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  1. Lisa

    What do you dislike about your R?

    I hate the gauges, looks like they were made by a high school kid obsessed with video games. For me they do not fit the character of the car.
  2. Lisa

    Rs battery maint. free?

    Thanks, and don't worry Wagon R posted one
  3. Lisa

    WLTP and Res Delete

    Thanks for info
  4. Lisa

    WLTP and Res Delete

    Looks like the European R will lose 10 hp due to new emissions regulations...I think called WLTP
  5. Lisa

    Only 288 hp for 2019 R in U.S.

    Just read your 10 hp drop in Europe will be due to WLTP
  6. Lisa

    Only 288 hp for 2019 R in U.S.

    Sorry for the elaborate reply, had to go get my dogs out of the road. VW here is saying because of new emissions regulations
  7. Lisa

    Only 288 hp for 2019 R in U.S.

    It did get us a 6 year/72000 mile warranty😁
  8. Lisa

    Only 288 hp for 2019 R in U.S.

    Gap here with the GTi used to be 82 hp, now down to only 60 hp. With a new GTi available for under $30,000, price gap with the R is starting to look less and less reasonable. We are in a full blown horsepower war here in the U.S. but the R is going to get left in the dust.
  9. Already down on the Euro 306 hp R, we now drop from 292 down to 288. Here in the U.S. VW keeps adding power for the GTi, now 228 hp, but the R seems like an afterthought.
  10. Lisa

    Rs battery maint. free?

    Could you post a pic of the negative connector attachment block on the firewall bulkhead? Thanks
  11. Lisa

    Carbon fibre mirror covers

    Paid $85.00, so far so good
  12. My dealer seems confused, and am getting two different replies. I would like to put a trickle charger on my battery, as my R is stored for the winter, but have read you can't use chargers on maint free batteries.
  13. Lisa

    How old are we all?

    Just turned 49
  14. With only 91 octane here, just wondering. I notice lots of warnings on these products.