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  1. Mine moved to stage 5 (transit) yesterday - apparently 4 week away.
  2. Had a search but couldn't find the answer - a thread may already exist. Are there any companies who have developed a system for post WLTP cars yet? I have read because of the back pressure from the PPF they don't like current 7.5 systems. Anybody shed some light on this? Have a new one arriving in a few weeks. Cheers Mark
  3. Just new to the forum... Ordered my R a few weeks ago - now on stage 3. Cannot wait - dealer has told me it has jumped forward 4 weeks, expected at the end of May. Oryx White 3 door, Pretorias, Pan Roof, DCC, Dynaudio, 90% Tints, Black Mirror Caps. Will be watching this thread 😁
  4. Hi mate...new member here. Could I get a loan of that dongle at some point??
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