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  1. The drawing is seriously good! Kudos to the artist. The problem I have with white [and black] cars is highlighted in the drawing too ...IMHO there’s not enough definition of the curves and lines of the bodywork! Those two colours hide so much detail, which is enhanced in the drawing. Perhaps the next craze for manufacturers should be to blend different shades of white around the body lines to bring them out more. 👍
  2. Just tried to check the availability of Gen2 OBD11 and they seem to have removed it from the site totally! It’s not looking very promising. 😢
  3. Agree with your findings by using "seat of pants” logging. I tried this before and didn’t notice any difference in the throttle response to what I could get by a switch in Driving Modes. I was attempting to rid myself of throttle lag, but this didn’t help at all. The only way to completely avoid lag without a pedal box is to drop down a gear or two (...dependant on how deep in cruise mode you are) before hitting the throttle.
  4. Sunshades arrived today …they look and feel quality, can’t wait to get them fitted tomorrow. 😎
  5. Thanks for the update. Is "HMI" a new head unit, or a component of the system?
  6. Outside Harrow o\t Hill station last night. Looked stock! would have been between 3 and 4 am. Anyone on here? 👋
  7. No way! Climate control in anything other than eco mode gives me a headache …and even then I can’t have it set at too low a temperature! Fresh air FTW. 😊
  8. Had the same with my previous Audi. And what makes it worse is beading means the roof is slick with nothing for the water to latch onto. I learned not to drop a window until I’ve rounded a couple of corners and\or braked hard enough to get rid of the excess.
  9. My R came with Bridgestones (7.5k miles and 5mm tread depth), I swapped them for all-seasons within 6 weeks of owning it. They were like riding on solid rubber and lost traction on roundabouts at low speed whenever the temperature was in single figures, and as I work nights it was a regular occurrence. The Asy 5’s are my summer tyres and the Vector 4seasons will go back on in the autumn.
  10. Lets hope it wasn’t a test drive and you didn’t ruin the sale. 😂
  11. Yep. Has anyone been messing around with OBD11 or Carista type coders on the car? You may need to take it to VW for a reflash.
  12. Yea. see my edit. You need to do a software rest. From the Hard Menu button, you can scroll down on the MIB and select reset, then reset the whole unit from there.
  13. This menu. Driving Data is where you find the consumption data. Edit: Okay, I get it now. That’s not yours. lol
  14. Looks fine to me. The consumption data is under the Driving Data menu - you need to select the side arrows on that screen.
  15. How’s it handling the rarified air ...notice any difference in acceleration or torque?
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