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  1. Have to be honest, I think I used the word bellend.... 🤣
  2. I had a bloke coming up fast on me today in the Missus' RS5. We're currently in Spain where lane discipline is generally acceptable and people actually get past quickly rather than just box you in, so I moved over before he got there into a smallish gap between fast moving vans. The nobsack stomps on the brakes, pulls out an iPad sized device and takes a picture of the sodding car, before pressing the go pedal in his boggo A3 that then took forever to get past and resulted in me waiting forever. Bellend.
  3. Yeah, right, chinny reckon! 😂 (I'm going to bring back all the old phrases)
  4. Bellend is a particularly good word.
  5. Build their braking distance into yours so you don't end up being rear-ended.
  6. This is precisely why I have a lovely Elise in the garage, I'll still be enjoying it come the day when actual driving is a thing of the past for most people!
  7. Given the CS ones look just like the PP ones (and are presumably still crappy sliding caliper cheapo jobs!), what's the cost for the PP ones?
  8. Finally put my summer wheels back on! I'm not lazy (not THAT lazy, anyway), but our dog sitter uses my car when we're away and she's a bit 'kerby', so I left the winters on. 😂
  9. You have to go for what you want, but it is obvious that the car has been designed around DSG and DCC. Without both the driving modes don't make sense.
  10. I have this, it's excellent and has a lip round the side so spills are contained. It isn't, however, a high grip surface (why you'd want that in an estate I don't know - you'd struggle taking things out, surely?), so if that's what you're after (imagine something heavy at full lean that won't slide), it isn't for you.
  11. Android Auto (the same activation does both) is truly excellent. If Apple CarPlay is a tenth as good, then it's worth it.
  12. Also, Auto Express did a super Vs normal fuel test a few years back. If your car can adjust timing to take advantage of it (most turbo lumps will), it will produce more power on super. The 1.4 Polo produced less power on super by 6bhp, IIRC. I know I get better mpg and after the chat above about additives, I buy branded super. Normally Shell V-Power.
  13. I met a bloke (neighbour of a friend) who does science stuff including making additives for fuel. His company made a magic chemical that sold for squillions of pounds (I was drunk, I recall it being a lot) to one of the big petrol companies (he wouldn't say as he was under NDA at the time as the deal was still going through). He said they'd tested this additive in various situations and basically it is incredibly effective at keeping fuel systems free of crap and running well. He maintained it was worth every penny that the big companies charge over supermarket fuel. He did mention that most of them have something similar, but reckoned theirs was best! That's the nearest I've ever come to someone who actually knows anything about the subject, so it's good enough for me.
  14. OBDEleven allows for Start/Stop to be deactivated permanently in about 15 seconds.
  15. 0-60 would be our people carrier (sub 3 secs). Top speed our old posh car (202 according to the book, I didn't go that fast). Fastest combination of the two down a B road, probably the R!
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