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  1. Looks like it's gonna be an Estate day Need to dig my polisher out.... I'm coming from Slough, Happy to meet up along the way, Like an early start tbh
  2. 3 Door, but only because you didn't include an Estate
  3. I fitted the hatch version to my estate and am happy with it, Will post a pic tomorrow if I remember... The corners don't quite lay flat, unless you warm it up carefully with a heat gun, or wait till summer and let it sit in the sun for a few hours
  4. Still not sure tbh. The front is what is putting me off
  5. Springs for the Estate and Hatch are different, the rears have a higher load rating. I have the Eibach ones, and think they are just right. Not to low, and the ride is spot on. The part number is E10-85-041-05-22 These can be had for about £160
  6. Yep pretty much, if you are at fault you can choose where you want it repaired.. But there could be a clause in the policy that will affect you in some way. i.e bigger excess, loss of no claims But non fault claims are different, you're insurance company will not end up paying. I also can recommend Chartwells, as even being well south of them, I worked at one of the only other Ferrari approved repair centres a few years back and have seen there work
  7. You are non fault, so they have no choice.. If any grieve.. go with accident exchange or some one
  8. Nope no joy with a spoiler here also, have ordered a few oem ones and they don't fit... Let us know if you find one
  9. So what you are saying if he wasn't on the bike they would have still found and stabbed him?
  10. Fact: If he was not breaking the law at the time he would be alive!! Just echo the comments on here
  11. Yes it is repairable... depending if you want it done outside of guide lines.. Most Tyre places will say no as it is to close to the outside, I think the guide is ¾ in...
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