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  1. Wagon R

    October 2018 Nav Update

    Yea, mine is also an MIB2.5, So you can imagine how pleased I was to be pointed to a solution that added probably the best speed camera database in the world. VW should be flogged for pulling the site, but the other issue I had when trying to use Car-Net to load the database was the network won’t accept files larger than 5MB, and the PGPS mobile camera database is a little bigger than that already! This method solves that problem as well. Definitely win-win. Thanks again for taking the time to write it up.
  2. Wagon R

    October 2018 Nav Update

    @TellIt’s YOU.👆 😳 That has to be the most in depth write up I’ve ever seen. Thanks for taking the time to write it, works a treat on my MIB2 (non-pro) Media. 🖖
  3. Wagon R

    October 2018 Nav Update

    I know, just joshing. 😉
  4. Wagon R

    October 2018 Nav Update

    🖐️ I'm one of those “some people”. I prefer it to taking my phone out of my pocket …I’m lazy like that. 👀
  5. Mine also arrived today. I wasn’t sure they'd fit, but you have to remove the curved mount (pictured) that comes attached and fit the small square mount before fitting the final part (w\ square tab) which slides onto the wiper arm. wait… I’ll go remove it and take pics of the parts you need to use Remove this V
  6. I’d much rather a decent wiper than have to treat glass regularly, so I’ve ordered a set of the PIAA silicone wipers mentioned a few times earlier in the thread! So I’ll wait for them to arrive and hope they’re as good as reviews claim and I won’t need anything else.
  7. Wagon R

    12v battery low warning

    I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the Earth is Flat and satellites are a myth. 👍
  8. I used to use Rain X in the 90’s, but found it caused ghosting on the screen at night behind every wipe, I didn’t like it so haven’t used it since! Does anyone know if the formula been improved since?
  9. Wagon R

    12v battery low warning

    Seriously??? What I’m not getting is why folk will sit in their cars with all manner of winter electrics running, but not the engine? What do you expect to happen? So glad I grew up in the generation before everything was automated and\or fixed for free, because you learned the hard way if you didn’t think first. My R has barely moved this weekend, so right now it’s sitting on the drive w/t battery charging ...and this will be the case until daylight hours improve and the lights, heater, rear screen, wipers, etc don’t get switched on as soon as the car’s started - most of these used together will drain a battery even with the engine running at 2000 rpm, let alone sitting in a car park with the engine off. I’d expect logic or common sense to kick in at some point before the battery dies, but noooo! I despair for mankind sometimes, I really do. 😩 /rant
  10. Wagon R


    Try again, @Stego. My Wife’s Polo is a 66 plate it has the older unit, which I think is the same as the one in the Mk7 R. There is a HARD “menu” button at the bottom right of the facia - ABOVE the tuning knob - which is where you’ll find the main menu! press “Setup"! At the very top of the screen that opens when you press "Setup" are the “screen” options. That’s the one you need to look at. EDIT: Follow the image numbers.
  11. Wagon R


    @Stego in the main menu on the 7.5 unit, the first/top option is Screen and the first option in that menu is Screen off (after 10 seconds). Select that.
  12. Wagon R


    Welcome to the forum, mate. Glad you’re happy with your R. I think there’s an option in the infotainment menu which allows the head unit screen to be switched off (or at least lower brightness), but I’m working right now, so I can’t check just yet what menu it is. If no one else posts before tomorrow I’ll have a look for it and post back.
  13. Wagon R

    October 2018 Nav Update

    Second quote just to get your attention @Bolt I’m sure you’ve checked, but as it’s not mentioned in your post I’ll go ahead and ask anyway: Are you sure your VW card isn’t set to “LOCK" as mine is in the above image? Set like this it won’t allow you to write anything to the card, you have to slide the tab up to allow writing - but you knew this …Right? 😉
  14. Wagon R

    October 2018 Nav Update

    Number Confirmed! It’s a 16GB card and any working 16GB card will do for the purpose of downloading and leaving in your system. You don’t have to buy one from VW.
  15. Wagon R

    Goodyear ...bringing the fight to Michelin

    If these new road tyres fail to unseat Michelin - according to comparisons, I'll not be buying them. I want the best next summer and I'm not prepared to play favourites with my hard earned £££.