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  1. I’ve always had the window open when driving. You can hear out for motor bikes, (I’m a biker) but what annoyed me most and the main reason for fitting them is I often have water beading on my car and coming to a stop from setting off in the morning makes a nice rainfall into the cabin. I found myself driving with a microfibre cloth on the door card when the wipers were going with the window open a crack. Aesthetically they are not great but being black I think it doesn’t stand out so much, plus I’m moving to Wales soon and it always rains in Wales ☺️ I fitted the genuine ones and will see how they go, will take some getting used to, if I don’t like them I’ll take them off but so far so good.👍🏼 Must admit, when I first saw a car with them on I didn’t think it’s something I would do so it’s definitely substance over style.
  2. Fitted the wind deflectors and they blend in quite well due to the colour of the car. Only had a couple of short drives but it does sound a little quieter in the cabin from wind noise. Good clean and booked in tomorrow to have the TPI done on the creaking suspension mounts. 3 hour job at dealer. They have to replace the part for the warranty to cover the work. The T Roc R that’s coming out was described to have stronger engine mounts and making a big difference so it’s next on my list. I’ve seen some utube videos and the standard mounts seem really feeble. Now I’m stage 2 it’s probably sensible to harness the engine.
  3. We use K Baggs in Parkstone, very detailed. They will match the thickness of the leather and be able to get a neat finish. Or repair the original. Did you ask the dealer who they used?
  4. Little update, had the car through the workshop today for a TPI, new top mounts ordered due to creaks. Warranty covering. Purchased some wind deflectors, guys at work said why am I fitting grandad parts to my car! Can’t stand the drips of water that pours in when it’s raining or you’ve cleaned the windscreen when driving. I had been putting a micro fibre cloth on the door card to catch the water! Oh, passing through the workshop the other day, stumbled upon this. Customers gearbox. Thought worth posting as I hadn’t seen the innards before.
  5. Returned from Wales last night to Dorset after visiting my girlfriend, it was late, roads very quiet. Ideal sort of chance one gets to see if their car is restricted or not since going stage 2..☺️ Oh Boy! Just happened to have an S5 Audi taking a keen interest in my back bumper at the time. So opened up the taps properly for the first time, car has covered 4000 miles now, fresh service so I went for it! Um.... what Audi?! 😂 Really enjoying this car and meeting a good friend who’s a detailer in his spare time so going to clean the cars. Get that motorway salt off from last nights journey.
  6. Last one available but there is another company selling them but the current discount isn’t as good. Ebay is where I found them 👍🏼
  7. thank you 👍🏼
  8. So many restrictions now I guess as to why they are quieter from factory. The standard system does sound good however, like a lot of aspects with the Golf, it has bags of potential if you want to explore them. But it’s quite nice personalising them so you’ve made it feel extra special.
  9. Bon Soir, Can anything be done to a 7.5 IS38 Turbo? I contacted Turbo Technics to see if they can upgrade it in anyway and they said they couldn’t do anything for that turbo.
  10. Not sure if you’ve seen the link to the short video clips I posted but it does pop and fart. My car is Stage 2 mapped so it’s built into the map to snap crackle and pop.
  11. Judging by your message, I don’t think very long at all. You can always blag another purchase and say that’s for your Christmas present haha. Hope your handover goes well and congratulations on your purchase. PS, I do work for a VW main dealer and welcome any contact if you are looking for an R or any VW for that matter. 👍🏼
  12. Glad you are pleased with the exhaust too. How do your tips sit? I do want to close the arch gap a little, bit, not much but enough where it ties everything in with a styled appeal if that makes sense. I’m hearing Bilstein are a good brand to consider and I’ve not had that brand before so that’s what I’m leaning towards but want to try a car out first so I can pick what feels right. Have you changed your suspension?
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