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  1. So what you are saying if he wasn't on the bike they would have still found and stabbed him?
  2. Fact: If he was not breaking the law at the time he would be alive!! Just echo the comments on here
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    Is this repairable?

    Yes it is repairable... depending if you want it done outside of guide lines.. Most Tyre places will say no as it is to close to the outside, I think the guide is ¾ in...
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    What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do?

    Watch the complete Ashes tour in Australia
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    Make sure your Haldex is serviced! [emoji23]

    Yeah Yeah Yeah..... Here it every year.. usually from the Daily fail.. but the Mirror is just as bad... Like the Indian summers we are going to have in the Autumn
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    new here

    As has been said, get some pics up Great choice of car, enjoy it
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    Hello and
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    Back again 😂

    Welcome back I have dcc on mine and find it fine.. Great choice of model
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    New member