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  1. My dealer seems confused, and am getting two different replies. I would like to put a trickle charger on my battery, as my R is stored for the winter, but have read you can't use chargers on maint free batteries.
  2. Lisa

    How old are we all?

    Just turned 49
  3. With only 91 octane here, just wondering. I notice lots of warnings on these products.
  4. Can't believe how fast the price of premium is dropping, now $2.79 per gallon. Hard to imagine paying the high cost they are paying in Europe. Funny, people here still complain about high fuel prices.
  5. So a little octane booster is worth 29 HP ?
  6. Lisa

    a3scott20's LapizBlue 75R

    Wish we could get these factory seats in the U.S. all we get are black leather.
  7. Just paid $2.99 a gallon for premium 91 octane, what does it cost in your countries? Here the price keeps dropping.
  8. Based on the rare install video, seems a bit more complicated than I was thinking.
  9. Badges are not carbon fiber
  10. Yes I have a 2018, and it works fine
  11. My wheels, each one is 6.5 pounds lighter than stock and I picked up some titanium lugs to go with them
  12. Don't laugh, but I like carbon fiber in the engine bay. Don't like all the chrome so a few dark emblems to help a little, will look good with my black wheels. Would love finding a little quality carbon trim for the interior.
  13. Lisa

    Pets and Petrolheads!

    Good thing I live in a very rural area...Now I have three