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  1. I tried Live chat again, just to get another update maybe, but got one of the most stressed reps ever i think? he would not give any new info and said the cars not built in week 35
  2. Had my weekly update today, nothing more than unconfirmed week 35 and not built yet... 😏 just to keep everyone in the loop
  3. Hi Mate, Yep thats me .... a nice car that was built on a friday afternoon by works experience and ended up driving me half mad
  4. Blinkin Eck ... thats the Week i ordered mine.... Last live chat i had they said mine was Build week 35 but unconfirmed.... I hope its not delayed to 2022
  5. Some nice alloys on the Up gti that i'm currently driving fair play
  6. Yea the Up is great fun to drive, reminds me of teenage years in a mk1 fiesta. etc
  7. Well it was after a chat with my dealer, whos been selling me vw cars for 20 years and he was honest, came up with a nice offer, I have the Up Gti to use foc until the R arrives now also.. Plus i saw the price of a mk7.5R and thought ..... No ta .....
  8. Ok ..... Ok ...... I'm not out yet ..... had a chat, been promised some goodies.... will keep the order in sod it as like you all say there's nothing else out there
  9. My Other Vw went back in part ex as they had a buyer who was desperate for it ,so they have a lot of money in credit for me If they could just say,right its going to be another 1-2 months , 3 even then fair enough, but it could be more than that
  10. I'm not sure, i meant ill come back in a while maybe when theres a model update or something, Once i cancel i will get a refund as mine is paid for
  11. Cheers Mate, I will get a run around most likely , come back to the R when they are back to normal who knows
  12. Ignore , decided to dig in and wait it out ... 3-4 months it will be ☹️
  13. Thanks for the input, i should add i have paid for the car... so thats another thing ... its the not getting any sense at all thats so annoying, just felt like cancelling it and getting a cheap run around , going back and ordering next year when its over and maybe the mk8.5 is released
  14. I'm unsure as to what to do now , I love the look of the car, but i can't just keep waiting and waiting without knowing when it will even be built...
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