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  1. Future kids, yeah. If I was in the market for a 3dr I'd probably be in something lower/stupider...
  2. Sorry TISPKJ, 5dr only! Good advice on waiting... if only I had any form of patience! 😂
  3. I agree Camelsac I have a deposit on a '64 5dr DSG with 22k miles at £18.9k from a local non-VW dealer... been looking at the used prices for a while now and I was surprised at how high they seem, especially compared to listed prices on Parkers etc. Market prices shown on service sites like Go Compare are a joke. Only good one I've seen below £20k from a VW dealer was manual (albeit with options), and the dealer was so convinced that he was going to sell out in mins that he treated me like I was disposable. Maybe I haven't been looking long enough?
  4. Since you mention warranty... do most go for full cover or just named? seems very little difference apart from water ingress and consequential damage, but around £200py difference in price...
  5. Yeah? I've been searching a while and never seem to see much around that price... but maybe I haven't been looking long enough This isn't from a main dealer, but they have good reviews... 🙄
  6. Car search update: now have a deposit on a 14(64) DSG hatch with 22k miles, for £19k... it is very cheap so know I'm taking a bit of a risk, but I'm ok with that (I think...). Hope I don't regret it, but it does look spotless!
  7. Not sure if I can PM you... Post volume perhaps? Can you PM me, or is it a two-way block?
  8. Hi Alan - do you have the details of the dealer you left it with? I'm in the market and your ex sounds like a great buy!
  9. Also, the clutch was quite jerky in 1st/2nd. It was in race mode and may have been me getting used to the clutch feel, but would that indicate a worn clutch?
  10. Thanks all. Test drove my first R today, a 2014 manual with 18k miles. The salesman took the reigns first to 'make sure everything's ok' and drove so fast we thought we might die 😂 particular the overtake around a blind corner in a 40 zone. This was a car supermarket, so yeah, I take you advice on finding a dealer with performance car experience! Nice car though.
  11. Thanks DGO. Didn't actually realise you could check the MOT history on the GOV website (1st car purchase, still learning!) are there any specialists you'd recommend from your experience?
  12. I like it! Has anyone done a full Alcantara retrim or is does the leather help with long life?
  13. Hi All! I've been lurking for a while but now I've decided to join the party and buy a Golf R mk7! Ideally around the £20k mark, 5dr hatch. What are the key things to look out for on used 7R's? Mechanically, cosmetically, and also what would you prioritise if you were buying a used R in this range? Thanks, in advance. I'll promise I'll collate all I learn into a noob's buyer guide! James
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