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  1. That’s the spirit. 👍 You’d think it was compulsory to remain subscribed once registered, the way some folk are so dead set against others trying it for themselves.
  2. “Apparently” the hardware has been updated to handle a wider spread of manufacturer protocols, which will be catered for in the future (???). But the original will still be supported on Android, so all is not lost.
  3. If only drivers here would routinely drive 15-20mph above the official limit, I’d be much happier on our roads. But as I said, you have some idiots that think being in the outside lane earns them an extra stripe, and once there they can do any speed they want UP TO the speed limit, but not a smidgeon over ...to h3ll with the two mile que behind that wants to pass. Them: “it’s a limit, not a target” Me: 👀 🤬 If i were a traffic 🚓 I’d happily spend my afternoons ticketing for obstructing traffic. 😊
  4. I would say “improper lane change” or “passing on the left” would have been relevant, but in my defence, Your Honour ...drivers are supposed to “keep left unless overtaking” and they weren’t. That has been my pet driving hate since forever. It’s also something I brought up while on the course, and those taking the course agreed it’s a problem, but didn’t offer any solutions. It was like “...oh well, your here now” 😩 If that rule we’re taught and enforced effectively, there would be little need to keep adding extra lanes to Motorways every 5 years. There’s already a law which allows prosecution for failing to keep left, but it’s rarely enforced. Idiots will happily sit in the 3rd lane at 56mph for the entirety of their journey right up until they swerve across two lanes to take their exit! As an ex truck driver, I find it infuriating. @Booth11 That’s smart thinking. I used to study a Highway Code booklet that was forever laying around at home when I was young - never considered leaving one around for my kids though. 🤔
  5. Ive noticed the basic standard of driving has fallen a lot in recent years, and the government response seems to be more a case of ...”let’s slow the experienced drivers down to accommodate those who don’t have any idea regarding special awareness” rather than ...”let’s improve new driver’s standard of training before they’re given a pass.” It’s totally arse backwards to what it should be. I had my Motorway Awareness course in January and it gave me great insight as to how the powers that be pander to “sub-standard” drivers on our roads. I was collared for navigating around the rolling road blocks - more commonly known as Commuters - doing 71mph on the M25 ...yep, that’s 71mph on a 70mph road... Smart Motorways be damned. I learned it’s more about teaching us to follow the rules, than safety or better car control.
  6. I don’t tend to drive like an idiot, but on the local back doubles its highly intrusive. BTW a lot of our little country lanes have a 100kph (60mph) speed limits, so we in the UK can lawfully take tight bends at those speeds - without the Police considering us “idiots”. 😎
  7. I find stability control to be too intrusive, it cuts power at the slightest hint of body roll and long before it needs to.
  8. I see the next gen iPhone compatible device has been released, but they’ve sold out already. Does anyone know of any stock in the UK? OBDeleven Next Generation
  9. The wider tyre (235/19 vs 225/18) means less steering lock before the rubber touches the inner arch or stop.
  10. I have a hard wired dual cam w\ battery cut off set at 12.4v. It seems my alternator must be better than yours as S\S still kicks in after 5 minutes driving. I coded it out for the winter months & re-enabled for the summer but it’s still a pain ...unless stuck in motorway traffic with ACC set to eco - then it saves you quite a bit in mpg.
  11. I was about to ask if you had 19’s on it, as mine with 18’s is pretty good.
  12. When I had a similar issue - it was getting to 50% before the error - it was because I was selecting the wrong drive/card. edit: sorry didn’t see you’d fixed it. 👍
  13. lol, Just making sure you realise that in the grand scale of things, Car-Net is the least of your worries. 😝
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