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  1. Oooh… potential flame thrower? 😲
  2. Yeah, brake dust from the standard setup is a killer. …I’d be interested to know it they wear the standard disks prematurely. Keep us updated on your findings, please? 👍
  3. That’s interesting. I wonder what data they calibrate it to\with, and if it’s specific to any owner changeable parts - i.e: tyre\wheel size combination ...and if changing those parameters during ownership could affect the gear selection response times …as even going from 18 to 19” wheels isn't a perfect match in terms of wheel rotation speed. I'm going to speculate: the learning is more to do with gearbox\engine\wheel speed limitations and capabilities, rather than any personal driving characteristics. That (possibly) being the case - a learning reset could logically (again, possibly) have a positive effect if the owner had changed the default wheel\tyre size the car originally did it’s learning on by reseting the stored parameters in favour of the new?
  4. I don’t believe the gearbox learns driver behaviour, so a soft reset probably isn't going to change much unless you’ve noticed a fault\glitch like @Gavras did. I only suffered hesitation when I first got the car! Because I was unfamiliar with its characteristics and just floored it, expecting instant warp 9! Since then however, I’ve learned to use the paddles or selector in advance of (or during) situations where instant acceleration might be necessary and have avoided any repeats. With the 7 speed in either Eco or Normal mode, you don’t feel it changing gear when accelerating at normal speeds, you just see the numbers rising, it’s that smooth. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of my Wife’s 7spd 1.4 Polo, which I can’t seem to drive smoothly for love nor money - even though she seems to have mastered it! I find myself apologising for the jerky gear change around town regularly …maybe I’ll mention it at the next service to see if there’s a software update for that. There’s a useful thread on the site that has some great pointers for using the DSG Gearbox as it was intended. It might be of use for some that haven’t seen it. Understanding and Using your DSG box...
  5. that’s an enjoyable read. Thanks. On the subject of your dislike of the ACC. I remember the first time I used it I found it aggressive in accelerating and braking whilst following others, but once set to "eco" mode in the Individual setting screen, I found it’s a lot more gentle and acceptable. That may be worth a shot next time you're in traffic, if you haven’t already.
  6. Can’t knock the BlueSkySea Dual Camera system. Got it late last year and it’s been working great ever since. I would add you’ll need fast, good quality MicroSD cards or you may get recording issues. I bought genuine Samsung 128GB Evo Select cards (watch out for fakes on eBay), not cheap, but work well with this unit. I’ve also hard wired it into the fuse panel with the ZeroGogo kit. You’ll be able to find most of these on eBay and they may be cheaper, so look around! I linked to the ones I got for convenience.
  7. If it was burning Oil it would be blue smoke, Carbon\Soot is black\dark grey and Steam is white - pick one. 😉
  8. A group should get together and import one from the EU (LHD), park it outside a different VW dealer every week and see how many people wander inside asking about it …it borders on "criminal negligence" not to have it on sale in the land of the Station Wagon. I smell a Class Action lawsuit.
  9. Didn’t America practically invent the Wagon? It doesn’t make sense that it’s not offered there.
  10. Don’t know why they can’t just steal borrow Audi’s touch tech - it’s already fully developed in the Q8. Gesture control is an unneeded and soon to be short-lived gimmick! Nobody wants to be seen driving up the M1 waving their hands all over the shop, for fear of being misunderstood either as signalling to other road users, or totally losing the plot. Let me make this perfectly clear now; If I’m ever seen waving my hands around in a seemingly random manner while at the wheel, it will not be because I’m trying to activate the sunroof! It’ll be because I’m either [...signalling to other road users, or totally losing the plot]. 😎
  11. That’s just miserly when you consider the cost of the car. What next ...buy your own dust caps? Sad state of affairs they're in.
  12. Not bad if you haven’t driven one before, but I don’t see an x-drive badge. 😢
  13. A fellow R owner giving you some friendly advice. 👍 It needs maybe 5 minutes per tip, but they come up like new.
  14. It’s what I’ve used since forever, takes a little rubbing, but gets everything eventually. 👌
  15. missed a bit. 😉 Have you tried Autosol?
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