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  1. Every driver (including the valeters) at the dealers will be included on the insurance policy that covers every kind of risk to a customer’s car whilst it’s in their care. I thought TD1 was for the engine ECU?
  2. Lol …you know it makes sense. 👍
  3. I have a Thinkware hardwired into mine! The last time it went for VW service (January last year) the young tech tried switching it off a few times, but every time he cycled the ignition, slammed a door/boot it just kept switching back on or changing setting automatically. By the time the test drive came around he’d given up and stuck to the 30mph roads around the dealership - he didn’t even bother taking it onto the derestricted roads nearby. 👍
  4. Bought a set last year …took them off for the winter, put them back on last month and have to say I’m very impressed with the comfort and handling. Very grippy and smooth running.
  5. I did indeed! I ordered the basic directly from their website > OBDeleven.com < and transferred my Pro license and 900+ credits from the Original I already had - £52 and pennies + Amazon shipping of £6. Got it yesterday and all set up today. The Pro license is listed at £22, so you can get it literally next day for £80 from Voltas.
  6. The Goodyear Asy 5’s acquitted themselves well in the ‘road tyre’ category …or was that because he was testing at the Goodyear facility and needed to keep them sweet? 🤔😩
  7. It’s not over yet! They were driving it when it failed, so there’s still hope of a sizeable contribution. 🤞
  8. Just realised …the new format works really well on a mobile screen. Top stuff. 👌
  9. Bummer! Did they inform you of the TD1 after the fact or previously? TD1 or not, I’d be absolutely raging. Maybe someone else can help me understand how a main dealer can take your perfectly running car and return with only the keys and an apology? They shouldn’t even feel the need to discuss costs with you …just fix the d**n car you broke. 🤬
  10. TBH …if you’re considering the cost of repair before the assessment concludes, it means you’re not pressuring the dealer to accept blame for something they clearly should take responsibility for …you didn’t employ the lead footed oaf, they did! And only when they’re made to take responsibility (financially) for that decision will they return to respecting our property. They had just given the car a clean bill of health, So either they’re liable, they lied regarding the car’s health or they’re ignorant to their own cars - which I’ve found in the past can sometimes be the case with dea
  11. He wasn’t far off the limiter was he. 🤬
  12. Sealey TP69 I bought it from eBay, but shop around for pricing as many tools stores sell it. And yes, it vacuums the oil out via the dipstick. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SEALEY-TP69-MANUAL-VACUUM-OIL-FLUID-EXTRACTOR-SYPHON-PUMP-6-5-LITRE-/333622377951?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  13. Quickest thorough oil and filter change in history …Oil change is the only time working on my cars in my 26 years living here I don’t curse the slope of my driveway, but this pump actually made it a joy. 5.6 litres out, and 5.6 litres in. 😊
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