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  1. VW tech confirmed they don't learn anything driver-based. For me, I've noticed it has started banging in a bit hard from a standing start. I'll get them to look when it has a service in May - it doesn't do millions of miles.
  2. Got to give it a few thousand fairly hard (once warm) miles and it'll improve hugely in mpg and performance.
  3. I've always treated break in procedure as something for the manufacturer's warranty department, rather than for my benefit. In bike racing circles a hard break in is categorically recommended. My current R, my previous GTI, even my old PD130 (absolutely guaranteed to use oil according to some) never used/use a drop of oil. I treat bikes the same way and had the same results. I treat it like a car. I drive it normally from day 1. Hard use once gauge warm if I feel like it, gentle if I don't. If I'm on a decent road I tend to run high rpm because I like instant throttle response (a hangup from 100k on various sportsbikes) and I drive no differently when a car is new. Only warranty work across all three listed vehicles is a broken grab handle in two of the three (spring fell out) and as I said, literally never had to top oil up. The days of seating valves and piston rings are gone - let's be honest, they're redlined before we see them anyway. I saw the testing bench for MV Agusta, each new engine is absolutely abused like crazy. Sure enough the engines are bulletproof and don't use a drop of oil (sadly the electrics aren't!).
  4. Looking on the ABT site and they list a number of countries where the warranty is valid, I can't see the UK on the list. Does anyone know whether they are warrantied here?
  5. Mine will be going in as the passenger grab handle on the roof no longer springs back up.
  6. If at first you don't succeed... Let's be honest, if a failed first go at anything meant we didn't try again, we'd still be in caves!
  7. It's stupid design! There's no park assist available on the R and nothing at all for the remaining blank switch (annoying), so why not put a button there? The rear has a button...
  8. The problem with the current crop of M cars (and especially the Competition spec ones) is in my experience they're just too hard and too much unless you're 10/10ths all the time. The adaptive dampers go from sporty 'Spinal damage' down to chilled out 'Filling loss'. After the Golf, I think they'd wind me up. For 99% of us, I suspect the big output, non-M would be the better car. Assuming they have sorted the steering.
  9. Given that the car knows it has failed somehow, it might be worth checking for fault codes that could shed more light on the issue. Sounds like it might be time to get the spanners or the wallet out...
  10. Sadly not. Not even a second. Assuming the advert is honest (if it says 'Perfect' or 'Faultless', it's a different kettle of fish), a private sale is 100% on the buyer. Caveat emptor.
  11. As the owner of a Tesla as well as an R, I'd say give them a try - you might be pleasantly surprised.
  12. If the GTI is knocking 300 horses, we have to assume an R (if released) will be 350+...
  13. Having just swapped for my winters, this is timely advice. Thank you.
  14. No, the newer car will shed value faster.
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