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  1. Unfortunately my DIY skills are non existent.. Need to ask a local garage and see what they quote me to replace.
  2. Ouch! Will start sourcing a unit online/scrappers so I can collect once the lockdown is over if it can be delivered. What do you reckon the labour cost to install/replace?
  3. Hi Guys, Was wondering if anyone coule advise. Clipped my mirror when bringing the car in to the drive, the actual unit is fine but the bit that actually connects the unit to the car has almost snapped off so it's hanging. The full unit itself is okay, just a scratch. What would need replacing and would it be an easy fix? I.e. door card off etc?
  4. The car still makes a slight noise on full lock, anyone know what it could be? Its only minimal but can't hear/feel it when doing a reverse park for example.
  5. Woohoo welcome to white Golf R club. However, I did like your previous colour, if I was slightly younger would have gone for that colour instead of white 💨
  6. Sorry to hear about the accident mate. Good thing you're not too injured, hopefully insurance resolve it efficiently and quickly so you can move on to the next motor. Hopefully a new R 😁
  7. Just an update. It turned out to be a full gearbox replacement as the gearbox oil pump failed. Took around a week before the work was completed and VW managed to sort me a replacement car out in the interim. On picking up my car, it the o/s front quarter suspension sounded like it was making a large creaking sound. It turned out to be the top mount shocker which must have been knocked when replacing gearbox but they fitted a new one. Glad to have the car back and running well. VW sytner were really helpful too.
  8. No issues whatsoever prior to that, never missed a beat which makes it all thr more confusing.
  9. Ah okay, have experienced indifferent levels of service varying from one end of the spectrum to the other over the last year. Hopefully they get things sorted and covered under warranty so I'm back on the road asap or at least provide a courtesy vehicle.
  10. Speaking to AA and the service manager it sounds like a new DSG box is required but hasn't been confirmed until they 100% check it but on initial observations that's what has been diagnosed. Only mods to the car are a resonator delete so hopefully that shouldn't be an issue.
  11. I didn't even know I had the cover to begin with as no one made me aware or even followed up to say your 12 months free have expired..
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