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  1. Watford Atrium car park Yesterday (Saturday afternoon) w/ black Prets, wing mirrors and roof rails. Mine is on the right …they could both do with a wash tbf. 😁👋
  2. Not sure about “smiling”, but its embarrassing! Been driving (officially) since 1989 and I’ve never let any of my cars get that dirty before… although it’s been a refreshing experience tbh. 😃
  3. I’m ashamed to say due to family issues (now resolved) I haven’t been taking care of the car in the last couple of months, but approaching it from the back earlier made me realise how far I’d let her fall from grace …gave her a quick wash after seeing this, but she won’t look good again until a polish is done. 😢
  4. Bought a set last year …took them off for the winter, put them back on last month and have to say I’m very impressed with the comfort and handling. Very grippy and smooth running.
  5. The Goodyear Asy 5’s acquitted themselves well in the ‘road tyre’ category …or was that because he was testing at the Goodyear facility and needed to keep them sweet? 🤔😩
  6. Ah, Okay! Smooth roads are a long forgotten feature in the UK. My new summer wheels are 18x8’s and I put last year's 225/40 Goodyear Assy 5’s on them but there’s a tiny bit of unwanted stretch! So I’m going to get 235/40’s this year. I really like the Michelin reviews …and the sidewalls look great too, but I’m thinking maybe the PS4 and 4S’ are due for an update soon as they’ve been around a few years now …I’ve got a month\6 weeks to make a final decision.
  7. I watched a video that said the VRS is oversprung and fidgety compared to the R?! Could that be why the tyres are less grippy in the wet, rather than the compound?
  8. Ill be sticking with 18”s as well, so I’ll be interested to hear your findings. What tyres are you currently on - just for comparison sake when/if you review? Edit: sorry, I see you’re on PS4 at the moment.
  9. https://www.mytyres.co.uk/cgi-bin/rshop.pl?dsco=110&cart_id=d1vzMpvd0HWC4NTP.110.988210489&sowigan=So&Breite=235&Quer=35&Felge=19&kategorie=6&Marke=Michelin&Herst=Michelin&m_s=3&rsmFahrzeugart=ALL&Label=C-A-71-2&details=Ordern&typ=R-339147# I get the feeling that, at this price, the below will be 4s’ too but labelled wrong - maybe give them a call? https://www.camskill.co.uk/m55b0s24p167790/Michelin_Tyres_Car_Michelin_Pilot_Sport_4_PS4_-_235_35_R19_(87Y)_TL_Fuel_Eff_%3A_E_Wet_Grip%3A_A_NoiseClass%3A_2_Noise%3A_70dB
  10. Pilot Sport 4 Vs Premium Contact 6 Vs F1 Asymmetric 5 for the 18” brigade …which I imagine is quite a few. 👋
  11. The SS were designed to be a step up from the A5’s in terms of dry weather, mechanical grip! but what you gain in grip you may lose in longevity, as the compound will likely be softer and less durable than that of A5. The optimal operating temperature may be a little higher too. It’d be nice if someone who fitted them last year could comment, for the good of all with a similar decision to make.
  12. I had the Asymmetric 5’s on all last summer (I’m currently still in my all-seasons) and will probably refit them in a month or so. Have to say I’m very happy with them! they’re comfortable at 39psi, fairly quiet, grippy in the wet and very grippy in the dry. Mine are 225/40/18 ...I believe it you put 235/40/18’s on it’ll throw the speedo out a few mph, which could mess up fuel range calculations, etc. You can check here: https://tiresize.com/tyre-size-calculator/
  13. Thought this was apt with the questions of suitability, etc. Comparison of Michelin PS4, 4S and Cup 2.
  14. Same here! Different tread and temperature types will give different grip levels. Not sure what VW say about mixing though. Mixing Winter and Summer tyres 4x4 Winter Vs Summer tyres
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