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  1. Baldchap

    GTi TCR.

    It has the VAQ diff, despite the article saying otherwise.
  2. Baldchap

    No Golf R on VW Website

    I wanted the Akra as I've always had them on bikes, but it isn't an option on the estate. It's the only thing I don't have that I would have specced differently if I'd bought a hatch. With Soundaktor disabled, however, I think the car actually sounds pretty good for a 4 pot. To clarify my list, I do have the full lane assist and lights etc, just couldn't be bother typing it! The PP version is on 19s, though my brother swapped Spielbergs to Prets on his PP R hatch for £100, so if we could be bothered we could do sums there. It's close for sure. Like you say, let the heads decide! 🤣 But I can fit more bodies in the boot, gangster style...
  3. Baldchap

    No Golf R on VW Website

    If you're replying to me, I have had it since April. It's absolutely excellent and definitely the best car for my needs/wants that I could have bought. 👍
  4. Baldchap

    No Golf R on VW Website

    I think the estate is better looking than the hatch. Plus, the dog loves it and I can chuck bikes on the roof. Not wanting to willy wave, but it replaced (or rather its GTI PP predecessor did) a *significantly* more expensive, faster motor. I am very fortunate that, within reason, I could have pretty much anything for sale today, but I feel the quicker Golfs are currently the most complete package available today at any budget. For example, Audi's iDrive ripoff annoyed me, plus their nav is unusable. Tiny other touches irritated me too like the phone bit not being flat and lined with grippy stuff, so your phone launches across the cabin. I don't think the RS3/4s are as good a package as the Golf, they just happen to go faster.
  5. Baldchap


    I was a 20k per year biker three or four years ago. Multiple Euro tours every year, track days, I spent every spare moment riding (commuted on the train as parking the bike all day at work would have been a very silly thing to do thanks to dodgy office location) and loved it. Not sure what changed, but the last two years it's really tapered off. Still got the bike but it's currently SORN and has been due its first MOT for the best part of a year. MV Agusta Brutale 800RR. 3 cylinder naked (though mine has a Puig screen). Cracking piece of kit. At one point I think mine was the highest mileage one in the UK but not any more. Had its first service at six days old and it's second within two months. Never missed a beat when I was using it regularly, though lack of use might have changed that now. Should I get rid? Don't know. It bothers me a lot having it sat unused, but if I get rid then I'm not a biker any more. That said, if I don't ride it, I'm not a biker anyway. Existential crisis!!!!
  6. Baldchap

    No Golf R on VW Website

    Ok, per the order form: 310 Estate (DSG) Performance Pack Winter pack Lapiz Blue Extended Warranty Rear Camera Power Adjustable Driver's Seat Dynamic Chassis Control Lane assist Inc magic headlights Leather 'Nappa Carbon' Discover nav pro Keyless Heated windscreen Rear side airbags Dynaudio Load liner Dog guard Service plan Tracker Gap insurance Delivery, plates, all that jazz... Just shy of £48.4k before discount. I don't think I could have specced much more barring ash trays and the like. Got a set of winters too, but not official VW so they don't count.
  7. Baldchap

    No Golf R on VW Website

    In which case I am wrong! Bound to happen eventually! 🤣
  8. Baldchap

    No Golf R on VW Website

    I've been of the opinion for a whole that if there ever is another R sold in this country it'll be a Mk8. I reckon I might own the highest spec 7.5 in the UK, so whilst it'll never make back options cost, residuals will be better than I predicted. I have to admit to being secretly quite chuffed. Whether VW will drop a few of the WLTP-compliant 7.5s to satisfy paid orders, I couldn't say, but I'll bet there isn't another new Golf R 7.x order placed in the UK. I'm wrong.
  9. Baldchap

    Winter Tyres

    Mine are going on this next week, looking at the temps. I tend to swap at about 5 degrees. General consensus from manufacturers and road organisations is that if you're only running one tyre year round, winters are the one to pick, as they're less bad in summer than summers are in winter. Obviously everyone ignores that because they think winters are only for snow.
  10. Baldchap

    OBDEleven v VCDS??

    What do you want to change? I've used both over the years (a close friend has VCDS and I have OBDEleven). OBDEleven does most of the normal stuff, but VCDS is almost akin to having actual VW software at your disposal. It is more complicated to use IMO. One thing that is always an issue is trying to use non-Ross Tech cables - the cheaper ones always seem to cause random problems. OBDEleven is less feature rich but requires nothing other than the device and a smartphone. It's never stopped me changing something that I wanted to change, even down to mucking about with light sequencing and all sorts on my old Mk7 GTI. Once the novelty wears off, the only things you'll actually change, I'd bet, are Start/Stop (permanently off) and Soundaktor (disabled). I used to have the ability to lock from the outside with the fob when the engine is running (good for deicing) and Video In Motion (for one particular journey I knew would be very stationary. I haven't done either on my current R, but might do the locking one. Again, all doable on OBDEleven.
  11. Baldchap

    Drive Mode Percentages

    Individual with everything but the suspension in Race. The suspension is in comfort. If the road is flat enough I'll use Race. Then modulate D/S via the stick. I have Soundaktor and start/stop permanently disabled via OBDEleven, so Race mode isn't a PITA.
  12. Baldchap

    Winter Tyres

    The tyre may be significantly older. Age guide here: https://m.tirerack.com/tires/tiretech/techpage.jsp?techid=11
  13. Americans on Reddit. Certainly has a reputation, even if it isn't earned. I've also seen several YouTube reviews from the USA mention it.
  14. I'm on a 7.5 estate with similarly excessive spec, but with PP, rear side airbags and Nappa, but no panoramic, Akra or tints... It's close but I'm claiming the win! 😂 Even got the official VW dog guard and load liner. Salesman said it was the best Golf he'll ever sell. You'll love it. They're the most complete car for sale today.
  15. Single point injection is the biggest factor. I assume the tiny difference after that is emissions related.