonner220


    I drove a Mustang over there while on a holiday to Florida, compared to running costs over in Ireland anyway it cost next to nothing for fuel! It was more expensive to run my 5 series Bmw back home which was a diesel btw, We don't buy the Golf R for the MPG but like most on here I was impressed too while out with the family that the Golf was getting over 40mpg. Think it was more of an observation than a complaint.
  11. Hi Ben, its a great car and I no longer need the morning coffee on the way to work so saves me money too 😂 best of luck with your new purchase😁
  12. It is an awesome piece of kit! Telling everyone that will listen how amazing it is 😂 im sure the missus wants to kill me already to get some peace! Cant wait to do some mods to it, once you do the first one its hard to stop then!
  13. The res delete pipe is on the list of first mods to do... need to find someone I trust now, hard to find good exhaust places in Dublin, even though its a handy mod!
  14. Great idea the seat covers, last car had alot more space so been getting the feet on the back of the seats already, any decent seat cover suggestions that fit the R seats well?
  15. I have two kids, 8yr old boy and a 6 week old girl. Have to say... its a great all rounder, fitted the car seats on the weekend and went on a normal drive which seen 40mpg! What other car can drive like a scooby when you want it to then be a comfy cruiser for the family without any adjustments? Usually you get one or the other! Very impressed so far
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