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  1. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-search?postcode=nr148ez&make=LOTUS&maximum-mileage=10000&body-type=Convertible&price-from=22500&price-to=25000&advertising-location=at_cars&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&page=1 So that and a grand in your pocket for tyres, or a MK4 Golf? I know which will hold its money better and be a better car to drive. Hmmm Decisions, decisions...
  2. Does the PP version have larger calipers or just drilled disks?
  3. It's a guess, but a master tech told me first hand that there is categorically NO 'learning' on the DSG's part, so what else could it be barring adaptions to physical environment?
  4. I think the adaptions are based on clutch wear etc.
  5. This is completely incorrect. DSG does not 'learn' how you drive and adapts. It simply DSGs normally all day, every day, whatever you do (unless it's broken).
  6. I have the Blackvue 750 front and rear. Other than on my driveway, which is a bit of a blackspot, no issues with DAB at all.
  7. My immediate thought on a 12 month old car with a fair few miles and an unusual, highly visible and expensive option (carbon nappa was £2500), then base spec everything else is that it's an ex demo. I'm with everyone else - these aren't a rare car, even in 3dr, so wait for the car you really want rather than compromising on spec/colour and regretting it later. Black cars are an absolute nightmare to keep clean and show every little mark.
  8. Biggest difference is 4WD Vs FWD. I had a 7 GTI PP and it was excellent. Only the need for an estate put me in an R. I felt like the 7 R was heavy feeling compared to the GTI, though the 7.5 R doesn't have that heavy feel. Obviously the R is faster and pulls better, but they are slightly less playful and fun. If you are going GTI, do not even consider one without the performance pack, the magic diff transforms the car. Service intervals are the same. I haven't noticed the R being more to service. The Active Info Display (fancy clocks on the 7.5) and Discover Pro is good, but doesn't win you a great deal really. The standard 7.5 infotainment with knobs sticking out is odd in my opinion.
  9. Now get it ceramic coated or PPF'd to keep it nice.
  10. This sort of thing is why I got a dashcam front and rear. Too many idiots doing idiotic things these days. Lucky you got his details and he didn't just p155 off like most would.
  11. Try buying a Tesla 12 months before they drop 40k off list price. 😭
  12. Have to say, Google maps, Spotify, WhatsApp and Voice Control of everything all add up to a fantastic little package. You can just say 'WhatsApp Baldchap' and it asks for the message, you reply 'Baldchap you are bald', it reads it back and asks if you want to send. If you receive texts or WhatsApp messages it reads them out. It's great. Or you say 'Play Baldchap's Greatest Hits' and it loads up my best-selling album on Spotify. I have had it on my last 2 Golfs and would have it on my next car if it was an option. For what you get vs cost, I'm going on the record saying it's the best available option on the car.
  13. Baldchap

    Rolex deals

    This. But be aware, the 'service intervals' touted by the manufacturers are mega short. A jeweller (and several brand service centre owner) friend of mine basically called me a mug for having my Speedmaster serviced at 3 years old. He said to wait until they start to lose or gain time differently to normal. If the watch is in reasonably regular use the rumours about the lubricants drying etc are apparently there to encourage people to spend money. Given they cost more to service than any of my cars, I'm quite happy with this advice.
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