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  1. I don't believe so, it can be checked via VCDS and whatever system VW used in their dealerships
  2. Sad to see you getting rid of the R Jona but needs must. Hope to see you back soon
  3. The X amount of LC's before invalidated warranty is a myth yes, but if it's the probable cause to an issue they wouldn't cover it. The LC counter is used more so as a gauge as to whether the problem at hand was caused by it.
  4. Applied some of this to the Golf! Great stuff, easy to apply and can be used as a top up to wax, sealant or ceramic coating, or it can be used on a non-protected car.
  5. Brentacre is like for like on mods as long as they are declared
  6. I had a chat with Brentacre the other day as the dreaded renewal date is fast approaching They will cover mine, bearing in mind i'm 24, for £700 with all mods declared. Any visual mods won't cost a penny to add on, i.e wheels, wraps, tints, etc etc. Exhaust wouldn't cost anything, and all that costs is when there is extra power involved
  7. He can send it out for you in the post, wouldn't expect you to drive from W.Sussex to the North West haha! I would recommend buying it from somewhere reputable, that way you know the quality is good.
  8. You can get a regular garage to do it, might be worth speaking to Shak at Lowndes Street Garage,he can send out a res delete for £85, then just pay a garage to fit it
  9. You could potentially speak to Regal Autosport, not sure how far they are from you
  10. I haven't had any noticeable reduction in consumption. It's literally a pipe so it won't alter much anyway if at all.
  11. R28 JJB for me Had the plate for 6 years now. I did plan to be R21 JJB (for my 21st birthday) however I missed out on the first 7... so R28 it was, and JJB are my initials/name of my YouTube channel. Made sense when I had my Type R, not so much since then, but now I've got the R it makes perfect sense!
  12. Does look like lacquer coming off the top coat, not acceptable in any way shape or form, do you know if the bird lime has done it/was it in the same area?
  13. I've only had personal experience of JB4 from Shak at LSG - the car is much improved, very very impressed with the results & very similar on the road figures to Stage 1 maps from the likes of Unicorn, APR, MRC, Revo etc. As mentioned its removable so if you ever fancy getting rid, or upgrading to Stage 2 or something you can recoup some money back.
  14. Welcome to the forum. My recommendation for NW Manchester area is Shak at Lowndes Street Garage, he provides a lot of people with res-deletes. I've got one myself and I've nothing but positive feedback. With regards to remapping, depending on what route you want to go down you have a few options. JB4 tuning box - I had one of these fitted by Shak (same bloke at Lowndes Street Garage), huge improvement over stock and the car is seeing 3.75 0-60. (plus you can remove it and sell on) APR/Awesome GTI - They are in Manchester too, brilliant reputation - speak to Lisa Benson on Facebook or give them a call. Progressive Parts - PP are a Revo dealer, again I have not experienced a Revo car but good feedback nontheless. It's also worth noting all of the above companies (not sure about Unicorn) offer the res deletes too. You're really lucky as you have a lot of options around you. Just do your research, speak to people and then make a decision from there.
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