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  1. The very worst thing about keeping a car clean is how you notice literally everything wrong with it. I try to allow it get a bit of dirt on it from time to time, but then when I clean it again I notice new marks. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
  2. I remember around 15+ years ago our local Tesco’s had an issue with too much silicone in their tanks, which coated the O2 sensors of vehicles and caused poor running. Quite a few people claimed compensation for damaged engines (they that kept their receipts). But since then they’ve been very careful about what goes into their tanks and I’ve not heard anything else bad about them.
  3. I wonder if it might be a Tax dodge??? Food is taxed less than fuel isn’t it? How would “aiding and abetting criminal activity” sound on your resume, Becs? 😂
  4. I thought you’d bought for a bbq or something, Becs. Strange description of fuel.
  5. Yep. I usually go with Tesco Momentum (it’s 8p p/l cheaper than V-Power locally), but they were closed this morning and with the range at zero there no option of going home and going back later.
  6. Spoke to my bank manager about a loan to fill the tank. 😩
  7. Just ordered another bottle of CC Platinum Wheels for my summer wheels when they’re swapped out for the winters …which I’ve just finished coating with the same. It’s so easy to apply, and no waiting 20 minutes for it to flash like the Feynlabs wheels and brake coating the summers are currently wearing. Let’s hope it stands up to the grime & brake dust buildup during the “too cold to wash it” winter months. 🤞
  8. I pop them in the W/M w\ non-bio liquid and throw some Rags to Riches in the “freshener” draw to break down the hydrophobic silicates they tend to pick up after repeated use. It did a great job of restoring my crispy Gyeon drying towels to useable status after around 3 washes. I think the lambs wool ones just need rising through with clean water and soap by hand, rather than washing in a machine though Rags To Riches
  9. Platinum Wheels ..yes. I bought atom-mac on your recommendation a couple of months ago! It does a fine job of preventing the discs rusting up during a wash, and it flying all over the wheels with the first drive! so thanks for posting up your results. 👍
  10. Haven’t posted for a while as it all seems to get repetitive …but for something a little different, I found time to clean up the winter wheels (black Cadiz) in prep for some Carbon Collective ceramic. Anyone here have any experience with it?
  11. What If… What if VW deliberately decided to benchmark the engine in a hot environment? Would they then be lawfully able to claim the lower output for all engines worldwide, or is the peak output required to be registered …I mean they’re not exactly known for sticking to the rule of law when a secret workaround is available, are they. 😉
  12. Since the legislation changed regarding the publishing of accurate MPG figures per car sold, these packs are what manufacturers are using to reflect the weight (and therefore mpg) of new cars! It makes sense for them to have standardised packs, rather than having to individually weigh every car with every different permutation of the options list …or they could just throw every option at a range and call it a day?? Admittedly, the packs available seem to be designed to force the choosing of more than one in what can only be described as “strategic” marketing.
  13. British Grand Prix has just finished, Rebecca …car cleaning and mods have to wait. 👋
  14. “My” cognitive distortions? Riiiiight, you’d rather call people names instead of asking! That sounds like fun, doesn’t it!?! 🤔 Remember now “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. 👋
  15. Again, the point you’re missing is; if we break ANY law, we have no right to question others on their law breaking exploits. If you wanted to know who took the picture at 60, you could have just asked. Below is the one I took myself …at Corley Services.
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