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  1. Here is a pulled back ad picture, I like the way it breaks up the color a little
  2. Dealer here had no idea what T-Roc was, maybe not destined for the U,S.?
  3. Reason I avoided that, but thanks for giving a heads up to everyone
  4. Real CF cover, nice small way to break up all the blue
  5. Ad pic for companies battery and engine cover
  6. Yes they have a battery cover coming, fitment a little off still.
  7. I love the look of carbon fiber
  8. Would that void my warranty? They say 10,000 or one year
  9. Car is telling me it needs an oil change, though only 1500 miles on it. I guess because it's 12 months old?
  10. Over six months covered in my garage, excited seeing it again.
  11. My latest, very rare. Would love finding a Golf R facelift
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