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  1. Friends of mine who live on outskirts of Norwich, had the same thing in the summer. Car found a few weeks later burnt out. Gutted for you.
  2. 57, train driving to buy the cars, race marshal at the weekends.
  3. As the paint is a bit soft, has anybody thought about having the front covered with paint protection film ??
  4. Pardon my ignorance..... What the hell is the force field button ??
  5. Been to my dealership today, and I'm collecting mine on 5th March. YAY !!!
  6. Going to wait until 4th or 5th. That way I won't be rushed through with the masses, and be more relaxing.
  7. Just spoken to my salesperson, car has landed in this country !!!!! Been a long wait from June, think I can hold on for another 4 weeks.... just.
  8. Have spoken to my vw dealer this afternoon, car was built last week, but are looking at delivery in February. Ordered June 2nd. 😞
  9. Had the same water leak problem with my S3 (same engine). Under 2 years old. Nothing on garage floor, but was fixed under warranty , no quibbles.
  10. Hello, Had a few vdubs in the past, but decided to go for a s3 ( thought it was a good idea at the time !!) ,have now got a 7.5 R on order since June, and can't wait for it to arrive.
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