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  1. Johnny

    What did you do to your R today?

    A good clean and detail today. Also changed the glovebox light to a footwell led unit and adjusted headlight to raise the beam.
  2. Johnny

    Dash cam??

    This is the best deal I've found: https://shop.carelectronicsnottingham.co.uk/dash-cameras/blackvue-dr750s-2ch-16gb-hd-1080p-gps-wifi-front-rear-dash-cam-camera Still not sure about the size of the front camera though, need to see one
  3. Johnny

    Happy New Year..!!

    Happy New Year
  4. Johnny

    Dash cam??

    I’m considering the Blackvue 750, not sure about the front camera size though. Do you have any pics of the camera installed please?
  5. Johnny

    Sat Nav on the 2018 MK7.5

    How difficult and expensive was the camera retrofit?
  6. Johnny

    Introducing R

    Thank you for the welcome, looking forward to learning and interacting through the forum
  7. Johnny

    Introducing R

    Recently returned to the VW (and petrol) world. Last VW was MK5 R32. The car has just gone over 700 miles, each one has been enjoyable