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  1. All carpet cleaners are a lot louder than an equivalent sized vacuum. Had a few over the years and they’re not getting any quieter. 😁
  2. Received my order of 3x Scholl Concepts and 1x Flex finishing pad and put a couple of them to work this afternoon removing a few tree branch stripes and light marring... Very happy with the initial results.
  3. I always found the problem with a freshly cleaned car was the itch to drive it before dust settled and ruined your hard work, thereby getting the car dirty again. 🤔🤣
  4. Thanks for clarifying. I did think you meant the phone’s BT ...just trying to think if the car BT is used for anything else, but it can’t hurt to give it a try. 👍
  5. Sorry, I should add that I bought a swivel connector separately from eBay, as this doesn’t have one. Helps to keep the hose from coiling up. if you need one make sure it’ll fit your Nilfisk before you order, but the one I bought is in the link. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M22-14mm-Hose-Fitting-Thread-Pressure-Washer-Swivel-Joint-Kink-Free-Connector-UK-/363213504822?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  6. @Penguin from Amazon! It’s really solid to hold and doesn’t feel like it’ll break any time soon. ✦ Pressure Washer Short Spray Gun ✦ 4000 PSI / 275 bar Rated, M22 Thread Connection, Suitable for Water High Pressure Washers, by WASPPER https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07BL23FZQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_ZVC7E9GX82Y30BQV06AF?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  7. That would probably be my write up - never knew this thread was here tbh. It may well be caused by me having BT enabled 24/7, but I use it regularly, so won’t be switching it off. It doesn’t fail to connect all the time (I did say it was rare) so it’s not an issue that I complain about - just making it know that it happens occasionally …and since I only paid £70 and £75 for the two I bought in October and November, I’m happy to live with them as is.
  8. It's really useful for getting into wheel wells, tight spaces and just generally being more accurate around the car, and I can rinse the roof one-handed now. I also bought a quick release adapter for all the Karcher accessories I have, so nothing will go to waste. I got rid of the absolutely rubbish Karcher 5 meter hose 3 years ago when it started kinking practically from new, replaced with a 10m rudder job and haven’t looked back.
  9. Introduced the car to the snub-nosed magnum today.
  10. I’d give it 7/10 and I’ve read they’re all manufactured using the same hardware - just different root software and case for the different brands. -1 point: There’s a 1 second delay when you interact with it - changing track, selecting apps, etc. Not really critical to the operation and you get used to it. -2 points: “rarely” it can take a while to connect when you jump in the car and drive off! This mostly happens if your phone is still connected to some other (home or work) WiFi when the system starts up. But it can sometimes take a while to connect after that, and a system reboot is then the fastest way to get your tunes/maps on screen. More annoying than the first issue, but also not a deal breaker. Those two criticisms aside, it’s superbly convenient! All the benefits of app connect without the cable, and more especially if your iPhone suffers with a failing lightening port, like mine did last year. Worth it if you don’t pay over the odds.
  11. Very basically, the Gasoline Particulate Filter (...AKA Petrol PF) reduces the soot particles and harmful gasses emitted from the engine by catching them in a chamber in the exhaust system, similar to a Diesel PF. I’m not sure whether they need the same regen (burning off) as a Diesel or not though ...sure someone else can fill in the gaps, as that could/should make all the difference in your purchase. Estates don’t have the valved exhaust! Sound is increased slightly when the engine is up to temperature and you select Race mode. HTH.
  12. For the few times it connects soon enough for me to decide what route to avoid, I can actually check the traffic on my phone. I was wondering if the fee based service was any better than the freebie version handed out w/ the car purchase or exactly the same. There must be someone on here that can’t live without every feature enabled ...or is that just me? 😩
  13. Car-Net ...has anyone paid the subscription fee (£70) when “Guide & Inform” expired and did it get any better, if yes? TIA
  14. @Bazil is that laquer peel on your bonnet or is there a UFO overhead? ...and how do you find the time to keep the tips clean? I can just about get the car sealed in the dark months. 🤷‍♂️
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