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  1. Also part number I fitted was 5go 827 469f, from a 2016 car off of eBay and fitted to a 2018 car
  2. I retro fitted my camera, coded both modules and it didn't give me a picture until after I had reset the Mib(long press on the power button) and straight after that I had a video feed from the camera
  3. Cheers for the reply’s, I use Waze but it only displays on the center screen, I like keeping that as my audio and then the dash as the map, I don’t actually use nav that much !!
  4. Its not got it, I had a feeling this might be the case !!
  5. I’ve seen a few threads to get the speed limits displaying on the dash, I’ve got a 2018 mk 7.5 R and I had a brief look at the coding and couldn’t find module a5, does anyone know if the below is just for a mk7 or do I need an additional camera for this ? Or is there another way to do this ? Thanks Select Control unit 5F (Information Electrical)AdaptationSelect Car_Function_List_BAP_Gen2 traffic_sign_recognition_0x21Değer=ActiveSelect Car_Function_Adaptations_Gen2-menu menu_display_road_sign_identificationDeğer=ActiveGo to Long CodingByte 24, Activate Bit 6Control unit A5 (front / advance camera)Security accessAccess Code 20103Control unit Long CodingByte 16, Activate Bit 4Select Control unit 17 (Dashboard)Control unit Long CodingByte 5Activate Bit 2Control unit A5 (front / advance camera)AdaptationRoad Sign Detection Fusion ModeChange to ‘Road Sign Detection’Reboot Infotainment
  6. Hi, I have obdeleven and would like to check the launch control counter on my mk7.5 R, does anyone know if this is possible thanks Matt
  7. This means I might have to fit a jb4 to mine now 😂😂😂
  8. ok cool, i'll check out the part number over the weekend.....also before i swap it i will check if there has been much damage to my bumper as if there is noticeable damage when i remove the camera i think it will have to stay put !
  9. awesome sounds good to me, i have an android work phone so that would do the trick.
  10. ii think i'll keep an eye out on ebay and get the parts over a few weeks and fit it and will ask someone nicely to code it for me if i havent bought vcds myslef by then ! do you know if the camera's are all the same from the MK6 onwards ?
  11. Unfortunately it wasn’t listed just when I put it into reverse I noticed it had the cam, it was only after I looked a few days later I realised it wasn’t in the badge !
  12. yeah i had one on my Focus ST and it would be dirty in 5 mins !! i'm happy running cables etc but just need to do it away from the mrs as she wouldn't understand why i need to have the "real" bootlid camera instead of the other one as they both do the same job !
  13. also the odd thing is that when the spec of the car was listed it didnt mention the camera........which leads me to think its defo a retro fit but why didnt they do it with the proper boot badge, this will bug me until i change it, so i think i'll just swap it over the next few months when i get time (without the mrs knowing !!)
  14. sounds like its possibly a retro fit, but not sure why ! i put the car in reverse and expected to see the badge move but it didnt and i couldnt work out where the camera was until i got on my hands an knees and saw it above the number plate ! i think i'll swap it for the proper one as i'd rather have an offical retrofit, hopefully i should be able to fit it myself
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