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  1. So two fingers two anyone who said it’s because it’s a “manual” or poor driver. report says it went at 3000rpm and it’s the rod that snapped to the big end bearing and no signs of no oil or burning unfortunately it’s up to at least £10k so far in repairs and they have only took the sump off or what’s left of it anyway. As it’s gone threw the radiator wiring loom and who no’s where else.
  2. No I fully appreciate your questions, car is currently on there ramps(under investigation) very nervous to hear the outcome. its a fully qualified garage an I have know the mechanic 10 years who only uses parts bought from vw. its no cheaper to go there just more convenient, the oil was blacker than I would of expected but thin so I was confident it had been changed the comment about quantity is unknown but too much would of resorted to a smoky engine/smoke out of the tailpipes or too little the low oil light would of come on. I had a thought that if when they plugged it in to cancel the "oil change required" they also deleted the low oil warning or is this not possible?
  3. I’m am very lucky I have Vw transporter and a vts in the garage so not without transport.
  4. the bus smells like wee!
  5. isn't the oil level warning there for that exact reason? its the preventative measure before its to low to cause catastrophic failure else it would just say stop the car! as an example there will be lots of lady and men (not sexist) drivers that never check the level. the last 2000 miles its started to use oil this seems odd to me. as it did 35k without ever using a drop.
  6. All I’ll say is it’s been in eco mode and getting. 32mpg you do t get that thrashing it.
  7. Bought from a approved vw dealer yes I have no idea if it was mapped but it’s not Likely.
  8. It is the engine you mentioned btw. CJXc
  9. Thank you for the link much appreciated I’ll call tomorrow probably after vw tell me I’ll cost me 10k for a new engine.
  10. No I’m the second registerd keeper why? Also do they supply and install or supply or neither. Yes I’m UK based Derbyshire though cheers
  11. No oil light. Even more worrying that when it was parked at the side of the road with the entire contents on the floor there was still no warning lamp, although a couple of weeks previously I had a oil top up light so I did top up and checked thoroughly, I did check the dipstick but there was no oil on it as it was all under the car. I didn't check the filler wish I had of done though, there was no smell of burning, the only thing I found was chunks of the engine block at the back under the turbo. wouldn't all of what you had said of brought on a dashboard light? all that happened was a loud bang followed by the car saying there was no- acc/loss of tyre pressure/no stop start available that's it, turned the engine off almost straight away.
  12. Yes car gets warmed up before its driven hard and I am sure I have read that VW had put something internal on the ECU that doesn't allow all the power until its warm,(but don't quote me on that) and its not really driven hard who can these days without a white van parked at the side of the road clocking your speed all the time. there defiantly hasn't been any noises from the engine. me and the partner drive most of the time without the radio on as we enjoy the noise sad I know. I do understand what your saying but doing this once in 40k kills the engine? surely they are designed with enough brut to take a change down from say 5-3rd. or even 6th to third, as you can drive these in 6th at 30-40mph with ease.
  13. I remember once putting into third not fourth from 6th it was very late in the night so wasn't with it, but I tried to put my VW van into second and first and you cant actually get the gear to select, its pretty poor at 40k with engine failure especially seen as there are other hot hatches running more BHP, supposing I had done a wrong gear change it was at least 6000 miles ago and supposing this may have caused some damage ie cracked con rod would it of lasted 6000 miles,? I think not.
  14. SO it does have a full VW service it came up with a oil change needed at 39500 so took it in but not to VW but a garage that uses VW genuine parts, oil change was done no issues till yesterday. its just a few miles within its 40k service How much do "goodwill Offer is there a VW rule of thumb used. I wouldn't of minded so much if it was turbo/injectors but a major engine failure no.
  15. UK car was first registered 29/04/2015
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