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  1. I’m prepared to drive somewhere decent so not looking at just specific areas in north London. I’m located in Barnet for reference. I think most people in the area know what areas are in North London. (I.E the northern parts/boroughs of London and not any area north of London, there is a slight key difference).
  2. Hi, the oil change light has now flashed up so will be booking the car in for it’s service. Just bumping this up incase anyone has north London garage recommendations for brakes and haldex filter change. Thanks Mike
  3. Thanks for the recommendations for the wheels and body work? Can anyone recommend somewhere for servicing? Yeah, really gutted about the damage. I’m really particular about keeping my R spotless so seeing the damage on it is driving me crazy!
  4. Hi, long time lurker but an unfortunate incident where someone drove into my Golf R 7 estate has instigated my first post. Can anyone recommend a garage in North London or Hertfordshire that does body work repair. VW seem to want to change £90 just for a quote. A major service is also due in a few months, car is 66 plate and still under warranty, but thinking if the Haldex filter change isn’t included may get this done elsewhere. May also need new front brake pads...are OEM the way to go and would it be cheaper to get these fitted when VW service the car or should I get done via and independent garage with the haldex? Sorry for the questions, just want to make sure I do the right thing for the car. Pics of the damage Thanks in advance Mike Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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