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  1. hey im about to pull the trigger on an alcantara/perforated leather steering wheel from royal steering. I know there was a thread about it a while back. just wondering how the steering wheel has held up after being used for a while? or if there are any additional problems with them.
  2. how has the steering wheel held up? thinking about ordering one soon
  3. I hope so! been looking online for pictures and nothing looks similar to this piece
  4. I was working on my rear wheels. I'll check the mounting bush though
  5. Hi if anyone is able to tell me what this part is it would be most appreciated. I have no idea where it came from. No marking or part number. Found it after taking off and putting on my rims. Thanks!
  6. just spend a little extra money and get an m3
  7. a grandma mistook my R for her golf the other day #sleeper
  8. this looks so good... trying to find a good retrim place in NYC
  9. those actually don't look too bad!! Probably gonna get the black one though
  10. definitely better ride quality on the golf. I'm a pretty big audio guy and the fender system is really good imo. Also the engagement on the clutch for the sti was just so high up for some reason. I swear my knee was up to my chest before the car started moving.also drove the r34 which was so much easier to drive out there but they probably replaced the clutch a couple times on that since it was an import rental company.
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