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  1. TWS colour for silver/grey Prets is blue chrome
  2. Do you have a link for £24 deal please?
  3. How many miles had the turbo done before failing?
  4. Pleased to hear there is an iOS OBDeleven coming soon
  5. I’ve used Chipex on a few cars and have been pleased, colour match has always been good.
  6. Blimey, wasn’t expecting that much of a difference.
  7. Any idea how this compares to the cost of a standard exhaust from dealer?
  8. Many thanks for the information and Chartwellls recommendation
  9. Didn’t realise it was a clear as that Mike, thank you for the advise.
  10. Thanks Steve, I have spoken to Chartwells and hoping the insurance company authorise them to do the repairs.
  11. Car was rear-ended whilst I was stationary at traffic lights this evening. Can anybody recommend a body shop around Leicestershire to carry out the insurance work please? Boot lid, bumper are needing replacement, rear quarter has a slight crease high up and exhaust tips are pointing downwards. I am pretty fussy about good paint work, so hoping to find a quality repairer.
  12. A good clean and detail today. Also changed the glovebox light to a footwell led unit and adjusted headlight to raise the beam.
  13. Johnny

    Dash cam??

    This is the best deal I've found: https://shop.carelectronicsnottingham.co.uk/dash-cameras/blackvue-dr750s-2ch-16gb-hd-1080p-gps-wifi-front-rear-dash-cam-camera Still not sure about the size of the front camera though, need to see one
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