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  1. JJB

    Any insurance whizzes?

    Thanks for this. Will have a further look. To clarify, I most likely won't monetise my channel for a while yet. I'm nowhere near the requirements needed to get paid for it. Thanks for the responses everyone
  2. JJB

    Any insurance whizzes?

    Hi all, Not often I'm stumped when it comes to insurance but it's more of a testing the water thing. As some of you know I do a bit on ye olde YouTube. I'm wanting to review more cars as I did @Mitch's here: However the one thing missing from it for me is to actually drive the car, I know people will sometimes say "Well I'd of let you drive it" but I'd much rather be covered to save my own bacon, as well as everyone elses. I'm currently with Admiral at the moment and I cannot see any clause to say that I am eligible to drive other peoples vehicles, even under TPFT. However I've read in quite a few places that for this, I need to be 25... which unfortunately I'm not. Will this automatically be added on to my policy when I am 25? My insurance is due for renewal in April so there is potential to look for a policy that allows it. Just a little mixed in the head at the moment. Any info is appreciated.
  3. Might be worth the travel up to VRS in Northampton to see Will
  4. JJB

    JB1 in VW Golf R MK7

    I've been having this debate with myself for quite some time. JB4 and JB1 haven't had a bad review as mentioned above, Shak (his profile is linked from @JRock_247's post) is the man to go to. If you just wanted a quick increase in power then get the JB1, if you wanted something you could develop if you want to get some performance parts then get the JB4. If you go and get it fitted, the JB4 will be set on Map 2, which is a generic increase, roughly 350bhp there or thereabouts. If you then decide to increase it, Shak will customise a Map 6 for you (changes the tolerances etc), which has seen figures of around 370. If you get the bluetooth control with the JB4, he can do it remotely.
  5. I ordered some parts for the car just before Christmas... Airtec intake pipe and Airtec turbo elbow, expected a little delay as the stock was low but they came quicker than expected. Just one slight hitch which was the wrong product, the turbo muffler delete came instead of the elbow. Few calls and it's all sorted, DPD delivered the correct part and exchanged it for the muffler delete. Should be going on this weekend all being well.
  6. JJB

    What did you do to your R today?

    My Airtec intake pipe and turbo elbow came yesterday... Apart from it was the muffler delete instead of the elbow. Quickly resolved with the seller and an exchange has happened today. Great customer service from Airtec and Shak at LSG
  7. JJB

    OBDEleven v VCDS??

    VCDS is generally the "do it all" software. I haven't used it myself but there seems to a lot more flexibility with the functionality of VCDS over OBDeleven, AFAIK VCDS is more expensive. OBDeleven is the cheaper option with the Pro version coming in at roughly 67-70 pounds, you have the ability to alter A LOT on the car, it would be my preference. I've done a few videos on YouTube about OBDeleven and some of the coding I have done, I can share them with you if you wanted.
  8. JJB

    Exhaust flaps

    Yeah the purposely added in pops and bangs, alongside decatted, de-resed and no backbox exhausts sound terrible. There are some people who get off on it but not me.. I'm de-resonated at the moment, with standard exhaust otherwise, but I'm debating whether to go custom exhaust so I can have it a bit louder but not too loud, with custom tips and valved etc. Or go for an aftermarket system. I just cannot justify paying the VAG tax for an exhaust it's ridiculous. Last car I had cost £600 to get a full exhaust from a very reputable company... I think custom is the way for me, I can then tell them how loud, deep and poppy I do or don't want it
  9. Saw you underneath the tunnel where Leeds Train Station is, car sounded well. Think it was a manual
  10. JJB


    Just had a quick blast through this, on the point of VW doing the haldex, make sure that they clean the gauze as they generally don't do it. Depending on where you are I could point you in a few directions to get this done and done proper. On the topic of the sliding, it isn't in the golf's characteristics, pushing it or not to slide. I've been going fairly quick around a roundabout, turning right, then hooking a left for the exit on full beans and it slid the tiniest of bits, more AWD oversteer than back end. I have Nexen tyres (which were brand new on the car when I got it). I know they're not the greatest but I'm from Yorkshire and I didn't want to shell out £500 on PS4 when I had new tyres on, but thats beyond the point. Have you altered anything via Carista, OBDeleven or VCDS to increase power to the rear? I know one particular guy who has done this reported the back end trying to overtake the front when pushing on... and as said above, in standard guise with decent tyres, you need to be purposely trying to get the car to slide for it to happen most times. It could be something to do with the road, it could be some spillage or whatever but to be on the safe side get your car checked out first. If there's nothing wrong on that front then you can look at other options
  11. JJB


    Heard they're a bit soft on the inside...?
  12. JJB

    What do you dislike about your R?

    Res delete definitely does it with opened valves
  13. I'm going to start looking into this further as we seem to have gained a little more traction. Can the people who have voted speak up, or let me know your locations via PM so I can look for a suitable place. I'll also share this on the FB page which should get a fair few more people. Ta
  14. JJB

    What do you dislike about your R?

    On the topic of pops and bangs, I can't really stand it either. I can tolerate it at car meets but tolerate is being a bit generous. I went to one at the weekend when a Zafira VXR pulled up under a tunnel and started popping and banging, it actually shook me inside it was that loud. It's either done by retarding the engine timing or dropping a small amount of fuel, either way it's not good for your engine and on sustained use you'll end up with a car like an S3 that set on fire recently. That was an extreme case as it seemed the owner had a burning passion for attention so he limit banged the car for a good 45 minutes at a car meet. The turbo was glowing red hot and he'd blamed the issue on oil residue catching fire. At the end of the day the R exhaust satisfies a lot of peoples' needs and has done well for VW as a "blanket" solution. People who want it a tad louder can open the valves, people who want it even louder can opt for a de-res, or an aftermarket solution and the people who are happy just keep it as is. I don't think VW will change this for the MK8 because from their perspective they're then cornering themselves to a market of people who enjoy louder exhausts and potentially putting other people off who prefer a quieter note. It's a massive ETTO situation at the end of the day.
  15. JJB

    Big brake kit for mk7 R

    Brake goals. These look amazing and no doubt they perform