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  1. Well after weeks of waiting, mine has arrived. Dealer even left it with the wrappers on as they knew it was going straight for a ceramic coating. 2019 Oryx White 3 door Pan Roof Dynaudio 90% Rear Tints Black Mirror Caps Rear Camera
  2. Anyone get one of these yet? Tried to purchase today, VW have it on back order with no date against it. Hopefully comes back soon.
  3. Funny how some are taking so long. I ordered mine in the middle of March, it’s now sitting on stage 5 ready for delivery. Dealer reckons I’ll have it in 2 weeks. They have even lent me an Up GTI until it comes lol 3 door, Oryx White, Prets, Dynaudio, Black Mirror Caps, 90% tints and Pan Roof.
  4. Good to see! Looking to order one myself. Is yours GPF back or did you go for the downpipe too? Noticeable difference in sound?
  5. Mine moved to stage 5 (transit) yesterday - apparently 4 week away.
  6. Had a search but couldn't find the answer - a thread may already exist. Are there any companies who have developed a system for post WLTP cars yet? I have read because of the back pressure from the PPF they don't like current 7.5 systems. Anybody shed some light on this? Have a new one arriving in a few weeks. Cheers Mark
  7. Just new to the forum... Ordered my R a few weeks ago - now on stage 3. Cannot wait - dealer has told me it has jumped forward 4 weeks, expected at the end of May. Oryx White 3 door, Pretorias, Pan Roof, DCC, Dynaudio, 90% Tints, Black Mirror Caps. Will be watching this thread 😁
  8. Hi mate...new member here. Could I get a loan of that dongle at some point??
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