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  1. British Grand Prix has just finished, Rebecca …car cleaning and mods have to wait. 👋
  2. “My” cognitive distortions? Riiiiight, you’d rather call people names instead of asking! That sounds like fun, doesn’t it!?! 🤔 Remember now “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. 👋
  3. Again, the point you’re missing is; if we break ANY law, we have no right to question others on their law breaking exploits. If you wanted to know who took the picture at 60, you could have just asked. Below is the one I took myself …at Corley Services.
  4. Or maybe I got the right end of the stick and you shouldn’t be calling people names without explaining you “didn’t mean it”? Even so, it would be hypocritical of anyone to call someone out for taking a picture when driving, but think it’s okay to break speed limits “on the queens highway”, devils advocate or not.🤔
  5. Whether you realise it or not, you’re talking about breaking the law …just as speeding does. So who does that make the irresponsible prick?
  6. Im almost sure the gauge adapts to the amount of fuel in the tank! With previous cars taken on long runs, I could always get 50 miles up the road before the needle would move and that’s not the case with this R! It’ll start moving within 10 miles of filling up! So I don’t think the sensors are being outsmarted when brimming the tank …although brimming will gain more miles per tank than stopping at the first click.
  7. She actually took 4 photos from the passenger seat! Mr “I’ve never broken a speed limit in my life”. 🙄
  8. 😂 The hardest part was not to get tempted to follow others blasting past on the M6 Toll …It’s almost like speed limits are suspended on that stretch. 😲 Could have done a little better too, if I hadn’t stopped off in Coventry on the way up, as well as two service station stops for SWMBO, plus a 7 mile trip out of the waterfront area to the beach yesterday evening.
  9. Back from Liverpool today and I somehow managed to do 98% of the trip at 60mph! Full tank when I set out and didn’t have to fill up once. I’d have never thought this kind of range was possible out of a 300+ BHP car. ☺️
  10. I believe the A/C drain tube pokes through the lower grill on the driver’s side …at least it does on my 2017! Are you losing any coolant? Try dabbing it with a tissue to see if it smells or has any colour! Don’t lick it though, it could be animal pee. 😁
  11. Do you have an SD card in the unit that may have developed errors? Maybe a CarPlay/AndroidAuto dongle that may need a firmware update plugged in??
  12. Shhh… Did you hear that …I think it was the sound of my 7.5 estate’s resale value hitting rock bottom. 😩😢
  13. Sod’s law. Some folk can’t help themselves. Going to Liverpool for our anniversary next week and I’ve paid for private parking. 🤞
  14. I bought some P+S Rags to Riches over a month ago, but wanted to see the results before recommending it. After the second wash of a couple of two year old Gyeon towels that had gone hard and were doing more to add swirls than a free dealership service wash, I’m chuffed to find I can now use them again. It apparently works by dissolving the hydrophobic protection that polishing cloths and towels pick up with repeated use that makes them hydrophobic and dries them them out. It’s not cheap and I’m sure some already have their own tricks (vinegar) to achieve similar results, but this seems to have
  15. Never heard of Atom-Mac before, but it sounds like the solution to a problem that plagues my car washes. Thanks for the tip, @Clarkie48.
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