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  1. Hi twodb, I had the exact same when removing mine! It seemed like you need to pull the straight up else it just doesn't budge! I started off trying to leaver it with a screwdriver as you are and felt like all I was going to do is break it, so grabbed myself a pair of pliers to grip the small tab just up from the red arrow on the right in your image and used my fingers around the green arrow at the front, lifted it vertically and it seemed to pop out with no trouble at all! Still not sure if i'd just managed to release it while trying to leaver it out but didn't realise, or if it is just that easy if you pull the whole thing straight up at once. HTH, Tom
  2. I've not painted but instead gone for some vinyl to change the colour of the middle section of each 'spoke' in the same vein as the previous posts that blank out two of the sections; Apologies for the second 'adjusted' photo 😂 shows the diff between standard and is the current state of my car due to a bodged refurb job! Hopefully getting it rectified this week!
  3. I picked up some super cheap ones gloss black ones, paid £24.76 from AliExpress (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2PCS-ABS-Car-Reaview-Mirror-Cover-Chrome-Rear-view-Side-Caps-Shell-Trim-Black-For-Volkswagen/32789639325.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dxJCJN3) and to be honest they're fine! Yes they're not the best quality (Paint isn't 100% but a good polish makes them look almost perfect) and there is a slight gap around the edge that isn't there on the OEM silver ones, I'm guessing they've used an original as a mould so they're slightly bigger than the original but unless you're stood right next to them and inspecting them you wouldn't know any difference! They've been on the car just over a year now and still look as good as the day they arrived. I've not got a fantastic photo of them but this gives you an idea of how they look to everyone else! I personally don't think it's worth paying £100+ for a set from VW so would always go for cheap ones or simply have the silver ones painted/wrapped??
  4. I think I just had bad luck with the paint! I've spoken to Blair and he's said its the first time they've ever had negative feedback on it! Regarding the fitting kit, It's a chargeable extra i believe, around £35 if I'm correct.
  5. Just thought I'd give an update and I have to say Blair has been very good on this whole situation! I've just had a chat with him on the phone and he genuinely sounded like h's disappointed that I've been sent the spoiler in this condition! I'm having a new one couriered to me tomorrow (unpainted), refunding me the extra I paid to have it painted, collecting the current one from me and he's thrown in a free fitting kit in the hope that I'll save me some money when I take the new one to be fitted! I understand mistakes happen and things slip though that probably shouldn't and the way Blair has handled my complaint has been very good so I've got to give it to them for that!
  6. Hi Guys, First post here as a heads up on this 'offer'! The offer tempted me into ordering one of these as I'd had my eye on them for a long time! Paid the extra £120 to get it painted Lapiz Blue, took and additional two weeks for delivery (the listing I purchased it from said allow an extra 7 days but they seem to have changed this to 14 on the newer listings!) and I have to say the quality of the paintwork is shocking! ( hopefully mine is just a one off as I can see they've sold quite a few through ebay!! ) The colour doesn't match the car, I know perfect matches don't exist unless using the same batch of paint but this is nowhere near! it's much lighter blue but not only does the colour not match, the paint is practically see-through in places! really not impressed!! The Mr's instantly said "That's not the same colour" when I unboxed it infront of her and the car wasn't even in sight that's how much lighter it is! I took the spoiler to my local, trusted independent VW specialist garage who I trust (Sunset VW) and they told me to get it resprayed before I have it fitted or i'll never be happy with it! (They don't do bodywork themselves so they're not just saying it for extra work, I'd have to take it somewhere else!) I've contacted them today to get this resolved as I'm not willing to pay out of my own pocket to correct their poor paintwork that I paid good money to have done in the first place so will try to keep this thread updated! I've included a few photos although it was really difficult to capture just how bad it is through a phone camera as it just looks like different reflections!
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