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  1. Wagon R

    AJ Vs Ruiz

    I won’t share publicly because I heard boxers drive VW’s too and wouldn’t be happy for everyone to cheap out on their fights ...wouldn’t wanna upset a boxer. 💪
  2. Wagon R

    AJ Vs Ruiz

    I vowed never to pay for boxing events again after getting caught up in the hype of PAC-man Vs Mayweather and shelling out the full price to watch what was a jab-fest because Pacciao damaged his right hand in training and wouldn’t throw it. If you thought this fight was bad, you should have seen Mayweather’s rendition of the two-step that night. ...”Ladies and Gentlemen, WE BRING TO YOUUUUU... 12 rounds of dancing” 🤬 I’ve since found “other means” to watch ALL live events FOC. 😉
  3. Wagon R

    AJ Vs Ruiz

    Actually agree with that comment …unless his opponents are managed he’ll be fighting for the titles a third time not far into the future! That said… Ruiz is a clubber, not a boxer! AJ did exactly what needed to be done to get his belts back by not getting caught with one of Ruiz's rabbit punches. He was out -boxed last night. What is a Rabbit Punch
  4. Wagon R

    AJ Vs Ruiz

    If you were watching the same fight I did you’d have seen Ruiz isn’t a boxer by any stretch …he spent the entire fight trying to club AJ to the back of the head. That’s exactly how he won the last time, but AJ’s corner and the ref were wise to it this time, He was warned on multiple occasions …but you saw it yourself, right?
  5. Wagon R

    AJ Vs Ruiz

    Sat reading this and wondering why you don’t have the belts??? 🤔
  6. Wagon R

    AJ Vs Ruiz

    👍 Oh I know, so is my request to switch. 😋
  7. Wagon R

    AJ Vs Ruiz

    Is it too late to change my prediction? 🤔 😂
  8. Still doesn’t add anything over standard OBD port readers on iOS, and going by the selling tactics and delays which plagued this next gen release ...until it's proven to work as well as the Android version I’ll stick with the original.
  9. Wagon R

    AJ Vs Ruiz

    Anyone watching? What predictions do you have? I reckon AJ in the 3rd. 🥊🥊🥊
  10. My 2017 has Reversing Camera, Leather and Lapiz paint as cost options and was £39,800 new, so it just fell short of the higher tax threshold. If said threshold were a little higher, DCC would have been next on the list. The Reversing Camera is a must have and used on a daily basis. Leather for me was also a must have because the dog fur blowing around the interior from the hatch when traveling is a lot easier to vacuum up than it would be from cloth seats. The only issue I’m aware of is; unlike your ST, there’s a lack of Tow Bar for these cars. They’ve not been type tested, so you can’t officially fit one either …if you don’t tow, it’s not going to be a concern, but it’s something you should be aware of. Other than that, I find mine is the ideal combination of practicality (in all weather conditions) and performance.
  11. That’s the trouble with the winter months, you leave the dirt for a couple of weeks at a time, then when you wash it off you find marks and have no idea when they happened. 😩
  12. Is that the paint peeling? 🧐 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F193198099655
  13. Have to say I’m impressed with the R’s generation 5 Haldex on rollers: I admit to chuckling a bit when its direct competitor the A35’s 4Matic system flunked: 😊
  14. lol, think I can say with confidence that’s not gonna happen in my lifetime - not that I’m in bad health or anything, more that classic cars will be protected by Enthusiasts with their lives. 🚘
  15. Because of your input, I went to the dealers today and got the “Oil Upgrade” cost (£29.99) refunded. So I don’t feel as fleeced now, and the tree huggers of the world can relax. 😊 Thanks for the tip, Rebecca. 👌
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