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  1. Ouch! It’s times like that you feel they’re out to get you. 😢
  2. When you say “careful” I hope you mean “vigilant” ...wouldn’t want you feeling it's necessary to drive like miss daisy for the rest of your days.
  3. Do you have any idea how much more it’s likely to cost? Seems like the Pro version may be a valid alternative to a new VCDS Hex cable if I can run it in iOS and Android! I have a MacBook, so VCDS (Windows) needs to be run in a Virtual Machine - which has always been a pain in the ear and takes up a huge chunk of space on my Drive.
  4. So they’ve updated the hardware\dongle then? Thought it was just a software project.
  5. We have to be in the middle of Q2 now as next month is the end of Q2. 😎
  6. Any update on this yet, anyone? Is it possible to program the Nav to be on both screens yet?
  7. Weird season end, tbh. It’s like no one wants 4th! Gooners were shocking yesterday. 🤣
  8. Yep, He probably should have been named Frank, because he is that.
  9. one for you, Dave. 😉 Used the Wagon for its intended purpose …put this much in a Hatch and I’d be wheelieing home. 😘
  10. LFC since 1970 👍 ...and for my Sins my Kids are Gooners. 😪
  11. Hi Twin …aside from mine being a 67 Plate. From the lights outside Tesco, to the Radlett Rd round-a-bout where I turned off, People must have thought we were two company cars …yours looked as in need of a wash as mine currently is. 😂
  12. My swirls aren’t quite as bad as the before pics in your post, and that may be because it had lifeshine on it from the dealer ...which I refused to pay for as a second hand buyer because I knew it had already been applied (The sales rep then made out he would do me a favour and throw it in FoC 🤣), but it has some minor marring, light scratches or stone chips on just about every panel - I just want it to be perfect for a while. The after pictures look like it’s a great job, but they rarely do a clean car justice. I used to keep my previous car spotless... until "The Dog" happened 😫 Things went downhill pretty quickly with him being a puppy and taking multiple attempts to jump into the boot - he scratched the h£ll out of the rear bumper, so I’m having the detailer put a ppf strip across the top to stop it happening again and he’s grown now and can hop straight in without a struggle. I've learned a lot since then about keeping the car unmarked, yet still take him on jolly’s, and I really can’t wait to have another totally clean base to work from. 🤗
  13. I have experienced the jerkiness of the 7 speed DSG in my wife’s 66plate Polo BlueGT, I used to think it was because the clutch was new, and once run in it would improve. But it has been reported as a “trait” of smaller engined VW group cars. As soon as I got my R I remarked how much smoother and easier it was to drive in comparison to her Polo ...and I still notice the difference, 6 months after the fact, whenever I drive her car. But she has it mastered and it rarely ever feels snatchy when she drives me somewhere. This proves it can be tamed by applying a little finesse with the throttle application and I’m sure if it was my daily, I’d learn to drive it smoothly too. I happened to have the previously quoted Evo review still open in my browser after reading through it at the weekend, and after thinking on the “jerkiness” comment, I concluded it’s either caused by a software update to the gearbox, or the driver’s over-eagerness to apply\reapply the throttle, but the driver, in this case, can be excused because it’s a review and he will obviously be pumped full of adrenaline after driving the car at\near its limits. I for one am convinced it’s either software or finesse at fault here.
  14. There's a few stone chips, marring from the neighbourhood cats\foxes using my bonnet to make their way over next door's wall, and swirls …nothing major in itself, but plenty of small defects that were mostly there when I bought the car. I’m paying £850 - hence I have no issue leaving it with them for a week. I managed to get the original quote of £1100 lowered because he loves the colour (Lapiz) and wants to see it at its best (to take pictures for their portfolio) …me too. 😊
  15. I was going to ask the same question, but the answers here have made my mind up to get it done. I’ll be paying a small fortune for a professional correction and my first ever ceramic coating next week! The detailer wants my car for a whole week …can’t wait. 😎
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