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  1. I bought them on eBay and if I recall correctly, they are 56.5mm aluminium backed stickers. I've actually bought some VW ones for a more OEM look but haven't got around to fitting them yet... anyway here's a pick of the R emblem centres.
  2. I’ve been contemplating a res delete but don’t think I’ll bother now. Would an aftermarket downpipe with sports cat improve the exhaust note without ruining things?
  3. 18” CM pret reps fitted today and no spigot rings were required! I took these pics before I’d fitted the centre caps but the car’s now sporting some rather dashing black ‘R’ logo items. Now I just need to wash it and perhaps buy some black mirror caps to match.
  4. Wheels arrived today and the labelling on the box states they have a 57.1 CB so I'm hopeful. I've arranged for them to be fitted tomorrow and will post some pics in due course.
  5. Thanks for the badges link, but i was wondering what size spigot rings I may need (mentioned above by Oppy-10R). I hope I don't need any as I probably wouldn't have bought the wheels in the first place if I knew they needed rings. I'll guess I'll simply have to get my vernier callipers out when they arrive and check for myself.
  6. I ordered a set of black 18" reps from CM yesterday before reading this post. I guess I'll wait for them to turn up before rushing out to buy some rings but out of interest what size did you need to buy?
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