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  1. Hi has anyone fitted this to their car ?? If so is there anyone in uk that's supplies the kit ? I Can only find one in Usa from USP, which seems to be the one to buy. Or has anyone made a kit with stronger struts?Thanks
  2. Nathan3cx

    19" Wheel fitment

    That's looks great!!!!
  3. Nathan3cx

    19" Wheel fitment

    Hi looking for wee bit of advice, I'm looking at fitting 8.5x19 with 235/35/19 and 9.5x19 with 245/35/19 tyres alloys have et44 and cars lowered on Emmanuelle design springs on my Golf Mk7r. Has anyone a similar setup and had experience on any rubbing issues?? Will the setup up work ok ?
  4. Nathan3cx

    Number plate holders

    Sorry mate just seen one that mounts in lower grill gonna try see if I can get that...
  5. Nathan3cx

    Number plate holders

    Did it affect the parking sensors ?? Jusr thought about that 🙄
  6. Nathan3cx

    Number plate holders

    Hi mate do you know where you get kit to mount plate like this ?? Thanks
  7. Hi just bought Superpro rear anti roll bar and it has 2 positions on the bar for mounting, anyone got this fitted to car if so whats best position for fitting ?? Thanks
  8. Hi looking for some guidance/advice what is best map for mk7r are ? Fairly limited to where I live only really have choice of APR, Revo and now from other week MRC, which one of these is best or are the all much the same? Cheers
  9. Nathan3cx

    Best Induction kit

    Hi looking for advice on whats best induction for mk7r any recommendations?? Or best just with performance air filter, tt hose and removal of grate ?? Cheers
  10. Hi everyone from personal experience what are best lowering springs for golf mk7r ?
  11. Nathan3cx

    Turbo inlet hose and elbiw

    Can't pm u for some reason
  12. Hi I tried to pm u about springs but for some reason it wouldn't let. If u want to contact me my email address is [email protected] or text 07940421201

  13. Nathan3cx

    Mercedes alloys

    Hi has anyone fitted set of Mercedes alloys to mk7r, if so what length of wheel nuts do you need ?? 43/45mm ?? Thanks
  14. Hi everyone probably been spoke about before but has anyone fitted Turbo technics large bore intake hose? Is it any good and is it better option than vwr turbo inlet elbow and hose ?? Thanks
  15. Nathan3cx


    Hi I'm new to forum so any help appreciated. I've got a set of Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs for Vw Golf Mk7r brand new I box never opened still in original packaging for sale. 175 ono. How can you advertise on this site ?? Thanks