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  1. I was wondering about the battery... and was concerned after a lengthy motorway trip it was still not working.
  2. Not that I’m complaining but the start stop on my car has stopped working when the air con in the car is on. Turn the air con off and is starts working again. It started happening about 4 weeks ago... if if I check the start stop status screen it says the windscreen is at risk of fogging up and to adjust the temperature??? Is this normal??
  3. Averaged 9 min 30 on a 3.6 mile run tonight, does this count?
  4. Apparently, according to the salesman and in front of witnesses, not liking the colour is a reason enough to return it. You still have to get a car from them but as they had a number of r’s in then this shouldn’t be a problem, I hope. Getting the car from vw in Leicester.
  5. Same as you guys I’ve never had an issue with a clutch in all the 27 years I’ve been driving hence my nervousness.... now gearboxes that’s another thread entirely! As I’m buying from a VW dealer I’ve got the ability return the car within a month for any reason. Think I’ll be keeping a close eye on the clutch during that month.
  6. I get the feeling I should be sticking some money aside....
  7. I’m picking up my first golf r next Saturday, it’s a 2016 65 plate with only 18000 miles on the clock. I’m coming from a 2013 330d m sport. Now my concern is this, it’s a manual, and from lingering on this site for a while I keep coming across threads regarding clutches slipping. So my question is this, are clutch problems on manual R’s really that common? Do I need to budget for a new clutch at some point or are the stories i’m reading just from the unlucky? Thanks in advance!
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